The next and 8th annual reunion will be April 16, 2013 at Khoury's.   

ISC worked closely with many organizations/employees throughout Rockwell, and those people are welcome (encouraged) to attend.  That includes Shared Services Operation (SSO) employees (formerly Central Payroll, ASC, 715) and IBM employees that worked with ISC.  Anyone is welcome to attend. 

You can give me a yes or no now (or a % chance of attending) and revise later on if your plans change.

Khoury's will not require a minimum number of attendees and they will collect the $10 fee at the door. 
For those of you that want to see details of the reunion, missing e-mail addresses, attendee list, reunion attendee history and pictures see items #1 through #5 at the first link below. To access pictures on my website you may  need a user name (Rock) and a password (well).   Pictures are at the 2nd link below sorted mostly by year.  .   



Recap of details below:


(1)  Details of the April 16, 2013 get together
(2)  Driving directions
(3)  A link to missing e-mail addresses
(4)  A link to people saying they are planning on
        attending the reunion. 

(5)  A link to 2000+ pictures including 389+ former
        ISC employees
(6)  A link to attendees to past 7 reunions and related stats

(1)  GET TOGETHER April 16, 2013
The next ISC reunion for past employees and all their friends, partners, and teammates have been scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, 2013 from 4 to 9 PM at Khourys in the Long Beach Marina.   Khourys will collect $10 at the door and you will be responsible for your own drinks.  Khourys (used to be Windrose) will furnish a spread of Hors D'oeuvres.

       Khourys is located at the end of the Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach in the Long Beach Marina in the same area as Busters Beach House.

       There will be a Khourys employee collecting your $10 at the entrance to the reunion area.  You will also be asked to print your name on the guest book, print name on name tag and your picture will be taken.  

        Let me know if you plan on attending ASAP.  Also let me know if your status changes on the ‘List of Attendee’ list.  You can even give me a % chance on whether you and or a partner would attend.  You can say yes now and change your mind later or vice versa.  You would not be obligated to pay anything unless you attend. 

       For those of you that want to see details of the reunion, missing e-mail addresses, attendee list, reunion attendee history and pictures see items #1 through #5 at link following this paragraph. To access pictures on my website you may need a user name (Rock) and a password (well). Please retain for future list.



      Looking forward to hearing from you.

Khourys Restaurant
110 Marina Drive    

Long Beach, Ca.
Phone:  (562) 598-6800

     From the Rockwell now Boeing facility in Seal Beach take a left (West) on Westminster Blvd.  Westminster Blvd turns into 2nd Street.  Stay on 2nd through the intersection at Pacific Coast Highway.  Make a left on Marina Drive, the first traffic light west of Pacific Coast Highway.  Go one mile to the end of Marina Drive and at the last stop sign go straight into Khourys parking lot.

     I need your help on about 180 former ISC and SSO employees that I do not have e-mail addresses for.  Go to Link 1 below and go to #3 on the ‘Reunions’ page for the list of former employees I need e-mail addresses for.  Please review the list and if you happen to have an e-mail address for anybody on the list or a telephone number, please forward the address and/or phone number to me.

LINK 1:  http://www.slagshouseofstats.com/Reunions/Reunions.html

     Number 4 on the Link 1 above is a list of the people that are planning on attending our April 16th get together.  This list will be updated periodically.  Please let me know if you are planning on coming ASAP so I can include you on the list.


Link 2 below takes you to 2000+ Boeing/Rockwell pictures taken over the last 13+ years.  Click on the index (#1 on below link) to see what picture each person is in.  You will may need a user name (Rock) and a password (well) to view any pictures.  Note this info for future viewing.

- http://www.slagshouseofstats.com/Pictures9F.html



     On link 2, item 5 is a list of people attending the past seven reunions.  At the bottom of the page are some stats on attendees.