NOTE:  Questions on the left.  Answers are on the right.          
1 What two Presidents died on 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on 7-4-1826?           1 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
2 Which two Presidents of the first 7 Presidents only served one term?           2 John Adams & John Quincy Adams
3 Two Presidents to be impeached?           3 Bill Clinton & Andrew Johnson
4 Shortest President at 5'4"?           4 James Madison, 5'4"
5 What President served the 2nd shortest time in office?           5 James Garfield - six months
6 Only President to resign?           6 Richard Nixon
7 Father of Constitution?           7 James Madison
8 The first President to visit all 50 states?           8 Richard Nixon
9 First President to visit West Coast?           9 Rutherford Hayes
10 The first President whose voice was heard over the radio?           10 Warren Harding
11 The President who grew up speaking a language other than English?           11 Martin Van Buren (he grew up speaking Dutch
12 Only 3 time Ohio Governor to be President?           12 Rutherford Hayes
13 Which President’s wife was the first with a college education?           13 Rutherford Hayes – Lucy Webb
14 The only President born on the 4th of July?           14 Calvin Coolidge
15 The President who was buried with his head resting on a copy of the Constitution?           15 Andrew Johnson
16 The first President to call Washington D.C. residence the 'White House'?           16 Theodore Roosevelt
17 Distantly related to Presidents Pierce, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ford and Winston Churchill           17 George H. W. Bush
18 First Presidents mother to attend his inauguration?           18 Rutherford Hayes
19 First President from Vermont?           19 Chester Arthur
20 President with youngest wife and age of wife?           20 Grover Cleveland - 21 (he was 49)
21 Only President ever to be elected twice without ever receiving 50% of the popular vote?           21 Bill Clinton.  He had 43 percent in 1992 and 49 percent in 1996.  
22 Credited with saying, 'I may be President of the United States, but my private life is nobody's damn business'?           22 Chester Arthur
23 Only President to own a Pilot 's license           23 Dwight Eisenhower
24 Which President's home is the most popular historic home in America?           24 George Washington's home - Mount Vernon
25 Who was the first President to graduate from college?           25 John Adams - Harvard
26 Which President's wife was the first to be referred to as 'first lady'?           26 James Madison's wife Dolly Madison
27 The only two President's to be unopposed in the general presidential election?           27 George Washington and James Monroe
28 First President to be born a citizen of the United States?           28 Martin Van Buren
29 First President to be a Rhodes Scholar?           29 Bill Clinton
30 Which President was the first career army officer to attain the presidency?           30 Zachary Taylor
31 First President to die in office?           31 William Henry Harrison
32 First President to have a telephone in the Executive Office?           32 Rutherford Hayes
33 First President to marry while in the White House?           33 John Tyler
34 First President to throw out the first ball to start a baseball season?           34 William Howard Taft
35 Who was the President with the political nickname of 'The Little Magician'?           35 Martin Van Buren
36 Who was the only ordained minister to live in the White House?           36 James Garfield
37 Who was the only President to become a senator after his Presidency?           37 Andrew Johnson
38 First President to be a General in the Civil War?           38 Ulysses S. Grant
39 Who was the fifth and last President to be a General in the Civil War?           39 Benjamin Harrison (Grant, Hayes, Arthur, Garfield other 4)
40 Who was the only officer in the Civil War not to be a General that became President?           40 William McKinley
41 Which President was assassinated earliest in his Presidency?           41 James Garfield at 4 months
42 Who was the youngest president?           42 Theodore Roosevelt at 43.  
43 Three President libraries on a university campus?           43 Jack Kennedy (U of Mass), Lyndon Johnson (Texas) and George Bush (Texas A&M).
44 What President was nicknamed 'Old Rough and Ready'?           44 Zachary Taylor
45 Who was the only President to become Chief Justice after his Presidency?           45 William Howard Taft
46 Who was the first President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?           46 Teddy Roosevelt
47 Who was the first President born west of the Mississippi River?           47 Herbert Hoover
48 Only President to fight in the Spanish American War?           48 Theodore Roosevelt
49 Who was the President in the first graduating class at Stanford in 1895?           49 Herbert Hoover
50 Who were the only two Presidents to graduate from West Point?           50 Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower
51 Only President to serve 13 years as VP and President?           51 Richard Nixon
52 Only President to replace a resigned VP and a resigned President?           52 Gerald Ford replaced VP Spiro Agnew and President Nixon
53 First 3 Presidents to never serve in Washington D. C. before Presidency or had been a General?           53 Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter (Clinton, Reagan, Bush Jr)
54 Three Presidents that were top General in the Army?           54 Washington, Grant, Eisenhower
55 What two states were the most Presidents born in?           55 Virginia (8) and Ohio (7)
56 Only President to actually build a home he lived in?           56 Millard Fillmore - built home in 1826
57 Tippecanoe and Tyler too referred to which two Presidents?           57 William Henry Harrison and John Tyler
58 Who was the first President to be born in a hospital?           58 Jimmy Carter 
59 What President's home was first to be restored? 1st 60 on 9-18-11           59 George Washington, Mount Vernon in 1858.
60 President of Princeton for 8 years?           60 Woodrow Wilson
61 Who is the only President who was Speaker of the House?           61 James K. Polk
62 Which President descended from people on the Mayflower             62 Zachary Taylor
63 Who was the only Bachelor President?           63 James Buchanan  
64 Who was the 6th and last President to be born in a log cabin?           64 James Garfield
65 What President was first to have a funeral at the White House?           65 Zachary Taylor
66 What President will always be associated with November 22, 1963?           66 John Kennedy
67 First President to visit a national park?           67 Chester Arthur
68 Who was the tallest President?           68 Abraham Lincoln at 6'4".
69 Who was the oldest President?           69 Ronald Reagan was 77 when his Presidency ended.
70 What first lady lived to the oldest age?           70 Bess Truman at 97 years 8 months.  Lady Bird Johnson, Lyndon Johnson wife, died at 94 in 2007.
71 What President lived to the oldest age?           71 President Gerald Ford died 12-26-2006 at the age of 93 years, 5 months,12 days.  President Reagan died 6-5-04 at 93 years and 4 months
72 First President & VP of different parties?           72 John Adams and VP Thomas Jefferson 
73 Second President & VP of different parties?           73 Abraham Lincoln & Andrew Johnson
74 What President finished 4 years of college at Princeton in 2 years?           74 James Madison
75 Who was first President to ride a rail road train?           75 Andrew Jackson
76 First President to sleep in the White House?           76 John Adams
77 Hardest working President?           77 James K. Polk
78 Only President to be married in the White House?           78 Grover Cleveland
79 Wife started the tradition of playing 'Hail to the Chief" whenever President appeared at state function?           79 John Tyler
80 Only tie in electoral vote was by what two Presidential candidates?           80 Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied after electoral vote
81 Second VP to become President upon death of a President           81 Millard Fillmore 
82 First President to visit China?           82 Richard Nixon
83 Served in House of Rep for 17 years after President and had fatal stroke in the House of Rep?            83 John Quincy Adams - died on floor of House of Representatives
84 What President became a father at 70?           84 John Tyler
85 Third President to die on July 4th?           85 James Monroe.  3 of first 5 Presidents died on July 4th.
86 Last Whig to become President?           86 Millard Fillmore  
87 First President born in a metropolitan city?           87 Theodore Roosevelt
88 Which President lost both the electoral and popular vote?           88 John Quincy Adams (3 candidates and Clay later gave votes to Adams)
89 Who was Old Hickory?           89 Andrew Jackson
90 Which President was Little Ben?           90 Benjamin Harrison - 5'6"   
91 First President to use telephone in campaigning?           91 William McKinley
92 What President was responsible for constructing Panama Canal?           92 Theodore Roosevelt
93 Only President sworn in by his dad?           93 Calvin Coolidge
94 Only President to be elected for 3 and 4 terms?           94 Franklin D. Roosevelt
95 Only Vice President to witness the assassination of the President?           95 Lyndon Johnson
96 Youngest Governor in the Nation at the time at 32?           96 Bill Clinton
97 First Vice President to become President due to death of a President in office?           97 John Tyler
98 Longest inaugural address?           98 William Henry Harrison - 2 hours
99 Only President to have studied Medicine?           99 William Henry Harrison
100 President thrown out of his own party (Whigs) while President?           100 James K. Polk
101 What President and his Vice President never met until after elected?           101 President Zachary Taylor and his VP Millard Fillmore
102 What President never registered to vote before becoming President and didn't vote in his own election?           102 Zachary Taylor
103 What two future Presidents were involved in the dirtiest election campaign for President?           103 John Quincy Adams vs Andrew Jackson
104 President with Cocker Spaniel named Checkers?           104 Richard Nixon
105 Fell ill on July 4th at Washington Mon. ceremonies and died 5 days later?  Only son was Confederate General.           105 Zachary Taylor
106 Lost his last of 3 children in train wreck two months prior to taking office?           106 Franklin Pierce
107 Played football at West Point before knee injury ended his career?           107 Dwight Eisenhower
108 Youngest Vice President at 39?           108 Richard Nixon
109 Who wrote the Monroe Doctrine?           109 John Quincy Adams as Sec of State for James Monroe
110 First President to graduate from West Point?           110 Ulysses S. Grant
111 Shot 5 times in Civil War and horse shot out from under him 4 times?           111 Rutherford Hayes
112 Two Presidents named after Benjamin Franklin?           112 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Franklin Pierce
113 First Catholic Vice President?           113 Joe Biden
114 Two Presidents that were Secretary of State and Vice President?           114 Thomas Jefferson and Martin Van Buren
115 What President and Vice President had the greatest age difference?           115 Eisenhower (62) and Nixon (39) 
116 Lieutenant at Valley Forge under George Washington who later became President?           116 James Monroe  
117 Red Fox of Kinderhook?           117 Martin Van Buren
118 Brought cow to White House to guarantee milk?           118 William Henry Harrison
119 Had 15 children, most of any President?           119 John Tyler
120 President of Columbia University for 3 years?           120 Dwight Eisenhower
121 Took 49 ballots before he became Democratic candidate to run against General Winfield Scott?           121 Franklin Pierce
122 Lived most of his life in East Aurora, New York?           122 Millard Fillmore
123 Congress missed by one vote of impeaching what President?           123 Andrew Johnson
124 First minority President?           124 Barack Obama   
125 Elected to Congress while General in Civil War.  Wouldn't serve until war over a year later?           125 Rutherford Hayes
126 Wheatland was home of which President?           126 James Buchanan
127 Both grandfathers served in Massachusetts legislature?           127 John Kennedy
128 Two Presidents to take the Oath of Office in New York City?           128 Chester Arthur & George Washington
129 President between Grover Cleveland's two terms?           129 Benjamin Harrison
130 Heaviest President - 300 to 340 pounds?           130 William Howard Taft
131 Father was Chaplain in the Confederate Army?           131 Woodrow Wilson
132 Two Presidents with a wife named Abigail?           132 John Adams and Millard Fillmore
133 Became ill while visiting Alaska and died later in San Francisco?           133 Warren Harding
134 Summer white house was in Black Hills of South Dakota?           134 Calvin Coolidge
135 Was Captain in the Army in 1st World War?           135 Harry Truman
136 2nd youngest person to become President at 43 years of age?           136 John Kennedy
137 Lived in 27 houses during marriage?           137 Dwight Eisenhower
138 Won tidy sum of money playing poker while rising to lieutenant commander in WW II?           138 Richard Nixon
139 Enlisted in Civil War as a Private and left as a Major?           139 William McKinley
140 President during Watergate?           140 Richard Nixon
141 Lineman  for Michigan football team           141 Gerald Ford  
142 Sportscaster for Radio Station WHO, Des Moines, Iowa           142 Ronald Reagan  
143 Son of  President with a brother who was Governor of Florida           143 George Bush, Jr
144 Assassinated in Ford Theater           144 Abraham Lincoln
145 First baseman for Yale baseball team           145 George Bush, Sr.
146 First Secretary of State under George Washington           146 Thomas Jefferson
147 Secretary of State under Thomas Jefferson           147 James Madison
148 First two presidents to die in office           148 William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor
149 Only President born in New Hampshire           149 Franklin Pierce
150 First Catholic President and 2nd Catholic nominated by a major party?           150 John Kennedy - 1st nominated was Alfred Smith
151 Secretary of State under James K. Polk           151 James Buchanan
152 Had famous debates vs 'Little Giant' in lost bid for Senate and won bid for President 2 yrs. later.  Name both.           152 Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln
153 What General did Ulysses Grant served under in the Mexican War           153 Zachary Taylor
154 What was first National park established and by what President?           154 Yellowstone by Grant in 1871
155 Who won most disputed election despite losing popular vote 4.3 to 4 million votes?           155 Rutherford Hayes
156 Fourth Vice President to become President on death of President in 1881?            156 Chester Arthur
157 Last President to campaign from front porch?           157 Warren Harding
158 First Democrat elected President after the Civil War?           158 Grover Cleveland
159 First Resident of New York to be elected President?           159 Martin Van Buren
160 Last veteran of Civil War to become President?           160 William McKinley
161 What two Governor's of Ohio became President?           161 Rutherford Hayes & William McKinley
162 Last President whom every visitor to Washington could meet?           162 Calvin Coolidge
163 Fifth cousin was Theodore Roosevelt and he married a distant cousin?           163 Franklin D. Roosevelt
164 First President after Grant to have engaged in farming as an adult?           164 Harry Truman
165 Three second shortest Presidents at 5'6"?           165 John Adams, Martin Van Buren & Benjamin Harrison
166 President of Western Reserve?           166 James Garfield
167 Which President was father-in-law to Jefferson Davis, 2nd cousin of Madison and 4th cousin of Jefferson?           167 Zachary Taylor
168 First assassination attempt was on what President?           168 Andrew Jackson - walking stick misfired twice
169 Father served in Grants cabinet and he graduated 2nd in his class at Yale?            169 William Taft
170 President associated with Teapot Dome?           170 Warren Harding
171 Third President assassinated?           171 William McKinley
172 Fourth President assassinated?           172 John Kennedy
173 President with middle initial standing for nothing            173 Harry S. Truman
174 Three Presidents to win Nobel Peace prize while President           174 Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Obama
175 Only President to win Nobel Peace prize while not President           175 Jimmy Carter 
176 Only VP to win Nobel Peace Prize           176 Al Gore
177 Who was the first President to have been survived by both his parents           177 John Kennedy
178 What President's son, Richard, served as a brigadier general during the Civil War           178 Zachary Taylor
179 The wife of which President was accused of spying for the Confederacy during the Civil War           179 Abraham Lincoln
180 Two Presidents who became fathers while service as President           180 Grover Cleveland and John Kennedy
181 What President ran for President three times, but lost the 2nd and 3rd time           181 Martin Van Buren
182 What President made a record twenty-six changes to his cabinet, all within a four year period.           182 Franklin Pierce
183 The only President to keep his cabinet intact for all 4 years of his administration.           183 John Tyler
184 What President was buried the farthest south           184 Lyndon Johnson
185 What two Presidents had brothers who were generals in the U.S. Army           185 James Madison (Gen. William Madison), Zachary Taylor (Gen Joseph P. Taylor)
186 What President saw the most cabinet members investigated for wrongdoing?           186 Ronald Reagan
187 What President at the age of 10 won the Massachusetts spelling contest?           187 John Adams
188 Who was the first President born in a log cabin?           188 Andrew Jackson
189 Two Presidents buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC           189 William Taft, John Kennedy
190 Who was the first President to earn $100,000 a year as the Chief Executive?           190 Harry Truman
191 Who was the first left handed president           191 James Garfield
192 What President was the only man to defeat two former Presidents in the same election.           192 Woodrow Wilson (defeated Taft and Teddy Roosevelt)
193 What President had two daughter who were married in the White House during his term of office?           193 Woodrow Wilson
194 Who was the youngest President to marry and the only President to marry as a teenager?           194 Andrew Johnson at 18
195 What three Presidents were married in California?           195 Hoover, Nixon and Reagan
196 Who were the two Presidents who waited until their 40's to get married?           196 James Madison and Grover Cleveland
197 What President appeared on the cover of Time magazine a record 64 times?           197 Richard Nixon