Spreadsheet showing miles run with each partner by year from 1979 through 2009
12-00 Nelson Slagle and Rich Abele at Boeing Lunch Hour 5K 1-01  Carlos Lucero, Mary Scott King and Kathy Kern at 200th Boeing Lunch Hour 5K
1-01 Kimberly Boyd, Rich Abele, Theresa Boehm and Rich Terrell at 200th Boeing Lunch Hour 5K 3-01 Kim Prickett, Nelson Slagle and Stephanie Temple at Spirit Run 10K at Newport Beach, Calif
6-01 Nelson and Jeff Robinette in Irvine, California 6-29-01 Nelson Slagle and Stuart Hull on Hawaiian Day in Cypress, Calif. on the last day as Rockwell International.  The next day we were Rockwell Collins
7-01 Kimberly Boyd and Elizabeth Kane at Seal Beach Pier prior to 80 minute run 7-01 Steve Havens beside his car in Boeing parking lot prior to 6 mile run
10-01 Nelson and Larry Slagle in Massillon, Ohio 10-01 Angi Biscan and Nan Bender in Cypress, Calif
12-01 Nelson Slagle and Hal Berger at Central Park in Huntington Beach 12-01 Kathy Kern and Felicia Woodson at Central Park in Huntington Beach
12-01 Jill Graham and Stacy Madsen at Boeing's Seal Beach facility 12-01 Theresa Boehm, Mary Scott King, Kimberly Boyd and Annette Domingo at Seal Beach pier
7-02 Nelson Slagle and Julie Meeks 12-02 Grant Scarani and Mike Mount
2-03 Nelson Slagle and Joy Vargo at Goldenwest College track
6-03 Nelson Slagle and Norma Sheffield at Boeing's Anaheim Fitness Center
6-03 Norma Sheffield, Troy Belme and Elke Rodas as Boeing's Anaheim Fitness Center
11-03 Mark McLeod and Nelson Slagle at Rubio's in Los Alamitos, Calif
12-03 Nelson Slagle, Stacy Madsen, Mike Sands and Jill Graham at 12-03 5K
12-03 Scott Baxter and Mike Mount at Carlson luncheon in Long Beach