Posey involved in two key plays in game.  Above he is making a tackle after fumbling.    He was also wide open in the end zone in the first half but Miller overthrew him.  
                                             OSU DONE IN BY SPECIAL TEAMS 24-17    
       Ohio State lost two fumbles and gave up TD's on a kick off return and a blocked punt.  Otherwise the normal anemic offense outscored equally inept Florida offense 17-10.   Ohio State out gained Florida 299 to 262 yards and even won the turnover battle 3-2. But OSU had the key turnover, a Posey fumble 33 yards from the goal with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and down 21-10.  
      OSU ran the ball effectively with Herron gaining 82 yards on  12 carries (6.8 yards a carry).  Hall and Hyde gained 41 yards on 9 carries.  Miller, excluding sacks, ran  9 times for 54 yards.  Including an end around play by Posey that lost 6 yards but ignoring sacks OSU gained 171 yards in 36 carries or 4.8 yards a carry.  
      Miller's stats looked great, but were very misleading.  He was 18 of 23 for 162 yard and 2 TD's with no turnovers.  He looked great on the first TD drive where he was 3 for 3 for 41 yards as they used the rush to set up the pass.  Then on the last drive Florida went to the prevent defense and Miller had time to pass and was allowed to throw over the middle he was 6 of 6 for 82 yards.   They key pass was a 37 yard pass to Devin Smith where he correctly under threw his receiver (almost always misses on long side) and Devin came back and made a nice catch.  The problem was the 3 quarters between the first and last drive when I thought Miller looked just short of terrible.  He was 9 for 14 (good %) for 39 yards and six sacks of -34 yards.  Thus effectively he was 9 for 20 for 5  yards on pass plays.  And the killer he missed Posey from 25 or so yards in the end zone with no one with 15 yards of him and rocketed a throw a couple feet over his head with plenty of time to throw.  I was hoping his decision making would improve with a month of practice, but I didn't see much improvement.  He only threw one ball away all game but took 6 sacks when he should have thrown the ball away.  He also ran the option twice where he was tackled and had the pitch man wide open.  And until the last drive OSU staff refused to let Miller throw over the middle.  He did once all game and completed to Posey who promptly fumbled.  Just leads me to believe Miller is too inaccurate to be allowed to pass over the middle.  Hopefully, Meyer and staff can improve Miller next year.
      The loss leaves the Bucks at 6-7, their first 7 loss season since 1897.   The Bucks had the longest streak without a 7 loss season with Florida State next with their last 7 loss season in 1975.
      Time to turn to OSU basketball where the men are 7th with 13-2 record and the ladies are 9th at 14-0!!