Below are running pictures primarily from the Seal Beach 10K (#s 1-29), the annual 'Run to the Seal Beach Pier for Beer' in December (#s 100- 125), monthly lunch hour 5K (200-262), and the annual Boeing Huntington Beach 5K (Numbers 300-307) at the bottom of page.  If there is no image click on the words to view the picture.
      SEAL BEACH 10K       ANNUAL RUN TO THE PIER                MONTHLY 5K
   1- May 1986   101- Dec 1997   200- Dec 1998 - Hall of Famers
  2-  April 1987   102- Dec 1998   201- Dec 1999 5K Participants
  3- March 1991   103- Dec 1999 First Group   202- Dec 1999 - Hall of Famers
  4- October 1993   104- Dec 1999 Second Group   203- Dec 1999 - Runners of 11 or 12 1999 races
  5- April 1998    105- Dec 1999 In Ruby's   204- Dec 1999 - Sub 20 Minutes
  6- April 2000 Nelson Slagle, Graham Anderson, Kimberly Boyd, Ken
Roselius, Ann Tack, Edgar Roa, Chuck Catania, Rich Terrell and Neal
  106- Dec 2000 Group Running to the Pier for Beer.     205- Mar 2000 - 15 Year LA Marathoners.  Rick Salas, Ann Tack, Kie Soohoo & John Araujo
7- April 2001 Greg Sampson, Ken Roselius, Bob Beachler, Linda Taylor,
Graham Anderson, Ann Tack, Joan McIntyre, Nelson Slagle, Kimberly
Boyd, Rich Terrell and Chuck Catania
107-Dec 2000 Those of group running their 3rd or more Pier Run   206- Mar 2000 - LA Marathon finishers
8- April 2002  Group of 55 running in memory of Ken Roselius   108- Dec 2001 Group Running to the Pier for Beer   207-Dec 2000 Runners of all 12 races in 2000. Peter Lew, John Araujo, Jim Heller, Tony Trujillo and Mark Calkins
  9- April 2003  Ed Cohn, Ann Tack, ?, Rich Terrell, Bob Beachler, Kimberly
Boyd, Greg Sampson,  Graham Anderson, Jim Heller, Michelle DeJong,
Garland Smith, Tony Trujillo, Mark Izzo, Tina Bartlett, Liz Beattie, Gerry
Aschoff and Joy Vargo

  109- Dec 2002 Group Running to the Pier for Beer - first group   208-  Dec 2000 Hall of Famers. Joan McIntyre, Ralph Castro, Nelson Slagle, Jim Heller, Edgard Roa and Tracy Brown
  10-  April 2004  Dave Cupelli, Mark Calkins and Jim Heller prior to Seal Beach
110- Dec 2002 Group Running to the Pier for Beer - second group 209- Dec 2000 5K Participants
  11- April 2004 Kneeling: Nelson Slagle & Jim Scianni.  Standing:  Dave Cupelli
?, ?, Ken Saxton, Margaret Everitt, Linda Dobson, Jim Heller, Ed Loh, Bob
Beachler, Greg Sampson, Rich Terrell, Mark Calkins, Marc Izzo, Jackie Velez,
Tony Trujillo, ? and Ed Cohn
111- Dec 2003 Group Running to the Pier for Beer
210- Jan 2001 5K Six that have run 1st, 100th and 200th 5Ks.  Tracy Brown, Jim Heller, Ed Loh, Ralph Castro, Nelson Slagle, Rick Salas and John Davis
  12-  April 2005 Kimberly Boyd, Ed Cohn, Andrew Coates, Mark Calkins,
Emmett Rahl, Ann Tack and Nelson Slagle
112- Dec 2004 Group Running to the Pier for Beer
211- Jan 2001 5K - 200th 5K Entire Group
  13-  April 2006 Kneeling:  Nelson Slagle and Jim Scianni.  Standing: Ed Cohn,
Mark Calkins, Tim Smith, Emmett Rahl, Rich Terrell and Scott Owens
113- Dec 2004 Group Running to the Pier for Beer
212- Dec 2001 Hall of Famers.  Kneeling: Ralph Castro, Nelson Slagle & Edgard Roa.  Standing: Tracy Brown, Jim Heller, John Araujo, Rick Salas, Joan McIntyre and John Davis
14- March 2007 Ed Cohn, Nelson Slagle, Emmett Rahl, Unknown, Michael
Riley, Brian Bousman, Greg Sampson, Evan Sampson, Bob Beachler,
Rick Salas, Kimberly Boyd, Jim Scianni, Rich Terrell and Michelle DeJong 
114- Dec 2005 Group Running to the Pier for Beer
  115- Dec 2006 Group running to the Pier for Beer. Nelson Slagle,
Emmett Rahl, Kimberly Boyd, Rick Salas, Rich Terrell, Andrew
Born and Ted Cowan.
  213- Dec 2001 Five that ran all 12 races in 2001.  Peter Lew, Nelson Slagle, Gary Shapiro, Mark Calkins & Tony Trujillo
15- April 2008 Kneeling:  Nelson Slagle and Ken Saxton.  Standing: Ed Cohn,
Dave Rusher, Linda Taylor, Kathy Kern, Hal Berger, Kimberly Boyd, Evan
Sampson, Greg Sampson, Jim Heller, Rich Terrell and Todd Byers
  116- Dec 2007 Group running to the Pier for Beer.  First row:
Emmett  Rahl, Dave Parsel, Mark Calkins, Rick Salas, Rich
Terrell and Ed Cohn.  Back row: Jim Scianni, Katherine
Rupley, Kimberly Boyd, Wendy Leung, Linda Taylor and
Nelson Slagle
  214- Dec 2001 5K Participants
16- April 2009 Kneeling: Andy Born, Rick Salas, Ann Tack, Kimberly Boyd and
Nelson Slagle.  Standing:  Todd Byers, Brian Bernsen, Stephanie Born, Brian
Bousman, Ed Cohn, Rich Terrell, Jim Heller, Michael Jones, Dave Parcel,

  17- Jeousa Jones, Evan Sampson and Greg Sampson and Linda Taylor.
1 117- Dec 2008 Group running to the Pier for Beer furnished
by Jim Scianni
  215-  Hall of Famers at Dec 2002 5K.  Nelson Slagle, Jim Heller, Rick Salas, Garland Smith, John Araujo and Grant Sciarani
18- April 2010 Kneeling:  Anita Lall, Michael Riley, Randy Emenaker, Rick Salas
and Nelson Slagle..  Standing:  Ed Cohn, Jim Heller, Tim Smith, Jim Scianni, 
Ann Tack,  Unknown, Todd Byers, Rich Terrell, Unknown, Jennifer King
and Unknown
  118-  Dec 2009 Ed Cohn, Jim Scianni, Tom Ludwinski,
Todd Byers,  Don Mason,  Kathy Massanet and Emmett
Rahl in front of Ruby's at end of Seal Beach,
Ca1lifornia pier.
  216- Dec 2002 - Six that ran all 12 races in 2002.  Peter Lew, Nelson Slagle, John Araujo, Tony Trujillo, Mark Calkins and Robin Khundkar
19-  April 2010Nelson Slagle after a swan dive underneath the PCH bridge
during 10K and 4 hours in the Emergency room at Los Alamitos hospital.
119- Dec 2009 Group running to the Pier for Beer.  Ed Cohn,
Jim Scianni, Todd Byers, Emmett Rahl, Kathy Massanet,
Don Mason, Nelson Slagle and Tom Ludwinski
  217- Start of Dec 2002 5K
20-  April 2010Narrative of Nelson's swan dive. 120- Dec 2009  Emmett Rahl, Tom Ludwinski, Ed Cohn, Jim
Scianni, Don Mason and Nelson Slagle in Ruby's
  218 - Dec 2003 Runners who ran 11 or 12 races in 2003.  Peter Lew, Jim Heller, Nelson Slagle, Dave Parsel, Tony Trujillo, John Araujo, Emmett Rahl and Rick Salas
21-  March 2011 Article on  Nelson Slagle in Sun Newspapers on 3-24-11
by Seth Eaker.
121- Dec 2010  Tom Barerra, Jim Scianni, Rich Terrell, Nelson
Slagle, Tom Ludwinski and Emmett Rahl
  219- Dec 2003 Hall of Famers. Kneeling: Jim Heller, Rick Salas and Nelson Slagle.  Standing: Ralph Castro, Dave Parsel, John Araujo, Joan McIntyre and Garland Smith  
22-  April 2011 Seth Eaker, author of article above,  and Nelson Slagle
122- Dec 2011  Ed Cohn, Nelson Slagle, Michelle DeJong, Emmett Rahl and
Jim Scianni

Pier 2011
  220-  Dec 2003 Start of December 8, 2003 5K
23- April 2011 Nelson Slagle and Bill Ayers
123- December 12, 2012 at 12:12PM - Rick Salas, Nelson Slagle, Jim Scianni and
Natalie Sciannie (taking picture) were the four runners running to the Pier
for Beer.  The picture was taken on 12-12-12 and 12-12 PM.  The next time a
similar date will occur will be on 1-1-01 (year 2101) at 1:01 AM.   Not sure I
will make that race!




Apr24- il 2011 Standing:  Dave Parsel, Rick Salas, Drew McGarity,
Tim Smith,  Brian Bousman, Rich Terrell, Michael Riley
and Brian Bernsen.  Kneeling:  Lew Zamora and Nelson
124- December 18, 2013  Ed Cohn, Raji Shunmugavel, JIm Scianni, Rick Salas,
Bernard Hartmann, Nelson Slagle, Param Kieshnan, and Ken Saxton.  Run to
the Pier group for 2013.



25-  April 2012 Seal Beach 5K/10K -  Dave Parsel, Nelson
Slagle, Ann Tack, Rick Salas, Unknown (drawing blank!), 
Rich Terrell, Tim Smith and Stephanie Born


125- December 18, 2013  Group running to the pier at Hennessey's on Main
Street.  Bernard Hartman, Param Keishnan, Ken Saxton, Raji Shunmugavel,
Jim Scianni, Rick Salas, Nelson Slagle and Ed Cohn.


126- December 17, 2014  Rick Salas, Mike Louie, Nelson Slagle and Jim Scianni
in front of Christmas Tree next to the Seal Beach Pier entrance.  Mike Louie, who ran 15 lunch hour 5K's, saw the three of us while walking on the pier.  Mike agreed to be in our picture.


26- April 2012 Seal Beach 5K/10K - Nelson Slagle and Elizabeth
Kane after the race.  Elizabeth was the Race Director this year
and they had a record turnout of nearly 6,000 participants.

127- December 17, 2015 Jim Scianni, Nelson Slagle,
Rick Salas, and Raji Shunmugavel at Seal Beach pier.


128- Decembe 16, 2015 Raji Shunmugavel, Jim Scianni, Nelson Slagle
and Rick Salas at Seaside Grill on 101 Main St. in Seal Beach after our
Run to the Pier for Beer.

128- December 12, 2016 Jim Scianni, Nelson Slagle and Michael Louie at beginning of
Seal Beach Pier for the annual Run to the Pier for beer.


27- April 2013 Seal Beach 5K/10K - Front:  Rick Salas and Nelson Slagle.
Back: Mong Noiboonsook, Unknown, Brian Bernson, Nicholas Musser,
Jim Scianni, Ann Tack, Barbara Boteler and Rich Terrell



28-  April 2013 Seal Beach 5K/10K - Michael Riley, Jim Scianni, Ann Tack,
Rick Salas, Nelson Slagle, Rich Terrell, Unknown and Barbara Boteler


29- April 2014 Seal Beach 5K/10K - Kneeling: Stephanie Born,
Standing infirst row:  Ed Loh, Unknown, Unknown, Lauren
Gleason, Michael Riley, Rick Salas and Rich Terrell.  Standing
2nd row:  James Luick, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jim
Scianni, Daniel Clark, Randy Parker, Tim HIckok, Brian
Bernson and Nick Musser.  Twenty different runners in this
and next picture, the most in any pictures shown on this site
 since 23 were at the 1993 race.

30- April 2014 Seal Beach 5K/10K - Kneeling: Stephanie Born,
Standing infirst row:  Ed Loh, Unknown, Unknown, Lauren
Gleason, Michael Riley, Nelson Slagle, Ann Tack and Rich
Terrell.  Standing 2nd row:  James Luick, Unknown,
Unknown, Unknown, Jim Scianni, Dan Clark, Randy
Parker, Tim HIckok, Brian Bernson and NIck Musser

31- March 21, 2015  Tom Barrera, Tony Munoz, Stephanie Born, Ann
Tack, Rich Terrell, MIchael Riley, Unknown, Jim Scianni and
Don Otjen.  Kneeling: Nelson Slagle

  2015 - 2  

32- March 2015 - Don Otjen, Nelson Slagle and Mong
Noiboonsook after race

33- April 2016 Nelson Slagle, Ken Saxton, Kathy Lee
Saxton, Drew McGarity, Tim Smith, Jim Scianni,
Stephanie Born and Rich Terrell.

34- April 2017 Stephanie Born, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown,
Randy Parker, Unknown, Rich Terrell, Ann Tack, Jim Scianni,
unknown and Michael Riley.



 221- Dec 2004 Runners who ran all 12 races in 2004.  Kneeling are Mark Calkins,
Dave Parsel and Nelson Slagle.  Standing: Jim Heller, Peter Lew, Emmett Rahl,
Gary Shapiro and John Araujo
  222-  Dec 2004 Hall of Famers at race.   Rick Salas, Dave Parsel, Peter Lew,
Jim Heller, John Araujo and Nelson Slagle.  Prior to the 250th 5K  

  223-  Mar 2005 Old Timers.  Ed Cohn, Jim Crandall, Edgard Roa, Nelson Slagle,
Rick Salas and Joan McIntyre

  224- Mar 2005  Sixty-three runners with two T-shirts on display in front row.   All finishers received a T-shirt.

  225-  Mar 2005  Four runners that ran in 1st, 100th, 200th and 250th 5K. 
They are Rick Salas, Jim Heller, Nelson Slagle and Ed Loh
  226- Mar 2006  Nine Hall of Famers present to see Tony Trujillo become the
17th inductee.  Peter Lew, Jim Heller, Rick Salas, Dave Parsel, Nelson Slagle,
Garland Smith, Tony Trujillo, Joan McIntyre and John Araujo
  227- Mar 2006  Seal Beach Fitness Staff: Mike Leomity, Jill Graham and
Stacy Madsen
  228- Mar 2006  Michelle DeJong, Tony Trujillo and Ann Tack
229-   May 2006 Starting area for Seal Beach lunch hour 5K under construction.   230-  Mar 2006 Six running all 11 races in 2005.  Jim Scianni, Emmett Rahl,
Jim Heller,  Nelson Slagle, Dave Parsel, and Peter Lew
231-  Dec 2007  Perfect attendance runners for 2006-7 - Rick Salas,
Jim Heller, Jim Scianni and Peter Lew
  232-  Dec 2007  Eleven Hall of Famers running Dec 2007 race.  Peter Lew, Tony
Trujillo, Joan McIntyre, Ralph Wetterhahn, Dave Parsel,  Rick Salas, Garland
Smith, Nelson Slagle, David Rusher, Jim Heller and John Araujo

  233- Dec 2007  Two inducted Hall of Famers, Ralph Wetterhahn and David
Rusher with Nelson Slagle


234- 8-11-2008  Nelson Slagle and Peter Lew with certificate for
running his 100th straight race
  225-  10-13-2008  Nelson Slagle and Peter Lew with certificate for running his
record setting 102nd straight race breaking Nelson's record of 101 ending
in May 1996.
  226-  1-12-2009  Nelson Slagle congratulates Steve Bishop on being the 20th
runner inducted into the Seal Beach Runners  Hall of Fame.
227- 1-12-2009  Runners participating in all 2008 5K's.  Dave Parsel,
John Araujo, Jim Heller, Peter Lew and Nelson Slagle
  228- -12-2009  Nelson reads Steve's accomplishments while runners watch   229-  1-12-2009  Eleven Hall of Famers.  Kneeling: Peter Lew, Nelson Slagle
and Rick Salas.  Standing:  Ralph Castro, John Araujo, Ralph Wetterhahn,
Joan McIntyre, Dave Parsel, Steve Bishop, Jim Heller and Peter Lew
 230-  12-14-09  Six runners who ran in all 11 runs in 2009.  They are Peter
Lew, Nelson Slagle, Dave Parsel, Emmett Rahl, Jim Scianni and Todd Byers
231-  12-14-09  Eleven Hall of Famers at race.  Front row: Peter Lew, Jim Crandall, Nelson
Slagle, Mark Calkins, Joan McIntyre and John Araujo.  Back row:  Jim Heller, David
Rusher, Edgard Roa, Dave Parsel and Ralph Wetterhahn
232- 2-14-09  Mark Calkins with Hall of Fame Certificate as 21st Inductee
and presenter Nelson Slagle
233- 3-12-2009  Quilt of 24 shirts given out at the Rockwell Downey site and
now the Boeing Huntington Beach recreation center annual 5K prepared
by Ann Tack.
  234- 5-10-10  Dave Parsel, Nelson Slagle and John Araujo at Lunch hour 5K. 
B/90 and B/80 are in the background.  The helmet worn by Nelson was a gift
left on his front porch from and unidentified donor as a result of his fall in the
Seal Beach 10K.  Dave and John have been the top 2 finishers and Nelson
has been the last finisher in each of the last 32 races.

235-  7-12-10 Cake furnished by Ed Cohn for our 300th 5K
236-  7-12-10 Nelson Slagle, Jim Heller, Ed Loh and Rick Salas at 300th 5K. 
These four runners were the only ones to run in the 1st, 100th, 200th,
250th and 300th 5K.  Ed ran in the first 8 5K's.  

  237- 7-12-10 Debbie Huitt, Tyrone Stern, Nelson Slagle, Jill Graham, Chamnan So and
Jim Heller.  These individuals were responsible for keeping the 5K alive for these
29 years.
Ty etc

  238- 7-12-10 Banner for 300th 5K prepared by Rick Salas
Nelson Slagle and Rick Salas
239- 12-13-10  Runners that ran all 12 races in 2010.  (Consecutive races run in
parenthesis.   Nelson Slagle (36), Rick Salas (12), Emmett Rahl (30),
Jim Heller (16) and Dave Parsel (42 straight races)
240- 12-13-10  Rick Salas holding certificate for becoming 3rd runner to run 200 lunch
hour races, Nelson Slagle and Jim Scianni holding certificate for 16th runner to run
100 races
241- 12-13-10  Kathy Kern, Nelson Slagle and Brian Kern.  Kathy, a Hall of Famer,
ran her first race since April 2003 and her husband Brian ran his first lunch
hour 5K
242- 12-13-10  Rich Terrell the 22nd member of the Seal Beach Runners
Hall of Fame and Nelson Slagle
243- 2-13-10  Ten of Hall of Famers at our December 2010 5K as follows:  Peter Lew,
Marc Calkins, Rich Terrell, Kathy Kern, Nelson Slagle, Ralph Wetterhahn, Dave
Parsel, Rick Salas, David Rusher and Jim Heller
Hall of Famers
244- 1-9-12  Jim Scianni and Nelson Slagle.  Jim becomes 23rd member of
Seal Beach Runners Hall of Fame
 JimS K

245- 1-9-12  Ran all 12 races in 2011.  Chirs King, Emmett Rahl, Dave Parsel and


246- 1-9-12  Nine Hall of Famers at 1-9-12 race.  Kneelng:  Rick Salas, Nelson Slagle
 and Rich Terrell.  Standing: Jim Scianni, Dave Parsel, Kathy Kern, Ralph Wetterhahn,
JIm Heller and Dave Rusher

Hall of Famers
247- Dec 2012 Kathy Kern receives certificate for becoming the 20th runner to
participate in 100 lunch hour 5K races.



  248-  Dec 2012 Jim Heller (14 straight), Dave Parsel (64 straight), Emmett Rahl  (55) and Jim Scianni (21) ran all 12 races in 2012 and have ran number of consecutive races in ( )

249-   Dec 2012  Emmett Rahl and Nelson Slagle.  Emmett became the 24th
runner inducted into the Seal Beach runners Hall of Fame.

  250-  Dec 2012  Nine Hall of Famers ran in Dec 2012 race.  Kneeling: Dave
Parsel.  Kneeling: Nelson Slagle, Emmett Rahl, Rick Salas, Jim Heller,
Ralph Wetterhahn, Kathy Kern, David Rusher and Jim Scianni


251-    Dec 2013  Five runners ran all 12 races in 2013.  They are Dave Parsel,
Kie Soohoo, Emmett Rahl, Nelson Slagle and Noieboonsook Mong.  It was
a cold windy day!

  252-  Dec 2013  KIe Soohoo became the 25th runner inducted into
the Seal Beach Runners Hall of Fame and Nelson Slagle

  253-  Dec 2013    Ken Saxton became the 26th runner inducted
into the Seal Beach Runners Hall of Fame and Nelson Slagle

  254-  Dec 2013  12 Hall of Famers run December 2013 race.  They are Peter
Lew, Dave Cupelli, Jim Scianni, KenSaxton, Kie Soohoo, Emmett Rahl,
Nelson Slagle, Kathy Kern, Ralph Wetterhahn, Jim Heller, Rick Salas
and David Rusher.

255- OCTOBER 13, 2014  Ed Cohn, Rick Salas, Stephanie Temple and Nelson Slagle at
the 350th 5K at the Boeing Seal Beach facility.  Rick prepared the banner.
256- OCTOBER 13, 2014  Peter Lew, Rich Terrell, JIm Heller, Michelle DeJong,
Nelson Slagle, Ed Cohn, Rick Salas, Ed Loh and Larry Mah.
257- CTOBER 13, 2014  Four runners that have ran the 1st lunch hour 5K, the 100th, 200th, 300th and 350th lunch hour 5K.  They are Rick Salas (237th race), Nelson Slagle (330 lunch hour 5K races), Jim Heller (200th race) and Ed Loh (89th race).
259- OCTOBER 13, 2014  Jim Heller with a certificate for running his 200th race in our 350th 5K.  Each finisher was given a t-shirt like Nelson is wearing.


260- OCTOBER 13, 2014  Peter Lew congratulates Soula Thomas for being the
first 90 year old to run our lunch hour 5K.  Peter has the record for
consecutive races ran at 120.

O261- CTOBER 13, 2014  Nelson and Rick Salas hold the banner prepared by Rick
before the start of the 5K.  70 ran the event.
261-  OCTOBER 13, 2014  Jim Scianni with grandson, Peter Lew, Nelson Slagle, Andrew Born. Soula Thomas, Rick Terrell, Rick Salas, John Araujo, Ed Cohn and unidentified after race.

262-  December 8, 2014.   Running that ran all 12 races in 2014.  
Emmett Rahl, Kie Soohoo and Nelson Slagle.  Don Otjen also
ran all 12 races.


262-  December 8, 2014.   Nelson Slagle and Ed Loh.  Ed was the 27th runner
inducted into the Seal Beach Runners Hall of Fame.  Ed is one of four runners
that ran in the 1st 200th, 300th and 350th  5K.

262-  December 8, 2014.   Hall of famers running in the 352nd lunch hour 5K.
Peter Lew, Jim Scianni, Jim Heller, Nelson Slagle, Kie Soohoo, Ed Loh,
Emmett Rahl, Ralph Wetterhahn, Ralph Castro and Dave Parsel.


263 - 12-14-15  Five Runner participating in all twelve 2015 races.  Mong Noiboonsook,
Emmett Rahl, Nelson Slagle, Don Otjen and Jim Scianni.  Kie Soohoo missed
picture but also ran all 12 races in 2015.

264 - 12-14-15  Oliver Black, the 28th inductee into the Seal
Beach Runners Hall of Fame and Nelson Slagle.

265 - 12-14-15  Hall of Famers running in the 364th 5kK on
December 14, 2015.  Peter Lew, KIe Soohoo, Oliver Black,
Kathy Kern, Nelson Slagle, Emmett Rahl, Jim Scianni,
Dave Rusher, Ed Loh, Jim Heller, Rick Salas and Dave Parsel
Missing from picture but ran was Ralph Wetterhahn.

266 - 12-12-16  Dave Parsel, Emmett Rahl and Peter Lew.
They are the only runners to run all 12 lunch hour 5K's in 2016.


267 - 12-12-16  Michelle DeJong and Nelson Slagle.
Michelle wasthe 29th member of our Seal Beach
Runners Hall of Fame.


268 - 12-12-16  Hall of Famers at 376th 5K.  JIm Heller,
Kathy Kern, Kie Soohoo, Ralph Wetterhahn, Jim
Scianni, Michelle DeJong, Rick Salas, Emmett Rahl,
Nelson Slagle, Dave Parsel, Rich Terrell, David
Rusher and Peter Lew.


269 - 12-12-16  Start of the 376th 5K on December 12, 2016

of Race
270 - 12-12-16  Brian and Kathy Kern.


271 - 12-12-16  Chris and Shelia King.   Chris became the 50th
runner to run 50 lunch hour 5K's in October 2016. Shelia ran a
20:12 in August 2011, the fastest time ever by a Boeing female
in the 50-59 age group.  Her time of 20:12 makes her the 4th fastest
female in the 376 races to date.


                    ANNUAL 5K 

  5-13-09  Nelson Slagle and Ed Cohn at annual Boeing Huntington Beach
Lunch Hour 5K.  Note #s 1 and 2.  No they were not seeded 1-2!  They were 2
oldest runners adwere last 2 finishers but #s resulted from being the first
two runners to sign in.

  5-13-09  Ann Tack and Rick Salas    5-13-09  Ty Stern gives runners instruction prior to start of race
  5-12-10  Tony Gomez and Adriana Trujillo preparing hot dogs for runners at
annual 5K at Huntington Beach Fitness Center
  5-12-10  Mark Calkins, Jim Scianni and Peter Lew prior to annual
HB race.  They also all ran in the Seal Beach 5K on Monday, May 10th.
  5-12-10  Dave Schiller and Ty Stern giving course instructions to runners
  300-  5-12-10  Ed Cohn, Nelson Slagle, Bill McDermott and Ann Tack

  5-12-10  301- aneen Miller and Nelson Slagle
  302- 5-11-11  Chris KIng, Brian Bousman and JIm Scianni prior to 10th annual
Huntington Beach Fitness Center 5K
303- 5-11-11  Ty Stern gives instructions prior to start of race
304- 5-11-11  Nelson Slagle, Ann Tack, John Araujo, Rick Salas and
Dave Parsel after the race

305-  5-11-11  Tim Jensen, Tyron Stern, Dave Shaw, Janeen Miller and Shannon Landers
306-  5-15-13 Bookends.  John Araujo won his 6th race in the 12 annual Huntington
Beach FitnessCenter 5K.  John wore #65 and finished 1st.  Nelson Slagle was
assigned #1 and finished last or 71st. This was the 4th straight race that both
participated that they were bookends.

307-  5-14-14 Jim Scianni, Ed Cohn, Ann Tack, Rick Salas and Bill McDermott at the annual Boeing Huntington Beach Fitness Center 5K run
and 1.3 mile walk.  68 participated dispite 106 degree temperature!
308-  5-13-15 Ty Stern and Nelson Slagle at
Boeing Huntington Beach Fitness Center 14th
annual 5K.

309-  5-14-13 Ann Tack, Rick Salas and Nelson Slagle at Boeing Huntington
Beach 14th annual 5K.

310-  5-11-16 Mark Verderber and Edgar Roa at 15th annual Boeing Huntington
Beach  5K.

311-  5-11-16 Raji Shunmugavel and Elka Rodas at annual
Boeing Huntington Beach  5K

312-  5-11-16  Oliver Black and Nelson Slagle at 15th annual
Boeing Huntington Beach  5K.

313-  5-11-16  Ann Tack, Rick Salas, Deneva Henry and Dwayne Henry
at 15th annual Boeing Huntington Beach  5K.