Below are pictures of some of our sports predictors:
Nov 1994  John Blanda, John Baker, Phil Hensley and Nelson Slagle Nov 1994  Phil Hensley, Rick Higgins and Dave Evans
May 1996  Gail Engel, Phil Hensley and Jim Slagle Nov 1998  Dick Hammerstrom and Nelson Slagle
Nov 1998  Front:  Al Manzey, Jerry Slagle and John Slagle.  Standing:  Will Sides, Brett Carman and Nelson Slagle Nov 1998  Deb Cummings and Scott Brandenburg
Aug 1999 Bob Scholl, Mary Scholl and Nelson Slagle Aug 1999  Jim, John, Jim, Nelson and Jerry Slagle
Nov 1999 Ignacio Esteban and Doug Schoon Nov 1999 Dick Hammerstrom and Doug Schoon
March 2000 Nelson Slagle, Will Sides, Blake Vasquez and Nolie Carman Aug 2000 Nelson Slagle, Hal Berger and Gerry Hamilton
Oct 1965 Nelson Slagle computing final baseball predictions Sept  2000 Dick Hammerstrom, Steve Waul, Nelson Slagle and Scott Brandenburg at Denny's in Madison, Wisconsin
Sept 2000 Dick Hammerstrom, Steve Waul and Scott Brandenburg Oct 2000 Nelson Slagle, Shawn Dunaway and Phil Hensley at tailgate party in Columbus prior to Ohio State - Minnesota game
Nov 2000 Phil Hensley, Rick Higgins and Nelson Slagle at tailgate party in Columbus  prior to Ohio State - Michigan State game Nov 2000 Nelson Slagle and Rick Higgins at High St and Lane Ave in Columbus, Ohio
Nov 2001 Nelson Slagle, Bob Scholl and Dick Hammerstrom at Sams Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada Sept  2002 Andrew Coates and Bob Koller at Cypress, Calif facility of Rockwell Collins
Feb 2004 Rotating Trophy for winner of annual Slag's Football Predictions.   The names of the 38 winners are listed on both sides of the card attached to the back of the trophy.
Feb 2004 Nelson Slagle (right) presents Mark Johnson as the first reciepient of the rotating football trophy.  Mark has predicted football for 15 years and  won the predicts in 2003, 2000 and 1995.  He is the all time leader in the football predicts finishing at an average of 11% thus beating 89% of the predictors in an average year.  Congrats Mark
Feb 2004 Mark Johnson with rotating Football prediction trophy
Aug 2004 Nelson Slagle with 2004 Basketball regular season rotating trophy and Blake Vasquez with 2004 NCAA/NBA Basketball Playoff rotating trophy.  Nelson won basketball a record 8th time and Blake won the NCAA/NBA by a record 49 points.
Nov 2004 Nolie Carman, Nelson Slagle, Jim Slagle and Al Manzey during presentation of Tiger Woods Majors Prediction trophy to Jim Slagle for his 2004 win.