In July 2015 I found a scrapbook (# 348) in the Slagle Museum.  The scrapbook had some data about organizations he was involved in and other interesting data, but little on his political life.  However there was a 14 page write-up on August Weber’s life written by his daughter Bonnydell Rudy about 2003 with a letter to Emily Slagle asking for comments and a letter from Emily to Bonnydell dated 11-2-2003 with her comments.  I need to talk to Bonnydell to see if any further draft was prepared.  Emily wasn’t aware of any more current draft on 7-1-15.

Many comments below were taken from Bonnydell (BD) 14 page write up.  Document now near beginning of Scrapbook #348 August Weber in Slagle Museum at Nelson’s home.

Scrapbook 155 in the Slagle Museum – Gene & Emily Slagle Family 1870-1952, mostly pages 21-51 are of August Weber family.  

Born:  9-26-1889 Dublin, Ohio

Had older brother Emil and older sister Lena.

August had many health problems as a child.

After graduating from High School in 1906 he disappointed his parents by telling them he wanted to go to college to become a lawyer.  His parents wanted him to be a farmer. (BD – Pg. 1).

Parents told him he was on his own.

The summer after high school in order to pursue his dream of college he sold bibles traveling from Ohio to California going house to house.  This gave August enough money to enroll at The Ohio State University.  He worked at the OSU library and had other odd jobs to continue.

Bachelor of Arts 1912 at OSU

LLB (Law degree) at OSU in 1914.

First law office located at 20 East Broad Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Married 10-15-1915 at 83 South Terrace Ave., Columbus, Ohio (Emily’s home – listed as near West Jefferson, Ohio in another place). 3rd place listed as Alton, Ohio.

Emily born 8-24-1916.

He supplemented his early law practice income by teaching school. He met Elizabeth Catherine Grener who was also teaching school.

August continued to have health problems about 1922 and did suffer with rheumatism.

Family had a black maid, Essie who lived in separate quarters on the 3rd floor.

Family devoted church goers attending the Lutheran Church across the street from where they lived, I believe,  on corner of Iuka and Olentangy (now a fraternity building),  August held many offices in church and served two terms as Director of Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio.

He supplemented his early law practice by teaching school. He met Elizabeth Catherine Grener who was also teaching school.

Bonnydell born 3-25-1922.

August became very ill (guessing early 1920’s). Elizabeth had a doctor from Chicago fly in to see August.  He left telling Elizabeth that he could see no hope for my father’s future.

Pg. 4 BD tells of a Christian Scientist neighbor talked to August and he slowly improved and he and Elizabeth became Christian Scientists.

Betty Lou born 8-10-1926.

About 1927 family traveled to Los Angeles where the family lived for a year.  Hollywood Studios were down the street and Bonnie’s playmates were the ‘Our Gang’ comedy group. 

Returned to Columbus after a year and August resumed his law practice. Completely different outlook.  Went from wanting to make money to now helping others (BD 5).  Family now attended Second Church of Christian Scientist in Columbus.

August often sang solo at many churches.  Served many years as a reader, similar to being a Pastor.

August hobbies including remodeling houses.  He oversaw the building of an apartment house on North High Street that had in raised bricks on the building the name ‘WEBER’.  In the basement was an inside miniature golf course. 

BD Pg. 8-9 Bonnydell notes the Depression and how August with cash in the bank and rental properties lost everything but their daughters weren’t aware of the severity. 

See BD pg. 10 about start of August political career.  First race had 7 candidates for two seats in the Ohio Senate and he was defeated.  Collected donations from only close relatives as he wanted to remain impartial.

Candidate for Common Pleas Court 11-6-1938 (he lost)

Ohio Senate in 1931-2, 1933-4 (BD pg 11) and 1935-6 per Ohio Senate picture in Slagle Museum.

In April 1936 Governor Davey announced the appointment of State Senator August W. Weber to Judge of the Municipal Court to fill the vacancy created by Judge Rose.

Per article on 7-11-1936 Columbus Citizen August withdrew from the Family Court Judgeship race as a result of the appointment.  He was the only candidate thus won primaries for his party.  Same article said he will resign from State Senate.


Candidate for 2nd term per Business card – 11-8-1932.  (Years don’t make sense to me as terms today end in uneven year).  10th District – Franklin and Pickaway counties.  Must have won as saw an article that listed him as State Senator 1931-6.

7-10-1936 Appointed Municipal Judge by Governor Davey.  Weber withdrew from ‘family court’ judgeship race.  Also resigned as State Senator (46 at time).  (Pg. 46).  He is one of 5 Municipal judges.  He probably served to early 1938 when winner of election took over.

1937 Ran for reelection for Municipal Judge in 1937 for term to start 1-2-1938.  I have no record of any articles on any of the elections he was in.  He lost election in 1937.

Died:  10-18-1965 Piqua, Ohio and put to rest in the Amaranth Abbey in Columbus, Ohio (Around Olentangy and ? just north of OSU campus I believe)

Nelson Slagle 12-23-2011, Updated 7-3-2015


Received sack of August Weber data on 10-2013 from Bonny Dell Rudy.  In May 2014 I placed all of the data in a 3 ring notebook called August Weber data.  Filed in Slagle Museum as item 348.  Nothing found helped me detail his political career by year.

Main info in scrapbook are:

High School diplomas for Elizabeth Grener and August Weber

Rings Genealogy – 6 pages prepared about 1935.  Lots of data starting with Louis Rings and all of his offspring (one of 4 Rings brothers who came to Columbus, Ohio) who was born in 4-6-1826 in Hessen Darm Stadt, Germany.  One of Louis four children was Clara Rings who was August mother I believe - first time I have seen this package.

Many certificates etc. on Knights of Pythias.

Letter dated 11-8-1949 from Fred Ratliff, Supreme Chancellor to August Weber appointing August Weber to Supreme Tribunal of Knights of Pythia’s for a 5 year term from 1-1-1950 thru 12-31-1954.

Certificate dated 4-15-1964 for 50 years of honorable service to the Bar of Ohio

Four items were not placed in scrapbook as they were too large as follows: (rolled documents placed in north end of Museum closet)

1-   August Weber OSU diploma of 1912 which I framed and it is now in Slagle Museum.

2-   Elizabeth Grener Weber 5-22-1912 High School diploma from West Jefferson.

3-   August Weber Washington High School diploma dated 1907.

4-   Marriage certificated dated 10-6-1915 for Elizabeth Grener and August Weber.

Half of sack were pictures of Bonnydell and Bob Rudy family.  I plan on discussing this with Aunt Bonnie as I believe this should go to one of their children.  Some pictures of Warner’s which I believe is Bob, Sr. mothers’ family.   One of their kids could identify more people than I can and this data should remain in their family.

Nelson Slagle 5-19-14


Per Scrapbook #272 –includes homes lived in my Emily F. Slagle.  I listed homes that included dates homes were lived in by August Weber family.

I probably got the dates from Emily Slagle about 1971 when the scrapbook was prepared.

1915 to 1917 -  85 S. Terrace Ave; Columbus, Ohio

1927 – 1-3-1928  -  Weber Building, 2302- 2312 North High Street; Columbus, Ohio

1-3-1928 to 4-20-1928 – 976 N. Van Ness; Hollywood, California

4-20-1923 to 1932 – 1835 Cambridge Blvd; Upper Arlington, Ohio

1932 – 1934  -  140 W. Lane Ave; Columbus, Ohio – not sure family lived here or just Emily who was attending OSU at the time.

1942 – 1952  -  2642 York Road; Upper Arlington, Ohio

Info per scrapbook 358 (Prepared by Nelson from the 24 shirt boxes of info Emily

Gave Nelson) of note:

Was appointed President of Rings reunion and listed address as

2412 North High St.   No date on article.

Marion man, J. W. Johnston elected President to the 1930 class of Scioto Consistory, Scottish Rite at the reunion in Masonic Temple. August Weber 1835 Cambridge Blvd, Orator.  No date on article

August Weber for Domestic Relations Judges. Picture of advertisement and article of August speaking and entertaining campaign workers at his home on 1835 Cambridge Blvd.  No date on article or advertisement.

1930 written on scrapbook page.  Cartoon from paper: ‘Pennsylvania, Illinois and other states where campaign expenditures run into six figures should investigate the campaign expenditures of Ohio politicians Grant Mouser, Jr of Marion who spent nothing and August Weber of Columbus who spent nine dollars and twenty cents.’  Cartoon show Mouser and August in kilts running away from camera with Mouser saying, ‘August, you’re a regular spendthrift. 

On 1930 page is small picture of Spangler and Weber with heading, ‘Winners of Posts in State Senate.’  No other words.

ON 1931 page is a business card of August Weber with  1931  and 1932

Senator 10th district; 23 North High Street; Columbus, Ohio

On 1931 page was several articles referring to August Weber as State Senator.

On 1934 page article says ‘August W. Weber, candidate for State Senate was elected worshipful master of Community Lodge 684 F & A M last night.

August listed on 1934 page as living at 140 W. Lane; Columbus, Ohio.  Also picture of four state senators with heading State Senators.  Shows picture and names of R. E. Pfeiffer, Republican; Paul Gagner R, W. L. Spangler D and August Weber D.   Assume it was after winning election but could be just running for State Senator. 

1935 Page – Article list Senator August Weber, State House Pass for Inaugural ceremonies  on 1-14-1935 for Senator Weber and family.

1936 Page   Davey names Weber Judge in City Court. ‘Governor Davey yesterday announced appointment of State Senator, August Weber, 2378 Glenmawr Ave as Judge of the Columbus Municipal Court to fill the vacancy created several months ago by the resignation of Judge Clayton W. Rose.  Weber resigned as State Senator and withdrew from race for Democratic nominee for family court post.  Also in 1936 Emily Slagle one of 193 to receive degree from Ohio State.  She received degree in Bachelor of Science in Education. 

1937 Page – Municipal Court Judge will official and burial will be in Union Cemetery.  August Weber, 2378 Glenmawr.  Mentioned in several articles as Municipal Court Judge. Another article says, ‘ August W. Weber, former judge of the municipal court has resumed the private practice of law with offices at 503 First National Building; 33 North High St.  Also Weber sponsored a softball team for a tournament.  Goes on to say ‘the experience with softball will be nothing new for the judge, who was once the star of the Hilltop Lutheran church team.  He still participates in sports, being an active member of the Business Men’s Division of the Central Y.  He also has a liking for golf and will perform with ‘Lefty’ Kime’s team in the City golf league.  (Note: he was 47 at the time)

Also 1937 He was a member of the Ohio Senate from 1931 to 1936, ran for the position of Domestics Relations Judge in 1928 and was defeated.

Campaign advertisement candidate to succeed himself as Municipal Judge.

1938 Page – Picture of nine guests at table running for common pleas judge.

1940 Page – Bonnydell Rudy as VP of senior class, 2384 Glenmawr.  Also perfect attendance for 12 year of school and never tardy.   

1942 Page – 2642 York Rd. Bonnydell engagement.

1944 Page – 2642 York Rd.

1953 Page – address 610 Fifth Street North; St Petersburg, Florida

Above pages of Scrapbook 358 above contain many articles on August and daughters.  Many articles on organizations August belonged to and many of his kids in school plays, grades etc.  I noted the articles that gave home address or referred to political offices.

Believe all dates of home address in articles agreed with my dates in 1971 listing of homes the Gene Slagle family lived in – Scrapbook 272

Slag 7-5-15

Revised 10-19-16