It took 669 rounds but Slag finally shot an 11 and it was on the Blue course, statistically, the toughest of the 3 courses.   The prior record on the Blue
course was 13.  Nelson has shot three 12's, all on the gray course and ten 13's on the 3 nine hole courses.       Slag's aces were on holes: 1 (9 feet), 2- (19 feet),
3- (9 feet), 5- (24 feet), 7- (38 feet), 8- (13 feet) and 9 (12 feet) for a total of 124 feet. I parred the 22 foot 4th hole and 38 foot 6th hole. 
     On the 4th hole Slag was in the rough, 3 feet from the hole with 21 inches of rough and 15 inches of green to work with.  He struck the putt too hard, but hit
the pin right on the nose thus dropped straight down into the hole.  If the putt was slightly left or right of dead center, it would have bounced off the pin
landing a couple feet away.      
     Slag was putting with a 19 year old next door neighbor and two of his friends in the early evening hours.  It was one of the few foursomes I have putted in.
     Slag shot 16 on the first nine holes on the Scarlet course then shot a 23 on the Gray course before shooting the 11 on the Blue course.  Nelson had
played 209 rounds on the gray course since it was completely revamped last January.  His highest scores were a 22 and three 21's.
    The odds of getting 7 aces in the nine holes that he aced has to be close to astronomical.  I have sunk the #1 hole the last 16 times.  I made #3
41% of the time,  #5 32% of the time and #7 eight % of the time in 2014. Nelson has sunk the other 5 holes somewhere between 10 and 25% of the time.
      Nelson thought an 11 will be shot on each course eventually, but he didn't think it would take 669 rounds to get his first 11.
> Nelson Slagle
     Slag was anxious for his noon match with John Raia today as this would be the first time he putted since the 11.  He shot 19 on the Scarlet and 15 on the Gray in the first round with John. 
Then Slag sunk the first 5 holes on the Blue course!  Now he is thinking 9!!  Bet he parred the #1 and 2 handicap holes (#6 and #7) on the course, aced # 8 and needed an ace on #9 for his 2nd
consecutive 11.  He hit a lousy putt and settled for a 12.
     The next round with John, Slag shot 16-15 going into Blue course.  He sunk the first 3 holes making it 16 aces in last 21 holes on the Blue course! He bogied #6 which lipped out and sunk 8 for a 15.
     The 7 aces yesterday were all solid aces.  Slag was fortunate on several of the 9 aces today.  One lipped around and fell and one stopped on the edge before dropping in.  Another
record that will be tough to match is 3 consecutive rounds on one course of 38 total (11+12+15).
    Slag had 46 on both 27's today.  John had a 49 on the 2nd round - There combined score of 95 probably tied a course record.
Slag 7-3-14