5-00 Mary Bassman, Bob Scholl and Nelson Slagle at Sam's Town in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Bob & Nelson played a lot of bridge together while at OSU. 10-00 Nelson Slagle, Frank Shipley and Delores Shipley at tailgate party on Lane Ave in Columbus prior to Ohio State - Minnesota game.  Frank and Nelson went to Everett Junior High and OSU together.
10-00 Jed Middleton and Nelson Slagle at Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio. Jed, shortstop, and Nelson, pitcher, played slo-pitch together around 1960 for Epworth Methodist Church.  11-00 Nelson Slagle and Rick Higgins at Lane Ave and High Street in Columbus, Ohio.  Nelson and Rick went to OSU and played bridge and bowled together.
11-00 Phil Hensley, Dave Dye and Nelson Slagle at tailgate party prior to Ohio State - Michigan State game in Columbus, Ohio.  We three went to OSU and worked together at LRB&M in the early 1960's.  11-00 Nelson Slagle and Jim McMillen at Jim's home in Greensboro, Georgia.  Apollo patches in the background.  Jim was an usher in Nelson & Tammy's wedding in 1967.
10-01 Jim Smith and Nelson Slagle at a rainy Marion Harding football game, part of our 45th high school class reunion. 10-01 Jim Smith and Virgil Curren at Reunion Breakfast in Marion, Ohio.  Virgil was on the high school football team.  Jim and Nelson played bridge and chess together in the 1950's and 60's.
10-01 Shelton Williams, Rosalie Walker Benet and Ted Swain at 45th high school class reunion. 11-01 Mary Bassman, Bob Scholl, Marina and Dick Hammerstrom at SamsTown Casino at Las Vegas, Nevada.  Bob, Dick and Nelson have predicted sports together for 30+ years.
7-6-02 Pete Schnaufer and Nelson Slagle at Mimi's Cafe in Garden Grove, Calif.  Pete and I played ping pong together in the 1950's.  10-02 Nelson Slagle, Mary Bassman and Bob Scholl
2002 - Jerry and Darleen Davis.  Picture furnised by Jerry Davis. 2-03 Jerry Davis family furnished by Jerry.  Left to right are:  Michael, Rachael Michelle and Rodney Kaneaster;  Melissa, and Marc Blanchard; and Dennis, Darlene and Jerry Davis
12-04  Mary Bassman and Bob Scholl
11-25-05  Nelson Slagle and Pete Schnaufer at El Torito's in Cypress, Calif
9-20-06  Jerry Ballinger at  Marion Harding  High School 50th  anniversary  High School  reunion near Marion, Ohio
  10-2- 06 Dave Dye, Walt Gaiser, Dave Evans, Bill Davis, Dennis Lloyd, and Bob Essman
10-15-06  Nelson Slagle and Judge Tom Jenkins in Tom's office.  Tom and I were two of  the 26 baseball predictors in the first baseball prediction contest ran by Nelson in 1954. 
10-15-06  Judge Tom Jenkins in his office in the Court House in Marion, Ohio
11-06  Nelson Slagle and Jed Middleton with Epworth Methodist Church Slo-pitch trophies for 1961, 2 and 3.  Jed played shortstop and Nelson pitched on those teams.
11-18-06  Jennifer Hooey, Phil Hensley, Jim Slagle and John Slagle at Jennifer's tailgate party after the Ohio State 42 Michigan 39 game. 
  11-06  Jerry Davis and Nelson Slagle at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters in Dallas, Texas
12-06  Gary Geyer and Nelson Slagle at restuarant in Las Cruces, New Mexico
9-07  Jerry Cubbage, Nelson Slagle, Phil Hensley, Dave Dye and Dave Evans at Buckeye Hall of Fame 9-07  Jerry Cubbage, Dave Dye and Dave Evans
9-07  Nelson Slagle, Phil Hensley, Heidi Slagle and Jim Slagle at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio after OSU defeated Youngstown State