1945 Nelson, Carroll Cole, Charles Cole, Lucile Cole, Vern, Bonnie, Emily, Betty, Olive, Gene, Beverly Cole at Milford Slagles 1949 Gene, Betty, Emily, Bonnie, Elizabeth, Nelson and August Weber Dec 1949 Emily, Betty, Nelson, Pat Rudy, Betty Lou Cotter, Jane Rudy, Bonnie and Bonnydell Rudy at Milford Slagles
July 1955  Rudys, Webers and Slagles at Lakeside, Ohio 1956 Milford & Olive Slagle 50th Wedding Anniversary  1956 Gene, Olive, Lucile, Milford, and Vern Slagle at Bucyrus, Ohio
Jun 1956 Emily, Elizabeth Weber, August Weber, Milford, Olive, and Gene Slagle at Milford Slagles Dec 1956 Front: Norinne, Betty, Jim, Larry Slagle.  Back: Bonnie, Nelson, Beverly Cole and Charles Cole at Milford Slagles Nov 1963 Gene, Emily, Nelson, Bonnie, Betty, Jim and John Slagle
Sep 1974 Rudys, Slagles and Coles at Bob Rudys Sep 1977 Slagles, Huckabas, Coles at Charles Coles Sep 1977 Slagles, Rudys Huckabas at Bob Rudys
Jan 1978 Jerry, Tam, Nelson, Jim, Amy, Bonnie and Jenny at Bonnie Shaffstalls Jul 1980 Rudys, Webers, Slagles, Huckabas, Coles at Gene Slagles Dec 1987 Gene, Emily, Nelson, Bonnie, Betty, Jim & John Slagle
Dec 1987 Slagle Reunion - 29 Youngs, Slagles, Danleys, Gables, Heffelfingers, Huckabas and Shaffstalls Dec 1987 Gale, John, Kim, Betty, Emily, Bill, Kim, Gene, Bonnie, Amy, Jim, Heidi, and Lauren in Marion, Ohio Jun 1989 Grener Reunion - 31 Greners, Rudys, Moreheads, Renners, Slagles at Delaware, Ohio
Dec 1992 Kneeling: John, Gale, Patrick, Emily, Kevin.  Standing: Eric Olson, Bonnie, Jerry, Jim, Jeff, Tam, Jenny, and Gene at Bonnie S. Nov 1994 - 30 Slagles, Rudys, Coles, Huckabas at Jim Slagles house for Gene's 80th birthday May 1996 Dorothy, Vern, Gene, Emily, Bonnydell Rudy and Bob Rudy
May 1996 - Seventeen Vern Slagles, Gene Slagles, Huckabas, Rudy's at Gene Slagles Oct 1998 Betty, Bill, Emily, Heidi, Jim, Betsy, Emily, Tomn, Kim, Gene at Gene Slagles Marion farm Oct 1998 Judy Cotter, Betty Lou Cotter, Gene and Emily at Betty Lou Cotters
Dec 1998  Pat, Bill, Jane Bonnydell & Bob Rudy near San Diego Dec 1998  Charles Cole family of 13 Aug 1999 - Thirteen Jim, John and Nelson families and Bonnie at Nelson Slagles
Oct 1999 Gene, Darwin Renner, Emily and Jim at Darwin Renners in Dallas, Tex Jul 2000 Nelson Slagle, Bob Rudy, Brian Rudy and John Slagle at the Hyatt Hotel in San Diego Aug 2000 Jane, Sabrina, Zach and Mike Levine in their home in Danville, Califonia
Aug 2000 Mike, Jane, Zach Levine and Tammy and Nelson Slagle at Levine home Sept 2000 Bob Rudy, Anna Rudy, Bonnie Rudy, Tammy Slagle, Bill Rudy and Jane Rudy Sept 2000 Bob Rudy, Nelson Slagle, Bob Rudy, Sally Rudy, Bill Rudy, Jane Rudy, Jill Rudy and Bonnie Rudy at Bob and Bonnie's
Oct 2000 Bill & Betty Huckaba, Kim and Tom Bays and Nelson Slagle at Betty and Bill's home Oct 2000 Nelson Slagle, Heidi Slagle, Betsy Slagle, Jeff Robinette, Emily Slagle, Lauren Slagle, Emma Robinnette, Tammy Slagle, Libby Robinette, Jenny Robinette, Bonnie Shaffstall, Emily Slagle, Gene Slagle, Betty Huckaba and Bill Huckaba at Jim Slagle's home in Marion, Ohio
8-18-03 Nelson, Sally, Emily, Bonnie, Bill, Evan, Brian, Gene and Bob
3-28-04 John Slagle, Bob Rudy, Patrick Slagle, Jill Rudy, Joe, Kevin Slagle, Sally Rudy, Tammy Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Gale Slagle and Jim Slagle at John & Gale Slagles home in Irvine, Cal 9-23-06 -Sitting:  Emily and Gene Slagle.  Standing:  Larry Cotter, Betty Lou Cotter, Laura Cotter, Jim Slagle and Judy Cotter 9-23-07 Emily Slagle, Jane, Bill, Bonnie, Bob and Jane Rudy at Bill and Jane's home in Troy, Ohio
9-24-07 - Larry, Judy, Betty Lou, Emily and Nelson at resturant in Chicago, Illinois
10-10-07 Jeff and Pat LaNoue at Pat & George's home in Baltimore, Maryland 12-24-07 Zach Levine, Bob Rudy, Bonnydell Rudy, Emily Slagle, Sabrina Levine, Jane Levine, Nelson Slagle and Mike Levine at the Levine's in Danville, Calif