10-00 Isabelle and Thomas Rogers home on 430 E. Charles Street in Bucyrus, Ohio.  Their family lived there for many years and may have built home in late 1800's.  Anna (Milford's mother) lived there from about 1909 (after husband John Nelson Slagle died) until 1927. 10-00 House Milford Slagle was born and lived in until marriage.  Located on Wyandot Rd, RR 5, Bucyrus, Ohio
10-00 Slagle Homestead, Wyandot Rd, RR 5,  Bucyrus, Ohio.  Milford Slagle purchased this home and 59 acres on 12-7-1906 the day after he married Olive Ballou.  Gene Slagle and family lived here from 5-1943 to 3-1944 with Milford and Olive.  Gene and family later lived there from 1965-69.  The farm was purchased by LeVerne Slagle (Gene's brother) at the Milford Slagle estate sale on 7-25-1970 10-00 Back of Slagle Homestead farm house.
10-00 Marion home next to General Telphone Company on Route 98, one-half mile south of Route 309.  Address is 1154 Columbus-Sandusky Road, Marion, Ohio.  Milford Slagle purchased this 216 acre farm on 11-9-1931. Gene Slagle's family lived there from 3-1944 to 3-1946.  Gene Slagle purchased the home on 7-18-1970 as part of the Milford Slagle estate sale.  Gene and Emily Slagle moved back into the house in 6-1999 and live their currently. 11-00Home from 3-1946 to 10-1946 for Gene Slagle family at 882 Bellefountaine Avenue, Marion, Ohio. 
11-00 Front of 197 West 8th Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.  Gene Slagle family lived here from 1949 to 1954.  All five of Gene Slagle's children lived in one of the apartments during their college years.  Gene eventally sold the home about 1982. 11-00  Back of 197 W. 8th Avenue; Columbus, Ohio
11-00  Front of 445 S. Vine Street; Marion, Ohio.  Gene Slagle's family lived here from 1954 to 1969.  Jim and John Slagle were born while living there.  Nelson, Bonnie and Betty all graduated from Marion Harding High School while living there. Back of 445 S. Vine Street; Marion, Ohio
11-00 Galion Home at Route 19, Galion, Ohio.  Gene and Emily Slagle purchased the home from their daughter Bonnie and Everett Shaffstall in 1969.  Gene and Emily's family lived there from 1969 to 1999.  Gene Slagle sold the home at auction on 11-15-2000.  Jim and John Slagle lived here when they graduated from Galion High School. 11-00 Mansion on route 309, 4 miles west of Marion, Ohio.  Gene Slagle owed this house for a few years in the 1980's.
11-00  Back of Mansion on route 309, 4 miles west of Marion 11-00 Gene Slagle's office building at 463 Center Street; Marion, Ohio.  Offices are on the first floor and apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
11-00 Gene Slagle's rental property at 471 Center Street; Marion, Ohio 10-00  Gene Slagle's rental property at 203 Mary Street; Bucyrus, Ohio.  Gene also had an office in the building for several years, but it was closed in 1996
10-00 Gene Slagle's rental property at 525 Mary Street; Bucyrus, Ohio 10-00 Mt. Zion School in Crawford County, Ohio.  Gene Slagle had his first 12 years of schooling in this school.  Jim and John Slagle went to Mt. Zion for four years about 5th thru 9th grades
10-00 Old part of Mt Zion School - closed for years 10-00 Marion Harding High School, Marion Ohio.  School was opened in 1953.  Nelson Slagle graduated from there in 1956, Bonnie on 1959 and Betty in 1960
10-00 Marion, Ohio Courthouse.  Jim Slagle essentially worked out of this office during his year as Prosecuting Attorney from 1984 to current time.  He physically worked in the Courthouse for several years then his office was moved across the street. 10-00 Senior Center on route 309 east of Marion, Ohio.  Emily Slagle exercises there regularly
11-00 Epworth Methodist Church, Marion, Ohio.  Gene Slagle and/or members of the family have attended or were a member of Epworth from about 1955 to current time. 11-00  Another view of Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio
11-00 Garfield Park, Marion, Ohio.  Nelson Slagle played slo-pitch for Epworth Methodist Church about 1958 to 1962. 10-00 Mural  in downtown Bucyrus, Ohio
10-01 Everett Junior High School, Columbus, Ohio.  Nelson Slagle went to Everett from 1951-1953. 10-01 Entrance to Everett Junior High School
10-01 Everett Junior High School Auditorium 10-01 Front of 197 W. 8th Ave.; Columbus, Ohio
10-01 Front of former Galion home a year after selling.  All of the shrubs have been removed. 10-01 Eliza Ballou Garfield picture in Garfield home in Mentor, Ohio.  Garfield was President less then 6 months.  His mother (Eliza) is distant relative of ours.  Both descended from a Ballou in the 1600's.