FALL 2000
9-21-00 El Capitan Casino in Hawthorne, Nevada. We stayed in their free parking lot our first night 9-24-00 State Capitol in Helena, Montana
Nelson Slagle holding snow near Helena, Montana Nelson Slagle roughing it at a rest stop picnic table 70 miles west of Billings, Montana
9-24-00 KOA campground in Billings, Montana.  This was the original KOA campground established in 1962  9-25-00 State Capitol in Bismark, North Dakota
Lawn of Bismark State Capitol from the 16th floor of the state capitol. North Dakota is spelled out with red flowers which have just died from seasons first frost.  Note Roadtrek on left. 9-26-00 Welcome sign on Main Street in Sisseton, South Dakota
Home Tammy Slagle lived in after she was born in Sisseton, South Dakota Concordia Church where Tam's grandparents (Alma and Selmer Hagen) and many relatives attended in the 1930's.
Tombstone of John and Bella Sanden in Concordia Emanual Cemetery about 6 miles east of Sisseton, South Dakota Tombstones of Selmer and Alma Hagen, Tammy's grandparents
9-26-00 Martha Sanden and Tammy Slagle at Martha's apartment in Sisseton, South Dakota 9-27-00  Ruth Mathison and cat in her home in Edina, Minnesota 
Ruth Mathison and Tammy Slagle 9-28-00 Tammy Slagle at entrance of Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota
9-28-00 Dick Hammerstrom, Steve Waul, Nelson Slagle and Scott Brandenberg at Denny's in Madison, Wisconsin 9-29-00 Bonnie Shaffstall holding her granddaughter Emma Robinette in front yard of Jeff & Jenny Robinette's home
9-30-00 Bob and Bonnie Rudy home in Troy, Ohio Huge Oak tree and Lake in back yard of Bob and Bonnie Rudy home
Anna Rudy, Nelson Slagle, Tammy Slagle, Bill Rudy, Jane Rudy and Bob Rudy Jane, Anna and Bill Rudy
Bob, Evan and Jill Rudy Evan and Bill Rudy
Bob Rudy, Tammy Slagle, Bob Rudy, Sally Rudy, Bill Rudy, Jane Rudy, Jill Rudy and Bonnie Rudy 9-30-00 Jill, Sally, Tammy, Bob, Bob and Bonnie Rudy
9-30-00 Craig Hagen and Marge Vearil at their home in Mason, Ohio Craig Hagen with his Texas Ranger jersey signed by Nolan Ryan
Portion of Craig Hagen's baseball collection Craig Hagen, Marge Vearil and Tammy Slagle at Steak and Shake
Craig Hagen looking at his 'doctored' picture on his PC 10-01-00  Kings Island Campground entrance - fall foilage
10-01-00 Betty and Bill Huckaba, Kim and Tom Bays Kim and Tom Bays and Toasty
10-01-00 Jeff Robinette, Gene Slagle, Emily Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Betty Huckaba, Bill Huckaba, and Jenny Robinette applying stamps to postcards in support of Jim Slagle's campaign for Prosecuting Attorney Emma Robinette, Betsy Slagle, Libby Robinette, Lauren Slagle and Emily Slagle
Nelson Slagle, Walt Gaisor, Ron Chapman, David Gaston and Roger Remlinger at a scramble golf tournament at Medallion Country Club at Westerville, Ohio.  We were one over for 18 holes, 16 strokes out of first! Roger Remlinger, Dave Gaston, Dave Dye, Jim Stofer, Bob Essman, Bob Eberhart, Nelson Slagle, Walt Gaiser, Glenn Pittenger and Ron Chapman at evening buffet after golf tournament.  Tournament sponsored by the Columbus office of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  All of us in the picture worked for Lybrand, Ross Bros & Montgomery in a portion of the 1961-63 period.