2-9-00  Nelson, Jerry, and Jim with Conexant pens/report   2-18-00  Boo Boo, the family dog
  2-25-00  Nelson and Ronald at Wall Mart   3-5-00  John Garcia, Chris Larsen & Jim Slaglz studying
3-28-00  Nelson and Sophia Loren 4-00 Jerry, Nelson and Jim
4-8-00  Nelson, Amy Joss, Mayde Joss, and Bonnie Shaffstall 5-6-00 Nelson and George Washington
5-21-00 Tammy and brother Curt Hagen 5-16-00 John Murphy (CNBC Analyst) and Nelson Slaglz at Las Vegas Money Show at Bally's
5-16-00 Mary & Bob Scholl and Nelson Slaglz at Sam's in Las Vegas 6-8-00 Jim Slaglz, Sandy Hagen, Lowell Hagen, Larry Hagen and Tammy Slaglz
6-14-00  Detta Hagen, Verle Hagen, Lowell Hagen and Tammy Slaglz 7-2-00 Jean Raymoure, Bonnie Shaffstall and Tammy Slaglz
7-19-00  Bob Rudy, John  RSlaglz, Brianudy and Nelson Slaglz at the Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California  8-2-00 Detta Hagen, Tammy Slaglz and Verle Hagen at Reed's Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, Calif
8-5-00 Jim Slaglz just before receiving congratulations on his MBA at Firestone Field house on the Peppedyne Campus in Malibu 8-5-00 Nelson, Jim, Jerry and Tammy Slaglz after graduation outside the Firestone Field house
8-5-00 John Slaglz, Nicole Gumm, Jim Slaglz, Jerry Slaglz and Tammy Slaglz after graduation ceremony 8-5-00 Nicole Gumm, Jim, Jerry, Tam, Gale, Kevin, John and Patrick Slaglz evening of graduation
8-5-00 Jerry, Tam, Nelson and Jim Slaglz  8-5-00 Nicole Gumm and Jim Slaglz
11-30-00 Nelson, Jerry and Jim in front of Jerry's new Townhouse 12-24-00 Nelson, Tammy, Jerry and Jim Slaglz at John Slaglz's
1-4-01 Nelson, Jim and Jerry on Jerry's 29th birthday 2-26-01 Jerry at player piano
5-13-01 Jim, Tammy and Jerry on Mothers Day 5-20-01 Bill Wulke, Clare Wulke, Lowell Hagen and Nelson Slaglz
6-8-01 Tammy with birthday flowers received from the Hagen Family 6-9-01 Tammy and Nelson in front of Ruby's at end of Seal Beach Pier
6-16-01 John and Nelson Slaglz in large sun hats at Mason Park in Irvine, California 6-29-01 John, Nelson and Jim Slaglz at John's
6-30-01 Don Plog  (wine), Tammy and Telly Gianarakos (2 plants). Don & Telly brought gifts to Hearts game #113 6-29-01 Nelson, Jim and John after Hearts Game #113 which Jim won.  Nelson and John tied for 4th. 
7-1-01 Spread on our bed in Master Bed Room.  Spread is of all 50 states with state flower was sewn by Mable Hagen 7-1-01 Bonnie,  Kevin,  Lauren,  Jerry,  Patrick,  Nelson, and Jim Slaglz play Clue
7-1-01 Kevin, Patrick, John, Gale, Lauren, Bonnie, Betsy, Jerry, Jim, Emily, Heidi, Jim and Tammy Slaglz on Tammy's porch 7-1-01 Tammy, Jim, Jerry and Nelson Slaglz
7-1-01 John, Nelson, Bonnie and Jim Slaglz 7-1-01 Nelson, John, Jim Jerry and Jim Slaglz
8-15-01 Nelson, Marilou & Jim McMillen on putting green 10-4-01 Bessie Laird and Nelson Slaglz at Bessie Ford's home in Geneva, Ohio
10-13-01 Jerry, Nelson and Jim Slaglz watch Ohio State football at the National at Hutton Center, Santa Ana, California 10-20-01 Tammy and Nelson in back of wedding cake at Skye Davis and John Hall wedding in Peris, California
11-10-01 Tammy Slaglz, Tom Kopman and Linda Kopman at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada 50 - 11-10-01  Nelson Slaglz and Tom Kopman at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
11-10-01 Tammy and Nelson Slaglz at Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada 11-17-01 Nelson with putter and $20 gift certificate he won at a Boeing Rec Center in Seal Beach putting tourney for finishing 2nd
11-22-01 Thanksgiving group at Tammy and Nelson's.  Bonnie, Jean, Melissa, Jerry, Jim, Tam, Patrick, Eric Olsen, Gale, John and Kevin 11-22-01  Jim Nelson, Tam, Jerry and Melissa
12-25-01 Tammy and Nelson with Christmas presents at Jerry's 12-25-01 Jim, Tam, Nelson and Jerry and John & Gale's
3-24-02 Nelson with movie posters at Academy Awards party 3-31-02  Melissa, Jerry, Nelson and Jim at Easter dinner
4-6-02 Nelson in Boeing running shirt for Seal Beach 10K.  4-6-02 Picture on back worn during Seal Beach 10K.  Ken Roselius passed away while running the March 11, 2002 Boeing lunch hour 5K
6-2-02 Jim, Nelson, Melissa Ungaro, Jerry and Amy Stockard celebrate Lakers 7th game win over Sacramento 6-9-02 Nelson and Tammy on Tammy's 59th birthday
6-15-02 Tammy, Curt Hagen and Joannie Hagen help Tammy celebrate 59th birthday 6-16-02 Nelson, Jerry and Melissa Ungaro and Father's Day gifts
7-21-02 Nelson, Tammy, Jim and Jerry 7-27-02 John Slaglz, Gale Slaglz, Jim Slaglz, Patrice Kucera, Tammy Slaglz and Clare Wulke at a picnic at North Lagoon in Irvine
7-27-02  Carol Segaz, Nelson Slaglz and Patrice Wulke 11-2-02 Tammy Slaglz and Roadtrek at Irvine RV Center.  Roadtrek was on consignment for sale for 3 months, but it didn't sell thus we got Roadtrek back with $2,000 of repairs made.
11-16-02 Display of OSU stadium and OSU  &Mr. Mrs Santa Claus in family room  11-17-02 Jim, Nelson and Jerry Slaglz with ping pong paddles at John Slaglz's
11-24-02 Jim, Jerry and Nelson Slaglz in front of 445 S. Vine Street in Marion Ohio where Nelson lived from 1954-1956 & 1964 12-7-02 Valerie Glass and Shannon Diaz at Melissa Ungaro's shower.  There were 28 at the bridal shower at the Slaglz's
12-9-02  Boo Boo in her near home.  Vet said to keep Boo Boo in a cage for 6 weeks to give her back time to heal. 12-9-02  Nelson inducting Garland Smith, the 14th member, into the Boeing Seal Beach Runners Hall of Fame
12-21-02 Jerry at standard rather than high resolution on camera 1-4-03 Jim, Tammy, Nelson and Jerry on Jerry's 31st birthday
1-18-03 Sandie Raia, Tammy, Valerie Glass and Shannon Diaz 1-31-03 Tammy and Emily Slaglz on front porch
1-31-03 Gene Slaglz looking at scrapbooks
1-31-03  Emily, Gene and Tammy Slaglz at kitchen table
1-31-03 Emily, Nelson and Gene Slaglz on couch prior to Nelson
 attending Al Spigeralli retirement party

3-21-03 John,  Jerry, Melissa and Nelson Slaglz on way to a Laker  vs Celtic game that saw Shaq score 48 in a 8 point Laker victory
4-12-03 Nelson, Jerry, Tammy and Jim at Jerry and Melissa's
6-15-03 Nelson and Alex Ungaro with Fathers Day gifts
6-15-03 Nelson, Tammy, Janet and Alex Ungaro on Fathers Day
7-20-03 Nelson, Melissa, Larry Hagen and Emil Schultz
7-20-03 Larry Hagen, Jerry, Jim and Nelson
8-9-03 Beta line up.  Nelson is baby sitting the two beta on  the left for Alex Ungaro while on vacation.  Beta on right was purchased by Nelson in July 2003
 9-28-03 Nelson celebrating a 9 match to 3 match putting win over Curt Hagen
8-9-03 Curt Hagen and Tammy Hagen Slaglz
 10-31-03 Bob Koller, Nelson Slaglz, Gary Groover  (holding Lucky, our department Beta) and Anne Marie Benson on 'Creative Hat' day.  Other 3 hats brought in by Anne Marie.  
 10-31-03 The winning hat.  On back of the hat is a Buckeye logo.
 11-9-03 Jim, Melissa, Tam, Jerry and Nelson at Bonnie Shaffstall's after delivering couches hat Bonnie bought from Jerry
 11-28-03 Aquarium of four Betta and a vase with one Betta on bookcase in Accounting area at work (Rockwell Collins)
 11-28-03 Aquarium of  four Betta.  All Betta look like they are posing for picture.  Nelson brought in to work earlier in the week.
 12-25-03  Table setting for ready for 13 for Christmas dinner
 12-25-03  Family seated for Christmas dinner
 12-25-03 Family  opening presents
 12-25-03 Patrick Slaglz displays gifts as Eric Olson looks on
  100 - 12-25-03 Kevin and Patrick Slaglz play chess.
 12-25-03 Group over at Christmas: Kevin, John, Gale, Janet Ungaro, Melissa, Bonnie, Jerry, Eric Olson, Jean Raymoure, Patrick, Jim and Nelson
 1-8-04 Nelson on his 65th birthday at work in front of the 7 Beta we have
 1-8-04 Nelson on his 65th birthday at his computer at work at Rockwell Collins, Cypress
 1-10-04 Janet Ungaro,  Alex Ungaro, Nelson, Patrick and Bonnie playing hearts
 1-10-04 Jerry, John, Jim, Gale and Kevin playing hearts
 1-10-04 Birthday cake Tam baked for four birthday people
 1-10-04 Nelson (65), Jerry (32), Patrick (13) and Bonnie (62) with their birthday cake
 1-25-04  Tammy, Janet Ungaro, Alex Ungaro, Melissa, Jerry and Nelson at Don Jose restaurant in Westminster to celebrate Jerry and Melissa first anniversary
 1-25-04 Nelson, Tammy, Jerry,  Mellisa,  Alex and Janet eating 1st Anniversary cake
 1-25--04 Nelson, Tammy, Jerry, Melissa, Janet and Alex on front porch
 1-25-04 Melissa, Jerry, Tammy and Jim with 'Along Came Polly' movie poster.   They had just came back from that movie
 3-24-04 Louis Navellier and Nelson Slaglz at  at Navellier seminar at  Marriott Hotel at Newport Beach, Calif
 4-1-04 Nelson wins Bubble gum blowing contest on Spring Training Day competition at the Rockwell Collins facility in Cypress, Calif.  Picture shows a failed attempt at a bubble after the competition.  Nelson is holding a jar of  bubble gum (prize).  Certificate reads 'Congratulations!!, Hot Air Extraordinaire Biggest Bubble'
 4-1-04 Nelson blows bubble after competition in his office at Rockwell Collins.
 4-11-04  Nelson and Tammy in Nelson's office at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, CA
 4-11-04 Alex Ungaro (Jerry's father in-law) and Nelson with Betta's
 7-21-04  Nelson, Tammy, Jim, Jerry and Melissa at BJ's in Irvine for Jim's 34th birthday
 7-21-04 Nicole, Jim, Jerry and Melissa at BJ's in Irvine for Jim's 34th birthday.
 7-21-04  Nicole Gumm, Tammy and Melissa at BJ's in Irvine  7-21-04 Tam, Nicole Gumm, Jim, Jerry and Melissa at BJ's celebrating Jim's 34th birthday 
 8-11-04  Jerry, Melissa and Nelson by front door
 8-30-04 Tam and Boo Boo on Bicycle
 11-17-04   60 Gallon Aquarium in the family room
11-17-04  Aquarium from an angle
 11-26-04 Janet hold Melissa's 29th birthday cake while Melissa shows Bailey Ungaro how to blow out candle
 11-26-04  Jim, Jerry, Melissa, Tammy, Janet and Alex Ungaro on Melissa's 29th birthday
 11-26-04 Nelson, Jerry, Melissa, Tammy, Janet and Alex
 11-26-04 Jerry and Melissa
 11-26-04 Jerry shows Bailey Ungaro the fish
 11-26-04 Greg and Stacey Ungaro
 12-31-04 Nelson, Emily and Gene eating lunch
 1-1-05 Nelson, Emily and Gene in front of Christmas Tree just prior to leaving for airport
 3-5-05 Gordon and Jane Eve Shipman, Tom and Linda Kopman and Nelson Slaglz at the Macaroni Grill on Sahara Ave. in Las Vegas
 3-5-05 Tim Scholl, Mary Bassman, Bob Scholl, Marina Hammerstrom and Dick Hammerstrom at  Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada
 3-5-05 Bob Scholl, Mary Bassman, Marina Hammerstrom, Tim Scholl and Dick Hammerstrom at Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada
 2-22-05  35th Anniversary cake at work
  2-22-05  Ken Furuta, Nelson Slaglz and Denny Popovec at 35 year celebration
 3-20-05  Nelson  and other 62 runners at the 250th 5K at Boeing.  Fitness Center presented plaque to Nelson for his coordination and stats for the 5K.
 3-20-05  Nelson  with T-shirt and plaque from the 250th Boeing lunch hour 5K and watch for 35 years at Rockwell Collins.
 5-8-05 Tammy at Jim's with flowers from Jim for Mothers Day
 6-8-05  Melissa and Tammy on Tammy's 62nd birthday.  Flowers are from Melissa & Jerry and Curt Hagen
 3-20-05  Nelson  and Tammy with flowers.  Jim and Jerry are both on business travel.  Jim is in San Francisco and Jerry is in Buffalo, New York
 6-19-05  Nelson and Alex Ungaro holding our gifts on Fathers Day
 6-19-05  Alex Ungaro, Nelson, Janet Ungaro, Melissa and Jerry Slaglz
 6-19-05  Melissa and Jerry
 7-21-05 Nelson putting in 3rd annual putting tournament in the Rockwell Collins building at Cypress, Calif,  Helen Cordova is Nelson's partner.  They came in a six way tie for 2nd out of 25 teams.
 7-21-05 Nelson, Melissa, Jerry, Tam, and Jim at BJ's celebrating Jim's 35th birthday
 7-21-05 Peacock on fence across the street from our house.  Tam sees peacock most evenings she is out walking.  Saw once in our back yard
 8-21-05 Tammy and Boo Boo  visiting Aunt Clare in Alzheimer home on Sunflower in Costa Mesa
  150 - 2-25-05  Aquarium and Christmas tree
 12-25-05  John, Nelson, Jerry, Brutus, Jim, Kevin and Patrick Slaglz in front yard of Tammy and Nelsons'
 12-25-05  Jim, Brutus, Jerry and Nelson Slaglz
 12-25-05  John, Jim, Brutus, Jerry and Nelson Slaglz
 12-25-05  Jim, Kevin, Brutus, Patrick and Jerry Slaglz
 12-25-05  Kevin, Patrick and Jerry Slaglz play DAO
 12-25-05  Jim and John Slaglz
 12-25-05 Jim, Nelson, Tammy and Jerry Slaglz
 12-25-05 Jerry and Melissa Slaglz
 12-25-05 Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymoure
 12-25-05 Cake that Melissa made
 12-25-05 Mellisa, Janet, Edna and Alex  
 12-25-05 Lit up Brutus in evening
1-7-06 Tammy, Edna, Janet, Stacey, Greg, Bailey, Melissa, Jerry and Jim at Don Jose to celebrate Jerry's 34th birthday and Nelson's 67th birthday
1-7-06  Bailey, Melissa, Jerry, Jim, Alex, Tammy, Edna, and Janet at Don Jose in Huntington Beach.  
1-7-06 Tammy, Boo Boo and Bailey Ungaro at Tammy and Nelson's to celebrate Jerry and Nelson birthdays
1-7-06 Birthday boys Nelson and Jerry
1-7-06 Melissa and Jerry with Jerry's presents
1-7-06 Alex, Janet, Edna, Greg and Stacey Ungaro
 4-18-06 Barona Casino near El Cahon, California where Tammy and Nelson spent 24 hours.  
6-3-06 Jim, Nelson, Tammy, Melissa and Jerry at Todd Harrison's party
6-3-06 Jerry, Nelson and Jim at Todd Norman's party   6-8-06 Jim, Melissa, Jerry, Tammy and Nelson at Olive Garden in Irvine celebrating Tammy's 63rd birthday
  6-10-06 Nelson at Hawaiian party in Garden Grove standing beside a roadster.
  1-28-07  Nelson and Tammy on 40th Anniversary
  3-07 Bringing back belongings from three month storage while house was up for sale.  First of two crates being opened.
  3-07 Crate two of two being opened
  3-07 Two movers carrying table back into house.  Moving van in background   3-07 Mothers scrapbook boxes in work in progress in den area
  3-07 Boxes in upstairs den   3-07 Boxes in dining room.  Boxes on left are Jerry and Melissa's and Tam and Nelsons stuff in boxes on right
  3-07  Melissa and Jerry's stuff in Jerry's old bedroom
  3-10-07 Nelson, Tam, Jim, Jerry and Melissa Slaglz at Todd Harrison wedding near Napa, California
  4-07  Nelson planting Tam's herbs beside house   5-13-07 Tammy and Janet Ungaro on Mothers Day.
  5-13-07 Tammy, Janet Ungaro and Edna
  Nelson, Betty and Bill Huckaba on swing in Nelson & Tammy's backyard
  Nelson taking siesta at South Coast Plaza
  Tam, Betty and Bill on overpass at South Coast Plaza   8-12-2007  John and Nelson Slaglz in box seats at Anaheim for an Angel victory over Minnesota
  8-12-2007  Angel stadium from out seats in the 11th row behind home plate. 8-12-2007 Angels Wall of fame listing players leading the league in numerous categories since about 1960.
8-16-07 Jerry & Melissa new puppy, Shila, in her box with a teddy bear   8-16-2007 - Melissa,  Janet Ungaro, Tammy, Boo Boo, Shila and Jerry in Nelson & Tammy's back yard
  8-16-2007 - Boo Boo meets Shila, Jerry and Melissa's new dog
  11-29-07  BooBoo and Lilly.  Lilly was purchased in October 2007 by Tammy.  She is part Pekingese and part Chihuahua
  11-29-07  BooBoo and Lilly.  Lilly was purchased in October 2007 by Tammy.  She is part Pekingese and part Chihuahua   11-29-07  Stuff in Garage in preparation for garage sale
  12-01-07 View of garage sale   12-01-07 Another view of garage sale
   12-01-07 View of garage sale from inside garage   200 - 12-22-07 Jerry, Gale, John, Alex Ungaro, Janet Ungaro, Jim, Kevin, Patrick and Jean Raymoure at dining table celebrating Christmas at Nelson and Tammy home.  Emily flew alone at 91 from Ohio to celebrate Christmas with the California Slaglz's.
  12-22-07  Kevin, Patrick, John, Bonnie, Emily, Melissa, Jerry, Gale and John at dining table from other direction from previous slide   12-22-07 Julia and Kennedy Meeks - they came to help out Tammy with the meal.  
  12-22-07 Kevin, Kennedy Meeks and Patrick play with Shila, Jerry and Melissa's dog   12-22-07 Melissa and Tammy on swing
  12-22-07 Nelson and Kennedy Meeks on swing   12-22-07 John and Jim Slaglz talk investments
  12-22-07 Kevin, Patrick and Jerry Slaglz play Pente   12-22-07 Jerry, Melissa, Janet Ungaro, Emily Slaglz and Alex Ungaro
  12-22-07 Jean Raymoure, Bonnie, Emily, Melissa, Emily, Tammy, John, Patrick, Kevin, Jim and Jerry   12-22-07 Close up of Jerry & Melissa Slaglz
  12-22-07 Patrick, Emily, Kevin, John and Gale Slaglz   12-22-07 Jerry, Emily, Melissa, Jim, Tammy and Nelson Slaglz
  12-22-07 Nelson, Emily, Bonnie and John Slaglz   12-22-07 Emily and Tammy Slaglz in front of Christmas tree
  12-25-07 Nelson and Tammy Christmas Tree   12-27-07 Nelson and 5 Musicians at the Crab Pot in Long Beach.  Nelson was at the annual IBM/ISC reunion he coordinated
  4-10-08  Nelson at entrance to Santiago Oak Regional Park in Orange, Ca where John Slaglz took him on a 3 mile hike   5-1-08  Nelson and Penn State Nittany Lion mascot at OSU-Penn State NCAA volleyball semi-finals at Bren Center in Irvine, Calif.  Penn State won.
  5-26-08 Nelson, Tammy and stroller with Lilly and Boo Boo
  6-14-08  Janet Ungaro and Tammy.  Janet and Alex and Melissa and Jerry and Tam and I celebrated Tam's 65th and fathers day at our house
  6-14-08  Alex Ungaro looking at Hibiscus Bush   6-14-08  Melissa and Alex in back yard on fathers day
  6-14-08 Nelson and Melissa   6-14-08 Alex Ungaro sitting on patio
  6-14-08 Jerry, Maya and Jim   6-14-08 Melissa, Tam, Jerry, Maya, Lilly and Shyla
  6-14-08  Tammy with Lilly and Boo Boo   6-14-08  Melissa, Shyla and Maya
     6-20-08  Shyla, Maya and Lilly on window sill
  6-20-08  Janet, Melissa and Tammy   6-20-08  Jerry loading Maya in Jeep
  6-20-08  Maya, Jerry, Melissa and Shyla   6-20-08  Shyla and Maya in Jeep heading for home after a 6 day visit
  7-21-08  Dave Falleta, Jerry, Jim, Nelson and Jim at El Torito restaurant celebrating Jim's 38th birthday   7-21-08  Jim looking at gift as Tam watches
  7-21-08  Jerry, Tammy, Nelson and Jim   7-31-08  Office building at Beach and Warner in Huntington Beach where Jim has been working at Greenfaucet since February 2008
  7-31-08  Jim's office at Greenfaucet   8-27-08  Nelson and Statute of Liberty at Red Robin restaurant in Brea, California
  9-12-08  Nelson and Jerry playing Backgammon.  We played about 40 games to 11 points while Jerry stayed with us during the week for the months of August and September   11-29-08  Melissa, Jerry and Tammy eating dinner
  1-08-09  Nelson with birthday cake at Community SeniorServ where he is presently working for a few weeks
  1-08-09  Close up of work birthday cake
  1-08-09  Nelson cutting birthday cake at work   1-12-09  Jerry and Nelson celebrate birthday at Rodrigo's in Huntington Beach.  At table are Tammy, Melissa, Jerry, Jim, Nelson, Alex and Janet
  1-12-09  Jerry reading Emily Slaglz's memoirs   1-12-09  Nelson opening birthday card at his home in Westminster
  1-12-09  Jerry reading 1972 Trivia cards, year of Jerry's birth   250 - 1-12-09  Jerry reading birthday card
  1-12-09  Janet and Melissa in birthday festivities box seats   1-12-09  Jerry & Melissa close up
  1-12-09  Jerry (37) and Nelson (70) in matching birthday sweaters   1-12-09  Jim and Jerry
  1-12-09  Jim, Melissa and Jerry   1-12-09  Jim, Melissa, Jerry, Nelson and Tammy
  1-12-09  Jerry and Melissa   1-12-09  Melissa and Jerry close up
  1-12-09  Janet, Alex and Melissa   2-7-09  Nelson, Melissa, Boo Boo and Jerry after watching 500 slides from 23+ years ago
  3-09  Dale Jenson and Nelson eat pizza and watch fish   3-09  Boo Boo after haircut
  6-1-09  Marshall McKenzie motorcycles in our garage for 3 days while he paints garage floor   6-5-09  Joy Vargo playing harp for an hour at a Senior Assisted Living Facility on Yorktown in Huntington Beach, Cal
  6-13-09  Nicole at her bridal shower with future Mother-In-Law Cindy and Linda, her mother   6-13-09  Nicole (right) with two friends at shower
  6-13-09  Nicole's sister Tiffany   7-21-09  Jim, Jerry, Nelson and Tammy celebrate Jim's 39th birthday at a restaurant in Irvine, Ca
  7-21-09  Jim and Jerry in Jerry's jeep   8-30-09  Nelson at gate beside house.  Took gate down, sawed off bottom so I could open properly and reinstalled.
  9-5-09  Jerry and Melissa with their 2 dogs in front of our house.   9-17-09  Nelson, Martin Visser, Rick Visser and Jim Slaglz in our home.
  9-24-09  Melissa and Jerry at our house on way to airport as Jerry leaves for Australia where he starts his new job on October 1st.   9-24-09  Jerry and Tammy in our house a few minutes before Jerry heads to the airport to fly to Australia
  12-20-09  Nelson on Jim as Jim leaving for LAX to fly to Australia for 9 days with Jerry   12-28-09  Wayne and BooBoo at Land park
  12-30-09  Jim and luggage in front of his home just returning from Australia   12-30-09  Brutus in front yard with 24-17 prediction on Ohio State 26 Oregon 14 Rose Bowl
  12-30-09  Bill & Betty Huckaba and Nelson in lobby of Hyatt Regency Hotel on PCH in Huntington Beach, Calif.  Bill & Betty are with a tour group from Columbus, Ohio to go to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl   12-30-09  Bill, Brutus and Betty in Nelson and Tammy's front yard
  12-30-09  Bill, Betty, Brutus and Nelson   12-30-09  Betty signs guest book in Slaglz Museum
  12-30-09  Betty & Bill sign guest book in Slaglz Museum   12-30-09  Patrick and John Slaglz in Slaglz Museum
  12-30-09  Patrick, John, Betty, Bill and Gale in Slaglz Museum   12-30-09  Gale and John
  12-30-09  Kevin and Carol in University of California at Irvine sweatshirts   12-30-09  Bill, Bonnie, Patrick, John, Gale, Kevin, Carol, Betty and Jean sitting around table talking
  12-30-09  Jean displaying Indianapolis shirt with Brutus   12-30-09  Carol, Patrick and Kevin watch fish in 65 gallon aquarium.  Two black fish are Oscars.  Three orange fish are Parrots.
  12-30-09  Bonnie, Patrick, Tam, Bill, Betty, Gale, Carol, John, Kevin and Jean   12-31-09  Nelson, John, Betty, Bill and Gale at Buckeye Bash (an Ohio State pep rally) at the Santa Monica pier in Santa Monica, California
  12-31-09  Nelson and Buckeye Nut at Buckeye Bash
  1-1-10  John  and Nelson watching OSU 26 Oregon 14 Rose Bowl win
  1-2-10  Bailey and BooBoo 1-2-10  Melissa, Stacey Ungaro, Tam and Bailey Ungaro walk 3 dogs
  2-1-10  Tam BooBoo and Dr. Block, a horse/dog chiropractor   2-3-10  Ozzie Osborne signing books at Barnes & Noble bookstore at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach, Calif
  2-6-10  Randy (Jim neighbor) and Jim moving coach from our house to his house 300 - 2-9-10  Dr. Block, a horse/dog chiropractor Boo Boo and Tammy.  Second appointment for BooBoo - has improved BooBoo's walking significantly.
  2-12-10  Daffodils from Alex and Janet   2-13-10  New Ohio State picture arrangement in den
  2-13-10  Frame of Thirty Ohio State football game pictures
  4-4-10  Nelson taking cover under Jim's dining room table after the 7.2 earthquake in Mexacali, Mexico.
  4-10-10  Nelson in Emergency room at Los Alamitos Hospital.  Note bandages on knee, arm, shoulder and bump on forehead.  Also hooked up to IV.   4-10-10  Close up of Nelson's forehead after he fell during the Seal Beach 10K.
  4-10-10  Nelson beside car in Seal Beach on way home from hospital   4-10-10  Most of Slag injuries with bandages off.  Forehead, shoulder, arm and knee scuffed up.
  4-12-10  Close up of Nelson's black eye resulting from fall in Seal Beach 10K two days earlier   4-13-10  Nelson with roses from Bill Ayers, Seal Beach race director wishing me a speedy recovery.  Nelson wearing T-shirt from the Seal Beach 10K.
  4-17-10  Ann Tack and Nelson in front of Space Shuttle collage in he Columbia Memorial Space Center located on the same land that B/19 Surplus Sales used to be located at the Rockwell facility in Downey when Nelson worked there in 1974-6.  Ann, Shirley Klasky and I carpooled to the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13 mission in the old B/290.
  4-17-10  Nelson beside astronaut
  4-17-10  Nelson in astronaut suit at Columbia Memorial Space Center
  5-2-10  Tammy and Nelson with gift of a helmet.  An unknown party left helmet on the porch with an unsigned note.  Helmet will help protect me on my next fall!
  5-3-10  Nelson with helmet gift plus crutch, gloves and knee pads.  He is ready for the next race!   6-5-10  Nelson making lemonade.  I filled bucket with lemons 5 times in 2 months from our lemon tree to make lemonade and there still are a few lemons to pick
  7-7-10  Growth on Nelson's right ear that was removed the next day.  Growth started less than two months ago.   Biopsy showed it was Squamous Cell Cancer.   7-9-10  Nelson's ear 24 hours after surgery.   Required about 35 stitches.  Took about 10-15 minutes to cut off growth and about 20 minutes to sew ear back together.  Numbed ear prior to surgery thus no discomfort until 5 hours later when a pain pill came in handy.  Took a 2nd pain pill in the evening.  No discomfort the next day.   
  7-12-10  Nelson speaking at our Boeing Lunch Hour 300th 5K.  T-shirt worn by Nelson was given to all finishers
  7-20-10 Nelson's ear after stitches removed 12 days after surgery.
  321 - 8-15-10 Nelson shooting foul shot at the annual Boeing Huntington Beach fitness center.  I had to make 3 of 5 to advance to next round.  Nelson missed all five for 2nd consecutive year!
  322 - 8-15-10 Nelson shooting foul shot at the annual Boeing Huntington Beach fitness center.   Wait till next year!!
  323 - 8-26-10 Nelson files 98% of letters sent and received in twenty-six 3-ring notebooks as shown in this picture   324 - 8-26-10 Close up of ten of letter notebooks.  
  325 - 9-19-10 Wayne (Nelson's homeless friend) in front of 'Wayne' Park.  Nelson told Wayne that the park's name should be changed to Wayne Park since he spends a lot of time there.  I recently promoted Wayne to Superintendent of Wayne Park.  Picture is of Wayne and new 'Land' Park sign.   326 - 9-19-10 Wayne, BooBoo, and Nelson by Wayne Park sign
  327 - 9-20-10 Tam playing her new keyboard.  She is also taking lessons.   328 - 9-27-10 Nelson giving Presidential quiz to Wayne Dunderdale at Land Park
  329 - 10-29-10  Nelson and Tammy outside of pet hospital that put Boo Boo to sleep   330 - 10-29-10  Tammy and Jim inside of pet hospital just before Boo Boo put to sleep
  331 - 11-26-10  Kevin, John, Patrick Slaglz and Eric Olson putting in back yard   332 - 11-26-10  Gale, Patrick, John and Kevin Slaglz
  333 - 11-26-10  Gale, Patrick, John, Kevin and Jim   334 - 11-26-10  Patrick, Nelson and Kevin Slaglz
  335 - 11-26-10  John, Bonnie, Jean, Tammy, Gail, Kevin, Patrick and Jim at Thanksgiving dinner in our family room   336 - 11-26-10  Patrick, Nelson, John and Jim making OHIO
  337 - 11-26-10 Nelson, Kevin, Bonnie, Jim, Jean, Dog (Angi), Eric, John, Patrick and Gale   338 - 12-22-10  Tam and Jim with Jim's luggage.  Jim is flying the red eye in the evening to Australia to visit Jerry and Melissa for about 16 days. 
  339 - 6-19-11  Jim and Beth Padgett on swing in back yard.  Jim brought Beth
over on Fathers Day  to meet Tam and Nelson

  340 - 6-19-11  Beth, Jim and Tammy at BJ's in Huntington Beach.


  341 - 6-19-11  Jim, Beth and Nelson in den  

  342 - 6-19-11 Nelson, Beth, Jim and Tam watching fireworks at
on hillside behind Shady Canyon tract in Irvine watching fireworks.  
This was tract next to Quail Hill tract where Jerry and Melissa lived
 about 4 years ago.


  343 - 7-11-11 Patrick assembled the exercise machine for
Tammy and Nelson and is demonstrating one of the exercises.

  344 - 7-11-11 Patrick assembled the exercise machine for
Tammy and Nelson and is showing Tammy how it works

  345 - 7-12-11 Nelson and Jimmy Strohecker at basket in front
of Jimmy's house on Xavier.  During July Nelson shot 100 shots a
day about 4 days a week to prepare for a foul shooting contest
at our local Boeing Fitness Center in August.  This was Nelson's best day
so far as he made 79 of 100.  Nelson continues to be inconsistent.  He made
45 of last 50 shots on July 4 & 10th, but also has made 28 and 31 of 50.

    346 - 7-12-11 Nelson and Jimmy Strohecker at basket in front
of Jimmy's house on Xavier.  Note the dog gate underneath hoop which
deflects about 40% of the shots back to Nelson at the foul line.  Sometimes
Jimmy or his son will shag shots for Nelson.  Nelson shoots ten series of 10 shots.
He made 24 in a row on July 10th and 28 of 29 on July 4th.  On July 11th he missed
the first shot in the series of ten all ten times but was 69 of 90 on the remaining shots!   

    347 - 7-19-11  I attended a 'Be In A Movie' production on 10880 Wilshire Blvd
just off the 405 freeway along with about 90 other people.  We met on top of a
parking building pictured above then were walked over to an auditorium where
the filming would be done.   The movie being filmed was 'He Loves Me' starring
Annette Benning,
Paul Dano Antonio Banderas, Steve Coogan, Deborah Ann
Woll, Elliott Gould and Chris Messina.  
The movie finds There Will Be Blood’s Paul Dano as Calvin, a young writer who has a successful first novel under his belt, but is now beset with writer’s block and some internal wrangling.
       With Annette Benning already aboard as Calvin’s mother, Banderas will play her dodgy boyfriend, who Calvin can’t stand. Coogan, last seen in The Trip, will be a pompous
rival author. Gould is on as the young writer’s therapist and Messina as his brother.
Woll, meanwhile, usually found vamping it on True Blood as Jessica, is his ex-girlfriend.

    348 - 7-19-11  The whole ordeal wasn't very exciting!
They took about 3 hours filming the same scene about 20
times while we set in an auditorium as the crowd.  The
scene was Steve Coogan (blurry guy standing on the left)
introducing a famous author played by Paul Dano.  It was
way to long without moving, going to the restroom or breaking
for lunch.  I did bring some candy bars thus didn't get to
hungary, but really got stiff!  
      After doing about 10-15 takes of Dano exiting the auditorium
as the audience try to stop him to talk lasts another 90 minutes
before we finally got our break at 1:30, a bathroom break then a
few meager refreshments and by 2 PM I was back on the road home!
      Probably shouldn't have been taking pictures thus took non flash
picture with camera in my lap and aimed at stage between two people
seated in front of me.   Thus the picture was blurry.  It was taken between
takes thus part of about 20 person film crew behind Coogan.

    349 - 7-19-11  Paul Dano between takes standing
so lighting crew can adjust lights properly.  
    Don't see me being in the movie unless it is from behind while
sitting in audience.  However,  my back is my better side!

    350 - 7-19-11  Nelson with one of 90 extras.  We were
told what to wear and I had to buy a hat as I didn't have
one.  Of the 50 males there only 3 of us that wore hats!  Part
of the problem was we didn't get dress code until 5 PM
the day before via e-mail.  Many probably didn't read e-mail.
To warm in auditorium to wear sweater I was supposed to wear
thus hanging over my shoulder in picture.  Love that hat.

JImFoul      Slag
    351 - 8-5-11  Jim Slaglz shooting         352 - 8-11-11  Nelson makes
foul shots with Nelson at a park near     2nd foul shot at free throw contest
his home in Irvine, California.  It was    at Boeing Fitness Center on
a tough bastket (rim bent a tad and        Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach,
very stiff rim) and Jim only shot 42%    California.   Nelson advanced
and Nelson 56%.  It was the first time    to the 3rd round in a 4 round
Jim shot a basketball in about 10            contest and finished 6th out of
years.                                                          15 entries while making 16 of 23 shots.


    354 -9-15-11  Beth and Jim at BJ's in Irvine,
California celebrating Beth's 30th birthday.

    355 - 9-15-11  Beth on 30th birthday at BJ's
in Irvine, California

    356 - 9-15-11  Beth and Mom, Sondra at Jim's
in Irvine, California.

    357 - 10-4-11  Hanging balloons
on pole in neighborhood welcoming
Jerry and Melissa home from Australia
after 2 years.

    358 - 10-4-11  Tammy, Jim, Jerry, Melissa and
Nelson at Tammy & Nelson's home.  Jerry and Melissa
came back to the US after two years in Australia.  They arrived
at LAX at about 7 AM after a 14 hour flight and Melissa's parents
drove them from LAX to Nelson & Tammy's parents home for a
visit before driving them to their US home in Fallbrook.

    359 - 10-4-11  Alex, Janet, Melissa and Edna

    360 - 10-4-11  Tammy, Melissa and Nelson

    361 - 10-4-11  Melissa and Edna

    362 - 10-4-11  Jim and Jerry

    363 - 10-4-11  Tammy and Jerry

    364 - 10-4-11  Bus used for tour to Viejas Indian
Casino in Alpine, California.  Nelson took this tour
through the Westminster Senior Center.

    365 - 10-4-11 - Viejas Indian Casino in Alpine,