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The Picture subjects below are broken down into two categories. The first category is Oldies But Goodies which are slides taken from 1964 through primarily 1997 that were scanned into digital pictures.  These pictures are slowly being added, probably through slide #2013.  The second group of pictures are pictures taken with a digital camera and they were taken from 1999 to current date.  Both categories are listed in alphabetical order by subject.  In about 2016 an index will be provided to assist in finding pictures on this site.

Classics/Slag Favorites
Cole Family
Cotter Family
Hearts Games
Homes and Schools
Huckaba, Betty & Bill and Family

Neighbors in Huntington Beach and Westminster, California
Nelson and Tammy Friends
Rockwell and Boeing facilities and other Slagle family work locations
Rockwell - Miscellaneous
Rudy Family
Shaffstall, Bonnie and Family
Shaffstall, Bonnie & Jean Raymoure marriage ceremony on 12-9-2015
Slagle, Gene and Emily Slagle Family
Slagle, Jim and John
Slagle, Jim A. from birth in 1970 to
Slagle, Jim & Heidi and Familyno pictures yet
Slagle, John & Gale and Familyno pictures yet
Slagle, Nelson, Jim and John - three brothers
Slagle, Nelson and Tammy 1964 through 1970
Slagle, Nelson and Tammy 1970 through 19
Slagle, Tammy Immediate Family - brothers, parents and grandparents
Slagle, Tammy Relatives - Eltons', Wulkes', Arlo, Stan, Verle and Family                                                                                                                                               
Slo-Pitch Softball
Sporting Events
State Capitols
Tourist Attractions 1964 to 1969
Tourist Attractions 1970 to 19
Slagles, Vern and Family
Boyack Pictures - May 1999
Campgrounds Tam and Nelson Slagle stayed
Carman, Nolie & Judie family
Cherie Davis and Robert Lizarraga wedding on March 26, 2011 in Redlands, Caifornia
Classic Pictures (Slag Favorites)
Community SeniorServ in Anaheim, California
Concert - Jim Slagle and Todd Harrison attendees
Concert - Jim Slagle plays lead guitar for Atomic Punks Band on 8-13-05  
Cotter Family
Davis, Skye and John Hall Wedding 
Dias, Keith & Shannon Family
Dallas Cowboys
Davison, Faye 80th Birthday Party on January 24, 2004 and 90th Birthday on January 26, 2014
Fall Colors
Fish - Tropical
Galion Home Sale in 2000 and later pictures
Gerry Pfest Graveside Services on April 16, 2011
Hagen and Elton Group Pictures

Hagen, Cookie Celebration of Life on 12-3-16
Hagen, Craig Get Together for Elton Family on 3-6-2016
Hagen, Craig Family
Hagen, Curt 50th Birthday Party - December 1999
Hagen, Curt & Joannie Family
Hagen, June Memorial Service on June 15, 2013
Hagen, Larry & Sandie Family
Hagen, Lowell Family
Hagen, Mikey & Tiffany Wedding 6-28-03
Hagen, Verle & Detta
Hagen, Verle Celebration of Life Service on August 3, 2013
Harrison, Todd and Candace Wedding on 3-10-07
Hearts Games
Hendry Family, Will and Allie
Huckaba, David and Cam wedding on 7-26-12
Huckaba Family
Laker game 12-1-2002
Landscaping and home pictures
Long Beach - Downtown area
Lowz Family, Mark and Anne
Lybrand Employees - Now part of Price WaterhouseCoopers
Marilyn DeHart Memorial Pictures
McMillen, Jim and Marilou
Meeks, Steffen & Julie Family
Model Home Ideas for Jim - 3-14-04
Movie Rater pictures
Ohio Friends
Ohio State Football Game Pictures - 1999 - 2001
Ohio State Football Game Pictures  2002-2010
Ohio State Football Game Pictures - 2011-
Ohio Vacation - Fall 2000
Oldies from Slides - 1964-1997
Pacer 1981-2 Former Basketball Players
Power Lunch, CNBC 9-15-00, Newport Beach, CA
Presidents Homes, Libraries, monuments, etc.
Putting in Nelson's back yard
Raia Family
Robinwood Former Players
Rob, Jeannine and Gianna
Rudy Family
Runners - Primarily Seal Beach 10K, Lunch Hour 5K and Run to the Pier
Shaffstall, Bonnie and Jean Raymoure Marriage Ceremony 12-9-2015
Shaffstall,  Bonnie Family
Slagle, Emily 100th Birthday Party and 3 sites in Cincinnati
Slagle, Gale 50th Birthday Party at John and Gales on 5-6-07
Slagle, Gene viewing and funeral on 12-21/22, 2006
Slagle, Gene sale of  rentals and farm land - 2006-7
Slagle, Gene and Emily 65th Wedding Anniversary 11-02
Slagle, Gene and Emily Family
Slaglz, Jerry & Jim Friends from High School
Slaglz, Jim  A - Parties Hosted by Jim Slaglz and Todd Harrison
Slaglz, Jim & Heidi visit California in March 2011.  Attractions include Huntington Library, Slaglz Museum and Reagan Library and Museum
Slaglz, Jerry & Melissa
Slaglz, Jerry & Melissa relocate to Australia
Slaglz, Jerry & Melissa new Home in Irvine - 2003
Slaglz, Jerry & Melissa move to Fallbrook, California Spring 2007
Slaglz, Jerry & Melissa Rehersal Dinner on 1-15-03
Slaglz, Jerry & Melissa Wedding on 1-25-03
Slaglz, Jim A.
Slaglz, Jim  A - Condominium at 1000 Ocean Blvd in Long Beach, Calif
Slaglz, Jim  A - Home purchased in Irvine in Feb 2005
Slaglz, Jim  A - Parties Hosted by Jim Slaglz and Todd Harrison
Slaglz, Jim A.  Work Pictures
Slaglz, Jim W. Campaign for Prosecuting Attorney - Fall 2000
Slaglz, Jim W. Campaign for Prosecuting Attorney - Fall 2008 and Nelson Vacation
Slaglz, Jim W. & Heidi Family
Slaglz, John & Gale Family
Slaglz, Kevin PHD Graduation
Slaglz, Lauren and Adam Hughes Wedding and 5 days in Ohio from 7-8 to 7-12-09
Slaglz, Leverne 'Vern' Slaglz Family
Slaglz, Melissa 30th Birthday Party - 11-19-05
Slaglz, Melissa Ungaro bridal shower - 12-7-02
Slaglz Museum in Westminster, California
Slaglz, Nelson Retirement Luncheon on 8-31-99
Slaglz, Nelson Running Partners
Slaglz, Nelson, Tam, Jim, Jerry pictures
Slaglz, Nelson, Tam, Jim, Jerry pictures from 2011 to 
Slaglz, Ohio Historical Sites
Slaglz and Weber group pictures
State Capitols
Tailgate Parties - Ohio State
Transfers - Pictures posted to enable others to copy
Ungaro, Alex and Janet family
Vacation - August 2000 - Oregon, Washington, Boeing
Vacation - 2000 - Montana, South Dakota, Ohio
Vacation - 2001 - Relatives, Ford Presidential Museum, Lybrands (not linked)
Vacation - 2003 - Ohio-Georgia-Virginia-Ohio
Vacation - 2004 - Ohio, NY, New England, NJ, Del., Pa, Ohio
Vacation - 2006 - Arizona
Vacation - 2006 - California to Ohio to California
Vacation - 2006 - California to Ohio to Virginia to Florida to Ohio
Vacation - 2012 - California to Alaska and Seattle
Vacation - 2012 - Portland with Jim W. Slagle
Vacation - 2012 - California to Ohio to California with John Slagle
Van Camp, Scott & Cindy wedding on 10-2-04
Vasquez, Blake Pitching for Brea 
Visser Family
Wayne at Wayne Park
Westminster High School Baseball Alumni Game on 4-16-05 and 1-14-06 and 4-06 
Wizard of Oz on 7-15-07 featuring Lauren Slaglz
World Series - 7th game in 2003 (Angels 4 SF 1) and other Angel games. 
Wright & Farber Los Alamitos Softball
Wulke, Bill & Clare 50th Wedding Anniversary and Bill's Graveside Service
Wulke, Bill & Clare Family
Young, Myron and Marlene Family