12-99 Jim and Patrice Kucera at Clare Segar's 6th Birthday Party 12-99 Clare and Bill Wulke
12-99 Cory and Jim Kucera 12-99 Cory, Taylor and Riley Kucera
12-99 Clare, Jackson and Tim Segar 12-99 Clare Segar with birthday cake
12-99 Patrice Kucera, Debbie , and Clare Wulke 12-99 Cory Kucera and Clare Wulke
12-99 Patrice Kucera, Carol  and Debbie Elton 12-99 Jim & Patrice Kucera Family
12-99 Jim & Patrice Family with Bill and Clare Wulke 12-99 Jamie Freeman and Clare Segaz
7-9-00 Cake for Clare Segaz's Graduation from 1st Grade 7-9-00 Clare Segaz's Party at Cedar Grove Park in Tustin
7-9-00 Bill Wulke, Clare Wulke and Tammy Slagle 7-9-00 Clare Segaz and Two Friends
7-9-00 Clare and Jackson  and Friends Decorate Cake 7-9-00 Clare  and Friends with Cake 
7-9-00 Clare Segar Cuts Cake while Group Sings Graduation Song 7-9-00 Clare Wulke, Pete Leonhardz, Bill Wulke and Tammy Slagle
7-9-00 Pete Leonhardz and Carol Jean 7-9-00 Jackson and Clare  and Friends Color 
12-23-00 Clare , Gerry Pfesz and Howard Pfesz at Clare's 7th birthday party 12-23-00 Robyn Freeman, Debbie Freeman, Patty Squires, Tim Segaz and Jamie Freeman
12-23-00 Carol Jean Segaz and Patrice Kucera 12-23-00  Patty Squires, Carol Jean, ? Jackson  and Pete Leonhardz
12-23-00 Carol Jean, Jackson  and Pete at Clare's 7th birthday party 12-23-00 Taylor Kucera, Riley Kucera and Jackson  make cookie houses with graham crackers and icing
12-23-00 Jamie Freeman hugging Clare  12-23-00 Clare and friends make cookie houses
12-23-00 Clare Wulke, Tim  and Bill Wulke 12-23-00 Tammy Slagle, Patrice & Jim Kucera
12-23-00 Debbie  and Patrice Kucera 12-23-01 Carol,  Debbie  and Patrice Kucera at Carol's for Clare's 8th birthday
12-23-01 Gerry and Howard Pfesz 12-23-01 Robyn and Jamie Freeman
12-23-01 Susan and Tim Segaz 12-23-01 Clare  and Cory Wulke make candy Christmas trees
12-23-01 Clare opening gifts in living room 12-23-01 Jim Kucera and Howard Pfesz
12-23-01 Clare and Jackson  7-27-02 Clare, Jamie Freeman and Debbie Freeman at North Lagoon Park in Irvine, Calif
7-27-02 Picnic at North Lagoon Park in Irvine, Calif 7-27-02 Pete and Troy Freeman