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NOTE:  While clearing out Gene Slagle's office at 463 E. Center in Marion, Ohio and Gene and Emily's home, we discovered many pictures, letters and other collectibles.  Included was 21 shirt sized boxes full of letters, newspaper clippings and pictures.  Emily was going to put these 21 boxes of materials in scrapbooks but developed macular degeneration.  Nelson took on the task of sifting through all of the 21 boxes in 2006-7 and the materials are now in 13 scrapbooks.  That includes five folders of letters, 5 scrapbook notebooks and 3 albums of pictures.  The large pictures, books, auction catalogs, certificates, old deeds, and other items of interest are now displayed in a one bedroom converted museum.  The closest was converted into one huge bookcase.  Below are pictures of the collection.

10-18-07 Back of Honda CRV packed with Slagle Museum items in Marion, Ohio ready for trip to California

10-18-07  Front seat of Honda CRV packed with 17 pictures in Marion, Ohio ready for the trip to California for the Slagle Museum

11-6-07  Pictures along north wall ready to be hung
  11-13-07  North side of closet in process
11-13-07  South side of closet in progress 11-13-07  Top of north side of closet prior to reviewing 15 more boxes of materials
11-13-07  Top of south side of closet prior to reviewing 15 more boxes of materials

11-16-07  North side of closet after purging/reviewing files

11-16-07  South side of closet after purging/reviewing files 11-16-07  West end of north wall.  Large picture on top right is of Milford Slagle..  
11-16-07  East end of north wall.  Two pictures on top left are John Nelson Slagle and Perry Ballou, both grandfathers of Gene Slagle.  Below Perry Ballou's picture is his diploma from U. of Chicago medical school in Latin dated in 1881. 11-16-07  Floor of north wall plus a rack of numerous brochures
11-16-07  North side of east wall.  Pictures at top are Gene Slagle holding Lauren Slagle, August Weber and Nelson and Tammy's family. 11-16-07  North end of shelves of east wall.  Top of shelf includes a container of business cards and plate of buckeyes for souvenirs.  On bottom shelf is box of stamps from Gene's collection that is for sale!  Box on floor contains supplies for hanging pictures. 
11-16-07  South end of shelves of east wall.  Bottom shelf includes jersey sale catalogs and old deeds.  On the floor is video tapes of the family including many interviews.  On top of the video tapes are about 100 certificates to Gene and Emily over the years. 
11-16-07  West side of south wall.  Picture at top right is Betty, Bonnie, Jim and John high school class pictures.
11-16-07  East side of south wall.  Solo pictures at top are Jerry Slagle, Jim Slagle, Tammy Slagle and Nelson Slagle.  All are high school class pictures.
12-20-07  West side of north wall.  New addition are three pictures at the upper left
12-20-07  East side of north wall.  New addition is rack at bottom right 12-20-07  Bookshelves on east wall.  Business cards, buckeyes, sale catalogs, deeds, certificates, and OSU night light are some of the display.
12-20-07  East side of south wall.  Additions include pictures on left on east wall and Weber for judge banner. 12-20-07  West side of south wall.  Additions include picture collage on right and bookcase at bottom
12-20-07  Bookcase on south side.  Top shelf includes 3 picture albums and 5 scrapbooks assembled from data provided by Gene and Emily in 2006-7.  Also many pamphlets and stack of unidentified pictures.  Rolled documents in box are group pictures from August and Elizabeth Weber. 12-20-07  South side of west wall.  Additions are entire wall and shelves
12-20-07  Presidential badges and miscellaneous pins

12-20-07  Miscellaneous badge collection


12-20-07  South side of closet 12-20-07  North side of closet.  Includes six post card scrapbooks on bottom shelf with 850 post cards from 1908 to 2008.  Middle shelf has nine binders of 2700 pages of genealogy correspondence from 1970 to 2008. 
12-20-07  Slagle Museum and Library visitor register ready for dedication/opening on December 22, 2007 12-22-07  Nelson with Emily Slagle who cuts the ribbon to officially open the Slagle Museum and Library.  Note name of museum on upper part of door.
12-22-07  Nelson with Emily Slagle with ribbon cut to officially open the Slagle Museum and Library.

12-22-07  John and Gale at desk in museum looking at scrapbook

12-22-07  Alex  in Museum.  Picture frame nearest Alex  was assembled from prints Nelson received from Emily Slagle this summer.

12-22-07  Emily Slagle in Museum and Library Annex, the original den in the Nelson Slagle home.   The pictures, books, etc pertain to the Nelson and Tammy Slagle family.
12-22-07  Gale, Jim, Patrick, and Kevin Slagle stand behind seated John

12-22-07  Alex Ungaro, Bonnie Shaffstall, Janet Ungaro and Melissa SlagleG

12-22-07  Pictures and plaques pertaining to Nelson above Apple IIe computer in annex 12-22-07  Plaques received by Nelson for coaching various Jim Little League baseball teams on the east side of the north wall.
2-10-07  Nelson installing two 7'6" long shelves in Museum.  Work supplies on table 2-10-07  South side of Museum closet after installation of two shelves.  Top shelf can't be seen.
8-15-09  David, Marleen and Jonathon Young.  First out of state visitors to the museum.  They live in Huntsville, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dayton, Ohio

8-15-09  Nelson and Marleen

8-15-09 Walter and Dave Parsel in Slagle Museum.  Walter was born in Bucyrus, Ohio and graduated from Bucyrus High School and Ohio State.  Dave has won 103 of our Boeing lunch hour 5K's.  I interviewed both.

3-25-11  Nelson, Heidi and Jim with 50% off coupons

11-30-12  Jim Slagle Campaign sign for Judge of Common Pleas Court in Marion County Ohio in 2012 and Weber campaign sign for Judge
in Franklin County, Ohio in the 1903's.  Jim Slagle won his election.  August Weber lost his position after being appointed to complete a term.


1- Table of Contents for everything in Slagle Museum & Library with a description of each  item.   In order by number.   See #2 for  alphabetical order listing
2-  Table of Contents for everything in Slagle Museum & Library with a description of each  item in alphabetical order.   See #1  for numerical listing.
3- Index of 615 page scrapbook of Gene and Emily Slagle family.  Scrapbooks were prepared by Nelson Slagle in 2006-8 from papers etc. saved by Emily and Gene for the last 60 years 4- Index of 63 deeds, other court records and other  documents mostly from  1800's
5- Details of all VHS & Beta tapes copied to DVD's in DVD sequence.  Majority of  DVD's are interviews.  There are 3 sections and you would be interested in first part.  2nd and 3rd parts are primarily Jim and Jerry Slagle in their youth and various work functions Nelson videod.  Note footnotes at bottom of for clarification. 6- Index of DVD's detailed in item 5.  Note footnotes at bottom of #5 for clarification.
7- Index of 757 page scrapbook of Nelson & Tam Slagle.  The 5 three ring notebooks contain many (too many) items saved by Nelson over his lifetime.


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