NELSON, TAMMY, JIM AND JERRY PICTURES FROM 2011 TO CURRENT DATE                                                                         

339 - 6-19-11  Jim and Beth on swing in back yard.  Jim brought Beth      over on Fathers Day  to meet Tam and Nelson

340 - 6-19-11  Beth, Jim and Tammy at BJ's in Huntington Beach.

  341 - 6-19-11  Jim, Beth and Nelson in den  

  342 - 6-19-11 Nelson, Beth, Jim and Tam watching fireworks     on hillside behind Shady Canyon tract in Irvine watching fireworks. This was tract next to Quail Hill tract where Jerry  and Melissa lived about 4 years ago.

  343 - 7-11-11 Patrick assembled the exercise machine for Tammy and Nelson and is demonstrating one of the exercises.

  344 - 7-11-11 Patrick assembled the exercise machine  for Tammy & Nelson and is showing Tammy how it works

    346 - 7-12-11 Nelson and Jimmy Strohecker at basket in front of Jimmy's house on Xavier.  Note the dog gate underneath hoop which deflects about 40% of the shots back to Nelson at the foul line. Sometimes Jimmy or his son will shag shots for Nelson.  Nelson shoots ten series of 10 shots.  He made 24 in a row on July 10th and 28 of 29 on July 4th.  On July 11th he missed the first shot in the series of ten all
ten times but was 69 of 90 on the remaining shots!   

  345 - 7-12-11 Nelson and Jimmy Strohecker at basket in front of Jimmy's house on Xavier.  During July Nelson shot 100 shots a day about 4 days a week to prepare for a foul shooting contestant our local Boeing Fitness Center in August. This was Nelson's best day so far as he made 79 of 100.  Nelson continues to be inconsistent.  He made 45 of last 50 shots on July 4 & 10th, but also has made 28 and 31 of 50.  

    347 - 7-19-11  I attended a 'Be In A Movie' production on 10880 Wilshire Blvd just off the 405 freeway along with about 90 other people.  We met on top of a parking building pictured above then were walked over to an auditorium where the filming would be done.   The movie being filmed was 'He Loves Me' starring Annette Benning, Paul Dano Antonio Banderas, Steve Coogan, Deborah Ann Woll, Elliott Gould and Chris Messina.  
The movie finds There Will Be Blood’s Paul Dano as Calvin, a young writer who has a successful first novel under his belt, but is now beset with writer’s block and some internal wrangling.
       With Annette Benning already aboard as Calvin’s mother, Banderas will play her dodgy boyfriend, who Calvin can’t stand. Coogan, last seen in The Trip, will be a pompous
rival author. Gould is on as the young writer’s therapist and Messina as his brother.  Woll, meanwhile, usually found vamping it on True Blood as Jessica, is his ex-girlfriend.

    348 - 7-19-11  The whole ordeal wasn't very exciting!  They took about 3 hours filming the same scene about 20 times while we set in an auditorium as the crowd.  The scene was Steve Coogan (blurry guy standing on the left) introducing a famous author played by Paul Dano.  It was way to long without moving, going to the restroom or breaking for lunch.  I did bring some candy bars thus didn't get to hungary, but really got stiff!  
      After doing about 10-15 takes of Dano exiting the auditorium  as the audience try to stop him to talk lasts another 90 minutes before we finally got our break at 1:30,   a bathroom break then a few meager refreshments and by 2 PM I was back on the road home!
      Probably shouldn't have been taking pictures thus took non flash picture with camera in my lap and aimed at stage between two people seated in front of me.   Thus the picture was blurry.  It was taken between takes thus part of about 20 person film crew behind Coogan.

    349 - 7-19-11  Paul Dano between takes standing
so lighting crew can adjust lights properly.  
    Don't see me being in the movie unless it is from behind while sitting in audience.  However,  my back is my better side!

  350 - 7-19-11  Nelson with one of 90 extras.  We were
told what to wear and I had to buy a hat as I didn't have
one.  Of the 50 males there only 3 of us that wore hats!  Part
of the problem was we didn't get dress code until 5 PM
the day before via e-mail.  Many probably didn't read e-mail.
To warm in auditorium to wear sweater I was supposed to wear thus hanging over my shoulder in picture.  Love that hat.

    351 - 8-5-11  Jim Slagle shooting    
foul shots with Nelson at a park near    
his home in Irvine, California.  It was    
a tough basket (rim bent a tad and        
very stiff rim) and Jim only shot 42%    
and Nelson 56%.  It was the first time   
Jim shot a basketball in about 10           

    352 - 8-11-11 - Nelson makes
2nd foul shot at free throw contest
a Boeing Fitness Center on Bolsa
Chica in Huntington Beach,
California.  Nelson advanced to the
3rd round in a 4 round contest and
finished 6th out of 15 entries while
making 16 of 23 shots.  Quite sure
that Nelson took 10 times the foul shots
of any contestant during the month
before the contest.

    353 - 8-11-11 - Tammy, Nelson, Jim and Beth at Lucile's in
Irvine celebrating Beth's 30th birthday.

    354 -9-15-11  Beth and Jim at BJ's in Irvine,
California celebrating Beth's 30th birthday.

    355 - 9-15-11  Beth on 30th birthday at BJ's
in Irvine, California

    356 - 9-15-11  Beth and Mom, Sondra at Jim's
in Irvine, California.

    357 - 10-4-11  Hanging balloons
on pole in neighborhood welcoming
Jerry and Melissa home from Australia
after 2 years.

    358 - 10-4-11  Tammy, Jim, Jerry, Melissa and
Nelson at Tammy & Nelson's home.  Jerry and Melissa
came back to the US after two years in Australia.  They arrived
at LAX at about 7 AM after a 14 hour flight and Melissa's parents drove them from LAX to Nelson & Tammy's parents home for a visit before driving them to their US home in Fallbrook.

    359 - 10-4-11  Alex, Janet, Melissa and Edna

    360 - 10-4-11  Tammy, Melissa and Nelson

    361 - 10-4-11  Melissa and Edna

    362 - 10-4-11  Tammy and Jerry

    363 - 10-4-11   Jim showing Jerry his latest

    364 - 10-4-11  Bus used for tour to Viejas Indian
Casino in Alpine, California.  Nelson took this tour
through the Westminster Senior Center.

  365 - 10-4-11 - Viejas Indian Casino in Alpine,

    366 - 10-4-11 - Jim, Jerry, Melissa, Tammy and Nelson at Jim's to watch Nebraska 34 Ohio State 27 game.

    367 - 10-4-11 - Jim, Tammy, Jerry and Nelson

    368 - 10-4-11 - Jim, Beth, Jerry and Melissa

    369 - 10-4-11 - Beth, Nelson and Melissa

    370 - 10-4-11 - Melissa and Jerry

    371 - 10-4-11 - Beth and Melissa

    372 - 12-18-11 - The street we lived on, Syracuse had 11 straight houses with Christmas lights last year.  This year we had 13 straight and 13 of the 14 houses on Syracuse had lights.  Four houses were excellent (none show in this picture) and in our top 15 in the tract.  My walking partner and his two sons and I picked a top 10 in the tract and drop off a 'Top 10' certificate.  Eighty-seven of the 188 houses have lights. I also dropped off a certificate to each of the Syracuse 13.

    373 - 12-18-11 - Our home with lights.  Would
rank about 10 out of 13 on Syracuse.  

    374 - 10-4-11 - Wayne (my ex-homeless friend),
Charlie (Wayne's landlord and movie rater of 100
movies this year) and I often meet at Land Park and
throw a ball that Melo retrieves and brings back so
we can throw it again.  All three of us were throwing balls for about an hour combined until Melo (dog) or
us 3 get tired.  Charlie got the idea to use a crosse, the
stick used in lacrosse and I am using in above picture.
We can throw the ball further with less effort.  Melo loves it.  He catches the ball on a hop or several hops and
brings the ball back.  B

    375 - 10-4-11 - Gate Latch needs replacing.

    376 - 10-4-11 - An Accountant installed the new
latch.  It took some trial an error.  Had to cut a 2nd
piece which replaces the broken piece in prior picture.
Then had to install a 2nd piece (with two nails) to prevent
the piece on the gate to fit properly and have the gate
absorb the closing of the gate.  After installing I had too
take off and sand to obtain the correct thickness.  Came
out great especially for a 'non engineer' installation.

    377 - 12-25-11 - Jerry, Emily and Jim at Bonnie's in Irvine.  Emily split her time between John's, Bonnies's and Nelson's hotel.  Bonnie hosted Christmas for everyone and pictures through 387 were taken Christmas day at Bonnie's.  
    378 - 12-25-11 - Nelson, Jerry, Emily and Jim

    379 - 12-25-11 - Patrick, Emily, Bonnie, Jean,
Gale, Kevin and Carol chatting after dinner.

    380 - 12-25-11 - Kevin and Patrick show Jim and
Jerry a blog on Bonnie's PC that included a picture
of the four of them in 2001 apparently downloaded from
my website.

    381 - 12-25-11 - Jerry, Jim, Patrick and Kevin
recreating picture on the blog in previous picture

    382 - 12-25-11 - Emily, Irene, Beth and

    383 - 12-25-11 - Bonnie and Emily

    384 - 12-25-11 - Tam, Nelson Emily, Jim and Jerry.  315
represents the total ages of the five of us.  Thanks to Emily
our average age is 63.

    385 - 12-25-11 - Patrick, Kevin, Gale, Emily and John

    386 - 12-25-11 - Patrick, Carol, Kevin, Gale, Emily, and John.

    387 - 12-25-11 - Patrick, Kevin, Jim and Jerry

    388 - 12-27-11 - Nelson, Emily and Wayne at
Land Park.

    389 - 12-28-11 - Jim, Brutus and Beth
at Jim's house to watch OSU defeat North-
western in Big Ten opener

    390 - 12-28-11 - Nelson, Jim, Brutus
and Jim

    391 - 12-28-11 - Tam, Jerry, Jim, Brutus,
Emily and Nelson

    392 - 12-28-11 - Tammy, Bobbie, Jerry, Jim, Brutus,
Emily, Beth and Jean

    393 - 12-28-11 - Beth, Jerry and Jim

    394 - 12-28-11 - Bonnie, Emily, Gale, Jean and
Tammy at counter at Jim's

    395 - 12-28-11 - Nelson, Emily and Mark.  Mark
is Nelson's walking partner.

    396 - 12-28-11 - Emily and Nelson watching
video interview in Nelson's den

    397 - 12-28-11 - Nelson easing suitcase
down stairs.

    398 - 12-28-11 - Emily and Nelson at LAX

    399 - 12-28-11 - Mother being escorted to her
seat on the plane back to Ohio.  US Air meant mom
at the check in counter with a wheel chair and
stayed with her until we reached the waiting area and than reappeared when they started boarding for the flight.

    400 - 1-4-12 - Jerry, Jim, Nelson and Tammy at Olive Garden in
Irvine to celebrate Jerry's 40th birthday

    400 - 1-4-12 - Beth, Jim, Tam and Jerry at Jim's on Jerry's
40th birthday.  

    401 - 1-4-12 - Nelson holding movie tickets and a birthday card
from Jerry and Melissa on his 73rd birthday.  When you opened
the birthday card, the Rocky theme song played.

    402 - 1-9-12 - Nelson and Rick Salas.  Rick present Nelson
two OSU t-shirts for his 30 year dedication to the monthly
Boeing lunch hour 5K.  On this day we ran our 318th race
and it was my 299th lunch hour 5K.  Rick has ran 206 5K's.

    403 - 1-11-12 - Earlier in the day, Nelson's dermatologist cut
out a small growth on Nelson's back.  Doctor used 3 internal and
5 external stitches to sew up the incision.  Tammy and Nelson
couldn't even identify the spot  the doctor was concerned about
prior to the removal.

    404 - 1-12-12 - Bonnie and Jean's dog, Logan.  Nelson and
Tammy baby-sit Logan while Bonnie and Jean drove to Solvang
to celebrate Bonnie's 70th birthday

  405 - 1-9-12 - Sign in picture 402 that Rick Salas presented
to Nelson at our January 2012 5K.  Presently on my den wall
above the Ohio State football pictures.

  406 - 2-19-12 - Tammy, Jo, and Beth in front of Beth's Mercedes

  407 - 2-18-12 - Our 1999 Honda being traded in at Harbor Hyundai
in Long Beach for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra.  Honda has been unloaded
as noted by stuff at rear of Honda.

  408 - 2-18-12 - Harbor Hyundai in Long Beach where we
purchased 2012 Hyundai Elantra.

  409 - 3-4-12 - Our 2012 Hyundai Elantra

  410 - 3-4-12 - 2012 Hyundai Elantra engine

  411 - 3-4-12 - Melissa and Jerry beside their 205 Ferrari 430

  412 - 3-4-12 - Jerry giving Tammy a test drive

  413 - 3-4-12 - Beth and Jim in Jim's Range Rover

  414 - 3-4-12 - Nelson, Brutus, Jerry and Jim in front of Nelson and Tam's home for the Ohio State upset 72-70 victory over Michigan State to create
a 3 way tie for the Big Ten Championship.  

  415 - 3-4-12 - Nelson, Brutus, Melissa, Jerry, Jim and Beth.

  416 - 5-12-12 - Jerry, Melissa, Janet, Edna, Tam, Beth and Jim at Olive
Garden in Huntington Beach, California to celebrate Mothers Day.  Jerry, Melissa
and Jim took their mothers out to eat.

  417 - 5-12-12 - Edna, Melissa and Janet at Nelson and Tammy house.  This is a three generation picture.

  418 - 5-12-12 - Tammy, Edna, and Janet.  The three mothers being honored.

  419 - 5-12-12 - Jerry and Beth part of the photographer crew

  420 - 5-12-12 - Nelson, Jerry, Jim and Tammy

  421 - 5-12-12 - Nelson, Melissa, Jerry, Jim, Tam and Beth.

  421 - 5-3-12 - Large Gopher mound on my putting green.  Nelson
has been fighting gophers for several months.  One morning I found
this huge gopher mound on my putting green.

  422 - 5-13-12 - Nelson declared war and erected
a gopher score board in back yard.  Scoring:  New
gopher mound in morning is a point for gophers.  No
new mounds means a point for Nelson

  423 - 5-13-12 - Nelson brings out the arsenal in all out war vs
gophers.  Among the weapons is a shovel where I have dug two
big holes trying to locate gopher tunnels.  Up against the score
board is two packages of smoke bombs.  These are 6 inches long
fuses that you light and drop in a gopher hole hoping to kill them
with the smoke.  On the left in the front row are poisonous pellets.
The big box in the middle held two 18 inch stakes that emit a sound
that is supposed to keep gophers away.  Planted two of these two
days ago.   On the right is are poison pellets and a trap.  Between
the shovel and score board is a tool to push straight down to locate
tunnels and it drops pellets in what you feel are tunnels.  I have used
about 15 smoke bombs and three containers of poison pellets.

  424 - 5-13-12 - Current score board has gophers ahead
20-6.  But I am gaining control with only one small mound
in the last 7 days.  Cost me $100 thus far.

  425 - 5-27-12 - Nelson's WW III vs the Gophers
is turning in favor of the good guys.  Killed two
gophers in last week with my left foot.  The first one
was crawling on the sidewalk in the front yard.  The
one hanging on the board was in the yard behind
us.  I was working in the backyard when I heard one of
the kids over the fence saying something about a baby
and thought it might be a gopher.  Walked around the
block to the home and the teenager had a gopher in a
plastic bowl.   He didn't want to kill the gopher because
his autistic brother would be upset.  The prior time he caught
a live gopher he let him go over at Land School.  I talked
him into bringing this one to Land School where my
big left foot made the kill!  Gave him my business card
in case he needed the exterminating foot in the future.