Below are photos taken during CNBC's Power Lunch live TV show at Pelican Hills Golf Club; 22651 Pelican Hill Road South; Newport Beach, California on September 15, 2000:
Bill Griffeth doing a promo 25 minutes prior to show.  Notice fog.  Normally you have a view of the ocean but the fog never lifted during the show.  Some of the latter slides show trees in the background.  Very comfortable with no sun! Bill Griffeth 5 minutes prior to 9 AM start of the show. Note the white socks and golf shoes. Bill had putting lessons prior to show thus the golf attire.  Portion of putting lesson was shown on show.
One half of crowd watching show.  Note TV so crowd  could watch live broadcast of entire show. Many camera and  lights between crowd and stage. Other half of crowd watching show.  Both halves of the crowd were about 70 feet from the stage.
Flutist Lory Lacy and Band provided music during breaks Bill Griffeth and first guest, Glenn Carpenter, Chairman & CEO of Pacific Gulf Properties
Bill Griffeth changes one sock.  He walked over to the crowd and let them decide whether the white sock or tan sock was better.  Crowd chose tan and Bill then changed other sock. Bill Griffeth and H. K. Desel, CEO, QLogic
Bill Griffeth and William Gross, Managing Director, PIMCO Total Return Fund Bill Griffeth and Michael McKee, Vice Chairman, 
The Irvine Company
Camera and crew while Bill Griffeth interviewed Michael McKee.  I sat on the hillside by myself where the cushion and hat are about 30 feet from the stage. Bill Griffeth and John Diebel, Chairman & CEO, 
Meade Instruments
Bill Griffeth and Mark Lorimer, CEO, Bill Griffeth and the CNBC analyst stationed in Orange County, California. He was on live earlier on the show from the Santa Ana Court House
Near the end of the show Bill Griffeth thanks crew for all their work during the last week in Southern California Bill Griffeth and Nelson Slagle, Retired Director
Accounting, Boeing.  No, Bill didn't interview Nelson!
Crew after the show.  There were always 10+ crew members near the stage plus numerous personnel in the TV truck.  Takes a large crew to produce the show. Everyone is given a CNBC T-shirt.  Note CNBC 
banner and the clubhouse
Nelson Slagle in CNBC T-shirt