FALL 2000


We got started on our trip 18 minutes early at 9:42 AM. Traffic was good and temperature was in the 70ís and 80ís all the way to Hawthorne, Nevada, 416 miles away. We hit road construction on 395 three times costing us about an hour. We got gas in Bishop at $2.16 a gallon!

We stayed the night in at a free parking lot of motor homes at the ElCapitan in Hawthorne. We gambled away $9 in nickels on the video slot machines. The smorgasbord at ElCapitan where we used to eat was converted to a restaurant thus we ate at a Chinese restaurant right around the corner.


We left the parking spot at 6:45 AM our time and made the beautiful drive by Walker Lake on route 95. We stopped for breakfast around Fallon, Nevada. Then it was Interstate 84 to Winnamuca. It was overcast and some rain all the way from Fallon to Winnamuca, but afterwards it was dry but usually cloudy temperature in the 50ís. No trouble getting through the mountains in Idaho and arrived at Sandi & Larryís at 4:40, 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Gas in Winnamuca was $1.90 and $1.60 in Boise. It was $1.61 in Westminster. We are averaging almost 15 miles a gallon so far.

Larry and Sandi left earlier for a golf tournament thus we visited with Lowell, Erika and 2 kids and Charity and her son. I interviewed Erika and Charity.

We drove 484 miles today, but it was very easy driving Ė no traffic until we hit Boise.

We are worried about tomorrow, as there has already been snow in the Rockies a couple of days ago and that is where we will be tomorrow.

Suppose to get down to 35 in Boise tonight!! May spend the winter in the Rockies!!

9-23-00 Saturday

We started driving at 7:30 on Interstate 84 going east. We hooked up with 15 and drove north to Butte, Montana. We drove around 480 miles today and although it was much colder (30ís and 40ís) it was an easy drive. I thought we would be driving through mountains, a lot of curves etc. Instead we were at elevations 4-6000 feet all day (my guess, never saw a sign) driving though valleys. We actually hit snow flurries for 3-4 minutes and for 25 miles there was a lot of snow in the acreage to the left and right. The top 1/3rd of the mountains was completely snow covered. But other then the 3-4 minutes we had a dry day and not a lot of traffic.

Was able to get a sports station on the radio and they kept us posted on the scores of the top 25 teams. Got many updates on Ohio States 45-6 victory over Penn State but even more of Northwestern 47-44 victory over Wisconsin. They went to both sites for live updates.

We arrived in Butte about 4:30 with a temperature of 40. We checked in to a nice KOA campground for $18. They had a deli there also and we got our dinner there. They had a walking/running trail right next to the campground. It was called the Butte Ecological Preserve. It was about 2 miles in length and bordered a stream and a lot of brush. Very pleasant trail to run on. I ran about 52 minutes (about 4.7 miles) and Tammy walked for an hour.

They had free Internet hookup thus caught up on my e-mails, etc.

It was forecasted to get down to 13 degrees that evening. I doubt if it got much below 20 degrees but the next morning we could not pump water in our camper. Normal temperatures for that day were high of 72 and low off 44 thus the cold spell was very unusual, setting records in some local areas. Even though the heater was set at 55 inside the water in the lines must have frozen. Doubt if the large tanks froze. Later the next morning on our first stop the pump worked again thus it quickly thawed when we drove. No signs of damage. It was reasonably comfortable inside with the heater even though it was so cold outside.

9-24-00 Sunday

We got up around 8 AM and walked on the Butte Ecological Preserve for about 20 minutes. Then it was on to Helena, Montana to see the State Capitol. We arrived at the Capitol at 11:45 and I checked on the tour schedule. There were no tours on Sunday. I had called from home earlier in the week and they apparently had an old recording on that said they had hourly tours starting at noon. As most capitols it seems, it was under restoration. You werenít supposed to be able to get into the Senate or House and the stairways were blocked. However, they didnít block the elevator thus I eventually found the Senate. It was in disarray due to construction but did get movies anyway. Nothing much else of interest inside. It was built (finished) in 1902 at $485,000. It was completely renovated in 1960 at which time they got rid of the ornate things and replaced with tile floor and florescent lighting. It was one of the least impressive capitals I have seen. Walked around the outside and took some more movies and some digital pictures.

The drive to Billings was mostly on Interstate 90. Again there was a lot of snow in the mountains off in the distance and some in the fields along the way but the roads were dry and temperature around 40. Very pleasant. As yesterday, it surprised me that we mostly drove in the valleys with pastures along side of the road with many beef cattle and some horses grazing on brown grass. Easy drive again. We drove about 320 miles on Sunday.

I was able to pick up sports stations along the way but they faded out and I would get another one. Listened to part of the KC-Denver and Tampa Bay-Jets game. I could even get a game (Tenn-Pitt) on TV part of the time while Tam was driving!

Then it was on to Billings where we arrived at the 1st KOA campground established in 1962. Very nice place right on the Yellowstone River Ė same river that flows through Yellowstone National Park. We drove into Billings about 3 miles to Perkins Restaurant where we ate. We also walked around the KOA campground and along the Yellowstone River for about 25 minutes.

Just getting ready to go inside and get hooked up to the Internet.


We got on the road at shortly before 8 AM, got gas and were off to Bismark, North Dakota. We are out of the mountains and the landscape was prairie or badlands. Some hills in the distance. We saw almost no snow. The temperature was probably in the 50ís and almost 70 by the time we reached Bismark. We could get some radio stations but I only got a stock market report once all day despite station hopping. Also we were trying to determine the time in Bismark Ė we thought we would lose another hour. We listened to a Bismark station for over an hour with no mention of time. Time changed just about 20 miles before we reached Bismark.

We needed to get to the state capitol in Bismark by 4 PM as that was the last tour of the day. We drove 418 miles in 6 hours and 40 minutes!! We stopped for breakfast and ate lunch while driving. We arrived at the state capitol at 3:45!! But it was a very easy drive and Tam and I split the driving.

The tour of the state capitol was excellent. It was the only tour of the day as we (2 others from Michigan) were the only ones to show up all day. The tour guide also works in the mailroom and does other jobs. She was once a tour guide at John Tylerís home near Williamsburg, Virginia. The capitol was built in the 1930ís, finished in 1935. The original capitol built around 1893 burnt down in 1930. The cost to build the new capitol was $2M. They added a $10M wing in 1981. They claim they have the most useable space of any capitol in the country Ė 80% is useable. They also claim they may have the cheapest cost per square foot, about .46 cents per square foot. Louisiana and Nebraska cost about $1.00 a square foot. They were able to use a lot of excellent materials but didnít construct many ornate items. Materials were cheap during the depression area.

North Dakota has 49 senators and 98 house members. About 60% are Republican as is the governor. They are only in session the first 80 days of each year.

We stayed at a nice KOA campground in Bismark, ND. I jogged around the campground on a mowed grass path for 52 minutes.

I had Internet access through AOL but for the first time it cost me - $.10 a minute. They didnít have any extra lines at the campground thus I hooked into the pay phone. It took me about 40 minutes to get through my e-mail.

Then when I got back to the camper I updated the predictions and after the Monday night game ended, I computed the results. Finished at 12:20 (10:20 West Coast time) and printed the four copies I mail.


Got up at 8 AM and got on the Internet to send out the week 4 prediction results. That along with e-mail took about 30 minutes ($3.00). Tam took a shower and we were off at 9 AM. The temperature was in the 60ís most of the day Ė very nice. Terrain was mostly prairie. Drove about 320 miles for the day.

It was an easy drive from Bismark, ND through Fargo, North Dakota then south to Sisseston, South Dakota. Arrived about 1:45 and after eating lunch and getting ready we arrived at Martha Sandenís apartment at 2:30. Marthaís husband Jim, was a brother of Tamís grandmother, Alma.

Martha is 87 and looked great. She took us to the two Concordia cemeteries about 6 miles east of town on route 10 then about a mile north. Both cemeteries were on dirt roads. Several Sanden relatives were buried there. She also showed us the farm Alma and Selmer Hagen lived on for about 6 years in the 1930ís, which was about 1-2 miles from one of the cemeteries and the still standing church.

Martha also took us to the large city cemetery on the East Side of town. Many Hagen and Sanden relatives were buried there. I took many pictures and movies in the cemeteries. Saw Alma and Selmer and John and Bella Sanden tombstones in the city cemetery.

We then went to her apartment and I interviewed her for 10 minutes. She loaned me her extensive collection of Sanden genealogy, which I will copy and return. We took Martha out to eat at American Hearth in Sisseton. Then we went over to her house for desert.

We are staying at the Dakota campgrounds on route 10 about 2 miles east of town. It is only $11 a night and has showers and electricity. No cable TV. It is not as nice as the KOA campgrounds we have stayed in the last few nights but those cost $17 to $23. They have an Internet hookup at a pay phone. I will try it - not sure if there will be any charge.

9-27-00 Wednesday

We slept until after 8 AM, got up and walked for 20 minutes around the campground. We left about 9AM on route 28 to Interstate 94 to Minneapolis. We drove about 230 miles for the day.

We stopped at Ruth Mathison home at 2 PM for a 1:45 minute visit. Ruth is a daughter of a sister of Tamís maternal grandmother. She is a family of 5 kids I believe, and the rest of them are all dead. We only knew Koare Mathison of the siblings who died in Brookings, Oregon about 6 years ago. One of the siblings remained in Norway. Ruth never married and has about 12 nieces and nephews. She lived for 37 years in Hollywood Hills and retired as First Vice President of a Mortgage company on Wilshire Blvd. The company was merging with a company in Kansas City and she was offered a position, but she decided to retire at 63. She decided to retire in Minneapolis and lives in the suburb of Edina in Southern Minneapolis area.

We went to the Mall and spent two hours there after visiting Ruth. Tam shopped for two hours and I walked for about 1:20 of that time. It takes 15 minutes to walk a lap around the inside of the mall and there were 4 floors thus I walked for an hour without retracing any steps. Then I spent some time walking in the center portion, which is a Camp Snoopy playground. We also visited last year and will probably go there for another 2 hours tomorrow morning.

We asked an information booth person when Big Brother was on. He said he didn't know as he quit watching once Brittany was banished. Brittany lived next door to him!!

We are staying at the Lebanon Hills State Park Campground. It is about 15 minutes away from the Mall as was Ruthís home but in opposite directions.

For the first day we saw some fall colors. We also hit our first heavy traffic since LA in the Minneapolis area. We have been using the cruise control the last several days for the first time. It is easier on my knee and a lot more pleasant to drive Ė I think it has also been helping the gas mileage.

We have had several minor problems with the Roadtrek on this trip. First the six-inch crack in the windshield all of a sudden about the 2nd or 3rd day became about 20 inches. It hasnít expanded since. Fortunately the crack is low on the driverís side and doesnít interfere with the view. Second the lock wouldnít open to the compartment that you store the hoses in. One side was open thus I was able to stuff the hose in the compartment. That evening the lock worked again. Will try to put some graphite in the lock. Third, the TV sometimes wonít go on, but we keep playing with it and it eventually comes on. Forth, the frame around the window in the ceiling of the Roadtrek has broken on three of the four corners. I donít think it will cause any problems, but it should be fixed when we return. But nothing major thank goodness!


I got up at 6:45 AM to run for 50 minutes in and around the campground. Minnesota is famous for its lakes and there were lakes on both sides of us although you could barley see them through all the trees. I checked my e-mail before we left then we went to the Mall of America where we had breakfast (first breakfast out) and Tam shopped for a couple of hours.

Then drove 250 miles to Madison. Much more traffic than from LA to Minneapolis and I think it will stay heavy until I get in the West again. Lot of fall colors in the trees that lined the Interstate most of the way today. Very few trees through North Dakota but it is lush in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We are staying at Madison KOA tonight about 15 miles north of Madison. We got here at 5 PM thus I have an hour before we head to Madison to meet Dick Hammerstrom and Steve Waul for dinner. Thus I am updating my trip journal then will check my e-mail. Another free internet site. I just had to pay at two locations and all the rest have been free. Every site has had a hookup, but we have been staying at the KOA campgrounds, which are nicer. State parks would be cheaper but would have no Internet hookups. They always just had one Internet outlet, but I was the only one that wanted to use it thus no waiting. It is working out pretty well except it takes about 5 minutes before I finally get in and after that it is slow in comparison to the cable hookup at home.

We have seen Big Brother most of the nights on the road including the hour shows last Saturday and last night. We usually watch Survival reruns after the Big Brother show. Have seen very little Olympics.

Usually donít have cable and if we are in a big city cable is not needed as we can get 4-8 stations usually.

Met the Madison, Wisconsin predictors for dinner at Dennyís at 7 PM. In attendance were Dick Hammertstorm, Steve Waul and Scott Brandenburg. The four of us had a great time talking predicts, football, etc. We also got several digital pictures that will make their way to my web site.


We drove to and through Chicago on Interstate 90, caught 65 in South Bend, Indiana and arrived in Indianapolis about 4 PM. We checked in at a campground about 9 minutes north of Jenny then arrived at Jenny and Jeff Robinette's at 5:20 PM.

We visited with Jeff, Jenny, Emma and Libby Robinette; Amy, Fred, Alex and Mayde Joss and Bonnie Shaffstall. We had enjoyable evening over pizza. Rob Joss was in San Paulo, Brazil on business. Jeff and Jenny have a beautiful home.

9-30-00 Saturday

We took the back roads (13 and 9 primarily) to Interstate 70 and drove to Troy, Ohio. We took 70 to Dayton and 75 north to Troy arriving at 11 AM. We arrived at Bonnie and Bob Rudyís home about 12:55 PM. We got a tour of the house and the yard including the beautiful lake behind the house and a lot of trees turning color across the lake. Bill, Jane, Evan, and Anna arrived shortly thereafter and Bob, Sally and Jill a bit later. We had a great time visiting until about 4:10 PM. We took a lot of pictures and I was able to interview Evan and Jill.

Evan is a junior and back-up tight end for Troy High School. They had traveled to Columbus the night before and beat Columbus West (the school that Bill Huckaba coached cross-country for 35 or so years) 73-0. Evan at 6í3" and 200 pounds caught a pass in the game.

We left Troy about 4:10 PM and arrived at our campground at Kings Island about 5:15 and then arrived at Craig (Tamís brother) and Margeís home about 5:55 PM. We had a nice visit with them and ate at Steak and Shake. Craig taped the last episode of Big Brother for us from the night before thus we were able to see the final episode at their place.

Also got a chance to check my e-mail at Craigís.

Perfect weather in the low 70ís for the third day in a row. Gets down to about 50 at night. Stayed at Kings Island campground right next to the Kings Island Amusement park about 10 minutes from Craig's.


Left Kings Island campground at 10 AM and arrived at Betty and Bill Huckabaís at 12:30. Betty served us lunch along with Tom and Kim Bays. We left at 3 PM for Marion, Ohio after a nice visit.

We arrived at Jim and Heidi Slagle's at 4 PM. We were able to visit with Mom, Dad, Jim & Heidi and family, Jenny, Jeff and Bonnie who drove in from Indianapolis and Betty and Bill Huckaba. Heidi put us all to work on Jimís re-election campaign for County Prosecuting Attorney. We applied stamps to 700 post cards that were going to be mailed to county residents that were being sent absentee ballots. As a reward for all the hard work we did, Heidi served us cake and ice cream!

Mom, Dad, Jim and the girls and I went out to eat at McDonalds.

A great visit with all the relatives and many pictures that will make the web site sometime next week!


We parked in Mom and Dad's driveway for the night. We left there home at 8 AM with them and dropped off mother at the senior center and dad at the office. We then drove to Columbus where I dropped off Tam at the Easton Mall at 9:30 and arrived at the Medallion golf course around 10 AM.

Tam spent the day shopping and seeing Almost Famous at the movies. She met Betty Huckaba at the mall at 4:30 and spent the evening with her. They ate at the Cheese Cake Factory. They spent some time at their home with Bill and they dropped Tam off at the Roadtrek (at Medallion Country Club about 9 PM).

I made several phone calls when I arrived at Medallion Country Club. The luncheon was at 11:30 and we teed off shortly after 12:30. Lunch was great and I ate with Ron Chapman, Dave Gaston, Walt Gaiser and Roger Remlinger. They were also my partners in golf. We were the only fivesome. Since we were the oldest group out there they gave us the advantage of golfing five people. We played Scramble, playing the best shot each time.

We finished +1 for the day, birdying the last hole. The winning score was -15 which was fantastic on a difficult course. 2nd was -13. We beat 5-6 of the other 37 teams with last place being +15 (group of women I believe).

The weather was in the 70's with a stiff breeze - beautiful fall day. Leaves were just starting to turn.

My golf was tragic as usual. We used my ball once all day. It was on a long putt that was about 4" better than the next best putt. Thus I don't think I helped the team one stroke all day!! But it was a great group to golf with.

They had a buffet that evening and presented all of the awards (top five teams, longest putt and longest drive on a couple of holes).

There were nine of us that worked part of the 1961-63 era at the buffet. I took several pictures, which I posted on my web site on Pictures, Lybrands.

I got permission to park at the golf course parking lot for the evening. However, we got a knock on the door at 2:30 AM by a policeman and I had to explain what we were doing and that I got permission from the Management to park there. Kind of ruined the nights sleep!


We left for the airport around 7:45 AM and arrived at the parking lot about 8:15. We left the motor home in a long-term parking lot that cost $5 a night with the 7th night free. I will pick up the Roadtrek when I return on the 13th of October.

Our plane was scheduled for 9:45 AM and left on time. We transferred in Denver and that plane was 30 minutes late and we were 30 minutes late arriving in Los Angeles (about 1:30 and about 1:55 by the time we found our driver). Nicole (Jim's girlfriend) picked us up, but she had a test at Orange Coast College at 2:40 thus we drove straight there arriving at 2:35! We were on a 737 to Denver and a 767 to LA.

Spent much of the day on 10-3 and 10-4 updating the web site with pictures.


Tam drove me to the airport in LA and I had an uneventful flight to Chicago than to Columbus. When it comes to air flights, uneventful is good! I sat next to a lady on the last leg that used to work at Battelle from 1967 to 1969. She remembered Ray Fawcett and John Baker. She is from Urbana and also knows Dave Dye Ė small world.

I got to my motorhome about 7:15 PM thus decided to stay and sleep in the overnight parking lot.


I got up at 7 AM, paid my $50 parking fee for 11 days and headed for the Medical Center on Olentangy Blvd where I was to meet Hens and 8:45 AM. Stopped a Big Bear on the way to get groceries to restock my motor home fridge! Got to the medical center about 8:15 ate breakfast and Hens arrived about 8:30. There were about 8 of us all together and we loaded the entire tailgate supplies and people in the motorhome at headed for the Ohio State - Minnesota football game.

We arrived at the parking lot north of St John Arena about 9:05 and set up a table, chairs and food that everyone brought. We tailgated until 11:30. I t was great action as usual. Frank Shipley and wife stopped by Ė 2nd time I have seen him in last 40 years. We went to Everett Junior High and Ohio State together. I walked around the tailgate area but didnít see anyone else I knew. Lot of pictures.

Next it was on to the game at 11:30. I first looked up Jake Borror who was tailgating right next to Ohio Stadium. Jake is the father of Dave Borror (former football predictor who worked at Rockwell in Florida). Jake and I had a great time talking about old times. He retired after 38 years at Rockwell in 1990. He helped sell the Colís plant to McDonnell Douglas and was General Manager of the plant just prior to the sale in the late 80ís. Jake used to live at the corner of 8th and Neil and also at 192 W. 8th in 1940. I lived at 197 W. 8th from 1949 to 1964 (most of that time). Jake also went to Ninth Ave Elementary, Everett Junior High and North High School. He knew Dave Dye, Bob Jouret, Ruth Krick and Jim McMillen among others. Great talking to Jake

After talking to Jake I walked around the Ohio Stadium holding up one finger looking for a ticket. Earlier in the morning tickets were going for $80 to $100. I found one ticket for $50 but decided to keep looking. (If I couldnít find a ticket I was going to walk over to the Holiday Inn and watch the game on a big screen TV they had installed outside on Lane Ave). Got half way around the stadium and a fan coming in says yes he had one ticket and sold it to me for $40 at about 11:50 AM, 20 minutes before game time Ė face value was $41. The seat was in the south endzone about 2/3rds of the way up on the western edge. I could see the scoreboard by turning about 120 degrees to the right.

Of course, I should have saved my $40 as the Buckeyes looked terrible. The game was much more one sided than the score indicated. Minnesota had the ball 5 times in the first half and scored 5 times. Offense was terrible to. Nate Clements was horrible Ė so was Bellesari. Hard to believe that team was ranked 5th. At least the day was beautiful, 70ís.

Took several pictures of the stadium during and after the game and collected a bunch of Ohio State cups. Hens and the gang and I tailgated for 110 minutes after the game than hung it up. There was a lot of people still tailgating when we left Ė couldnít really tell whether the Buckeyes won or lost observing the tailgating.

Drove over to Betty & Bill Huckabaís. I got an hour run in while Betty rode her bike with me along the beautiful Olentangy River trail. They fed me dinner then I checked my e-mail.

Slept in Roadtrek in front of Hucks home.

10-15-00 Sunday

Drove to Marion arriving at mom and dads at 9:45 AM. I took them to Sunday school and church at Epworth Methodist. I attended Sunday school class with Jim Ė first time I have attended Sunday school at Epworth in probably 45 years!! After Sunday school we attended church. The regular minister was not there thus Phil Reid gave the sermon. We played slo-pitch together in the 50ís although I couldnít remember him. He remembered me Ė said I was the left-handed pitcher and he called me Nellie.

We ate lunch at Epworth as they had a group raising money for an Alaska trip next summer. One of the servers was Jed Middleton who was also on the slo-pitch team and I remembered him well. Last saw him at Harding High School about 7 years ago. Got a picture of Jed and I.

Spent the afternoon touring dadís properties in Galion and Bucyrus. That evening we attended a fund raising reception for Jim Slagle at Pam and John Drewís home in Marion. It was a beautiful home and there must have been 40-50 people their. I enjoyed the evening, talking to about 7 or 8 people (including the City Treasurer, a Republican (Jean Hoffman, who now lives in Jim Smithís old home, one of two classmates I am still in touch with) and one of Jimís assistant Prosecuting Attorneys) during the evening. Jim spoke for about 15 minutes about the campaign and some of the negative press coming out from his opponent, Taube.

Slept in the Roadtrek at mom and dadís home. I have a nice set up. Dad has a cord hooked up from the garage and I have use of the first floor bathroom. Very comfortable arrangement.


Took mom to the Senior Center and dad to the office. I was at the office all day except for a break for lunch and I also took an hour running break. Enjoyed running around the track and baseball field at Marion Harding High School (my alma mater), the cemetery and back past 445 S. Vine St and Epworth Methodist church.

Dad gave me a lot of info regarding rental properties, finances etc which were very helpful. His help didnít show up thus we didnít go to Galion. We drove to Bucyrus after dinner to visit his helper but he wasnít there. We left a message for him to call Ė he has no phone.

10-17-00 through 11-18-00

I was in Ohio during this period helping my parents sell their home in Galion, driving, etc.

11-19-00 Sunday

Left Marion, Ohio at about 8 AM. Stopped on Interstate 71 south of Columbus to eat breakfast. Drove south on 71 then 75 and managed to run out of gas in southern Kentucky. We called AAA to bail us out, but it was 15 minutes later that I realized it was running out of gas that caused the problem!! The Roadtrek lost power while I was driving and I didnít realize it was because I was out of gas. Yes, I think I am losing it!!

By the time we hit Tennessee and Eastern North Carolina we saw a couple of inches of snow along side of the road. A policeman told us that lows of 24 were expected in the Asheville, NC area and that there may be some ice south out of Asheville. We decided to motel it in Asheville where they got 3 inches of snow today. We stayed in a Motel 8 for $42.50 plus tax. Room was nice enough and we both got good nights sleep. Trouble getting on AOL because it was always busy, but did get on Sunday night but couldnít get on this morning.

    1. Monday

We left about 8:45 AM and took 26 South out of Asheville and ate breakfast at the first rest stop. Rest stop was quite scenic with several inches of snow on the ground and in the trees Ė none on the road.

We continued south along 25 then 178. By the time I got to Greenville, I thought we could make it to Lance Hallís in Saluda, SC for about 15-20 minute visit and still get to McMillenís by 2 PM as scheduled. Thus I called Lance to arrange visit. But on the way there we missed one turn and ended up on route 241 that took us toward the McMillenís. Thus, we were out of time to backtrack thus we headed on to the McMillenís. Called Lance to tell him what happened.

Arrived at the beautiful home of the McMillenís at 2 PM. We spent 6 hours with them and had a wonderful visit. They took us on a tour of their area, Reynolds Plantation. Large area with beautiful homes, a couple of lakes and about 4 golf courses. Jimís home is 5800 square feet surrounded by trees and the 2nd fairway about 20 yards beyond their back yard and a lake about 50 yards to the right! The 5800 square feet includes 1200 square feet of storage in the basement. We really loved the home and the area. Jim also showed us a few old slides of us from the 60ís.

Tonight we are in Riverside Estates near Madison, Georgia. An ok campground with no cable (and not much TV reception) and no Internet connection. Predicts will have to wait until at least tomorrow night.

11-21-00 Tuesday

Left campsite about 8:30 and stopped at a rest stop on way to Atlanta to eat breakfast. We took route 85 out of Atlanta to Montgomery where we visited the state capital. It is an impressive white building built 1851-5. Best known for being the building where Jefferson Davis was named President of the Confederacy and where the Confederacy was formed before moving to Richmond, VA for most of the war. House and Senate moved to a building across the street in the 80ís.

Took route 80 west to Meridan, Mississippi where we picked up 20 and we are staying in a motel just outside of Jackson, Mississippi tonight. Campsites in this area donít seem to have internet connection thus we decided on a motel so I could check e-mail for the first time in two days and post the football predicts to my web site.

Got in a 46 minute run after checking in at the motel.


Drove to state capitol in Jackson, Mississippi. Normally they have a guided tour but regular guide was out with toe surgery and their 2nd guide just retired. A gal took me around to the legislatures. Average state capitol built 1901-3 replacing a smaller capitol that is now a museum. Old capital was in use 1839-1903. Very minimal one page of info on capitol Ė not well done.

Rest of day was driving ending up in Grand Prairie, Texas just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Drove through Dallas at 6/6:30 in the rain and the traffic moved great. Really surprised on the day before Thanksgiving.

11-23-00 Thursday

Thanksgiving day. We did nothing but drive all day until 9 PM, 697 miles for the day. Stayed just outside of Dallas, drove thru El Paso and Los Cruces and are staying in a Budget Motel in Lordsburg, New Mexico.

11-24-00 Friday

Drove all day arriving home at 7 PM - gained an hour for the 2nd day in a row. Drove about 650 miles.



Stats visited - 24

Days to get to Ohio - 11

Days in Ohio - 33

Days to Calif - 6


Gas $1,013.22

Food 745.80

Lodging 383.89

Other 263.85

Total $ 2,405.76

Miles driven 9,270

Miles per gallon 13.81

Slag 12-1-00