JULY 3, 2006 THROUGH  NOVEMBER 25, 2006  

Steve Pekovich, Darleen Pekovich, Nelson Slagle, Joann Barlow and Dean Barlow
Nelson Slagle and Dennis Zansler  at restuarant in Reno, Nevada
Excelsior Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
Excelsior Geyser Crater
Store at Yellowstone National Park
Large lake at Yellowstone
Waterfalls at Yellowstone
Stagecoach Inn Motel front grounds in Dupre, Wyoming
Mount Rushmore from beginning of Presidents Trail
Near beginning of Presidents Trail with flags and Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore via telephoto lens
Visitor center from bottom of Presidents Trail
Crazy Horse Entrance from Parking Lot
Crazy Horse profile from entrance - Telephoto
Crazy Horse front from Tour Bus - telephoto lens
Nelson at McDonalds in Minnesota
Front of Corn Palace
Frank Pekovich home in Cross Plains, Wisconnsin
Nelson Slagle, Deb Cummings, Bob Stanley and Jim Henning at  Denny's  in Madison, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin State Capitol
Bronze badger in State Capitol
Boeing Headquarters at 100 Riverside, Chicago

Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Bronze statue of Lincoln
Lincoln studying bronze statue - Prarie Abe
Jim Slagle, Prosecutor sign of building he works in.
Jacobs Field in Cleveland, Ohio where the Cleveland Indians play baseball
Nelson and a bronze statue of Bob Feller
Restaurant along 3B/LF line
Scoreboard in CF from Home Run Porch
Scoreboard and LF and buildings beyond
The Batters Eye behind right field fence.  A Hall of Fame room for Indians player is planned to be added to this area
1948 Cleveland World Championship flag
8-13-06  Front of Warren Harding home in Marion, Ohio.  Brothers Jim and Nelson  toured the home
Two Harding signs in front of home and home through trees
Current gift shop and museum.  Originally was a garage that was converted to campaign headquarters for the Harding campaign of  1920.  Harding died in office in 1923.
Home Heidi lived in prior to her marriage.  The home is right next to the back of the Harding property and was taken from the Harding back yard
Jim inside voting booth
 Nelson and Pete DeWolfe.  Pete is last living grandchild of Florence Harding (Pres Harding's wife).  Pete graduated from Harding in 1955, a year before Nelson.  He is also close friends with Jim Smith, one of two Harding graduates in 1956 that I remember. 
8-20-06  Democratic Political rally where all of the state candidates came by bus and spoke in Marion
 Bus arriving with state candidates
 Gene Slagle and Governor candidate Ted Strickland.  Strickland is way ahead in the polls largely because of  fraud in Gov Tafts (grandson of President Taft) cabinent.
 Four candidates waiting to speak
 Crowd as I left for 214 acre Farm viewing
 Southwest corner of 9th and Worthington where 9th Ave School once stood.  Betty, Bonnie and Nelson Graduated from the 6th grade at this school.
Plaque near Mirror Lake
 Jim Slagle on Oval
 Oval looking from Library toward Haggerty Hall
Jim and Nelson Slagle eat at Ohio Union on OSU campus prior to attending Preseason #1 ranked Buckeyes hosting Northern Illinois and winning 35-12.
Jim Slagle, Nelson Slagle and Phil Hensley  tailgaiting prior to game
 Nelson and Jim Slagle stop at White Castle north of Worthington for dinner on the way home from the game 
 Tenants watching parade from porch of 471 E. Center St, Gene's other rental in Marion next to the office
Gene and Emily Slagle watch Popcorn Festival Parade from 463 E. Center St.
 Looking East up Center from across the street from Gene's properties
Grand Marshall with 463 and 471 E. Center in background
 Budweiser Horses from 463 E. Center
 Convertible with Heidi Slagle driving and Emily, Jim and Betsy Slagle sitting on top of back seat
 Close up wih Heidi, Emily, Jim and Betsy
 The Slagle convertible turns off center.  Ferris wheel and Courhouse are in background
Epworth Methodist Church Parking sign.  Only parking sign I noticed but a great fund raiser
9-17-06 Start of trip to Arkansas.  First stop at Bob Evans in Cincinnati to have lunch with Kim and Tom's family.  Gene Slagle, Emily Slagle, Kim Bays, Taylor Bays, To0m Bays, Emma Bays, Nelson Slagle and Jim Slagle.
9-17-06 Picture of front and side of Clay's home.  Clay was called the greatest statesman in the 19th century by Abe Lincoln.  He ran for President 5 times, failing to get the party nomination twice and failing in the election in 1826 (Adams elected), 1834 (Jackson) and 1842 (Polk). 
9-17-06 Library in Henry Clay's home.  Libary was unique octangle room with 20' high dome ceiling.
9-17-06 Emily and Gene Slagle resting at the Henry Clay estate
9-17-06 Townhouse complex that Hilma Irtz lives in
9-17-06 Gene Slagle, Emily Slagle and Hilma Irtz in living room looking at nodders  (figurine with moving parts not propelled by a spring or electricity).
9-17-06 Nodder collection in office in basement.  Number 10 is an Ohio State player, probably from 1970 era.
9-17-06 Hilma Irtz, Tao Irtz, Emily Slagle, Jim Slagle, Gene Slagle and Fred Irtz eating Kentucky hot brown served by Hilma
9-17-06 Fred Irtz, Gene Slagle, Emily Slagle, Hilma Irtz and Tao Irtz
9-18-06 Base of Clay tombstone
9-18-06 Todd Family tombstones at Lexington, Ky cemetery.  Todd family is family of Mary Todd Lincoln
9-18-06 Entrance to Lexington Center which houses Adolph Rupp arena, home of Kentucky Wildcat basketball.
9-18-06 Side of Mary Todd Lincoln home with Emily and Gene Slagle
9-18-06 Back of Mary Todd Lincoln home in Lexington, Kentucky.  House was condemed and group stepped in to buy and refurbish or lot would have become additional Rupp arena parking
9-18-06 Mississippi River from moving car

9-19-06 Front of state capitol with flags
9-19-06 Senate chamber
9-19-06 Looking toward House Chamber - one of four murals at top of picture
9-19-06 Nelson, Emily, Gene and Nelson inside Little Rock State Capitol
9-19-06 Supreme Court prior to current Supreme Court in Capitol building
9-19-06 Left side and front of Arkansas State Capitol
9-19-06 Front of Old State Capitol built about 1843 and served as capitol until new state capitol was finished in 1916.
9-19-06 Wing of Old State House
9-19-06 President Bill Clinton small museum in Hope, Arkansas
9-19-06 Emily and Gene on Oval rug in visitor center at Clinton boyhood home in Hope, Arkansas
9-19-06 Guide shows Emily and Gene Slagle display in visitor center at Clinton's boyhood home in Hope, Arkansas
9-19-06 Picture of President Clinton Jogging.  Picture at visitor center to Bill Clinton's boyhood home in Hope Arkansas
9-19-06 Vince Foster home next to boyhood home in Hope, Arkansas.  Vince and Bill were boyhood friends and Vince was in Clinton's cabinet.  Vince died early in Clinton's administration.  
9-19-06 Front and side of Clinton's boyhood home
9-19-06 Plaque in front of Clinton boyhood home
9-19-06 Front of Bill Clinton's boyhood home from 4-7 years of age in Hope Arkansas.
9-20-06 Front of Bill Clinton's Library in Little Rock, Arkansas
9-20-06 Admissions area in Bill Clinton's library
9-20-06 Second floor exhibits.  Half of the exhibits were on the 3rd floor and the 4th floor was President Clinton's apartment
9-20-06 Jim, Emily and Gene Slagle at Cafe 42, the cafeteria at Clinton's Presidential Library.  Clinton was the 42nd governor of Arkansas and the nations 42nd president
9-20-06 Landscape in back of Clinton Library from 3
9-20-06 Bridge over Arkansas River from 3rd floor of Clinton Library
9-20-06 Replica of Oval Office from back of desk toward side with Gene Slagle
9-20-06 State House of Representatives in Old State House
9-20-06 Governor Huckabee and Gene Slagle.  Huckabee is a Republican from Hope, Arkansas, Bill Clinton's home town.
9-20-06 Clinton Bust in front of Governor Mansion
9-21-06 Front of U S Grants White Haven home just outside of St. Louis, Missouri
9-21-06 Back of White Havens house
9-21-06 Outdoor kitchen and back of house
9-21-06 New Admissions Building
9-21-06 Gene, Emily, Jim and Nelson Slagle in front of admissions
9-22-06 Talking soldier in museum
9-22-06 Thomas Jefferson and Nelson Slagle in museum
9-22-06 Bridge across Mississippi River
9-22-06 Lewis and Clark statue just erected on banks of Mississippi River
9-22-06 100 year old electrical plant
9-22-06 Grain Elevator
9-22-06 Typical view of Illinois side of Mississippi River - very little industry
9-22-06 Arch and closer view of downtown St Louis skyline
9-22-06 Arch and Nelson Slagle
9-22-06 Emily and Gene Slagle and Arch
9-22-06 Our Steamboat Tom Sawyer
9-22-06 Nelson and Buffalo head along shore opposite the Arch
9-23-06 Mitch and Becky Kartalia, Gene and Emily Slagle.  Both couple are the same age and both have 5 children of similar ages.  Common ancestor is Joseph Slagle born in 1782. 
9-23-06 Mitch and Becky Kartalia, Emily, Gene and Nelson Slagle
9-23-06 Kathy, Lauren, John and Larry Cotter at their place in Deer Field, Illinois just outside of Chicago
9-23-06 Cousins Judy Cotter and Nelson Slagle
9-23-06 Slagle luggage at Super 8 Motel in Indiana

9-24-06 Emily Slagle, Mayde Joss, Gene Slagle, Libby Robinette, Abby Joss, Emma Robinette, Alex Joss, Fred Joss and Michael Robinette
  10-01-06 Entrance to Spiegel Grove, President Rutherford Hayes home in Fremont, Ohio
10-01-06 Front of Rutherford Hayes home
10-01-06 Front and side of Hayes home
10-01-06 Side of President Hayes home.  This 31 room home is the largest President home I remember seeing.
10-01-06 Back of President Hayes home
10-01-06 Hayes tombstone from behind
10-01-06 Front and side of President Hayes Museum
10-01-06 OSU Display.  Hayes helped establish OSU.  Plaque by Mirror Lake recognizes.
10-01-06 Uncle Sadis Birchard display.  Sadis built house and eventually left it to Rutherford Hayes
10-01-06 Rutherford Hayes bust
10-01-06 Enactment of May at 11th annual Cemetery tour by Epworth Methodist Church.  8-10 residents from the 1800's are portrayed by Epworth members
10-01-06 Tami Dean plays President Harding's mistress.  Tami played the role so well that I have nominated Tami Dean for an Oscar.

10-01-06 Bill and Betty Huckaba and Emily Slagle at Marion cemetery.  Bill and Betty made a surprise visit on the way home from Amish country.  They were treated with an encore performance by Tami Dean!  We nominated her for an Academy Award for best actress. 
10-14-06 Nelson Slagle presenting an Oscar to Tami Dean for her portayal of Carrie Phillips (mistress of President Harding) at the Marion Cemtery accross the street from the Harding memorial on October 1, 2006
10-14-06 Nelson, Teddy Roosevelt and Jim Slagle.  The impersonation of Teddy in 1918 (10 years after he was last President)  was great.  He spent an hour doing the skit and answering questions, left the stage, came back as a professor then answered questions in present time
10-24-06  Harding memorial with fall color
10-25-06  Toto and her six puppies 3 days old.  Toto is Jim and Heidi's dog
10-28-06 8th & Perry Ave in Columbus, Ohio.  Background is now part of OSU campus.  Used to be houses and part of Nelson's paper route

10-28-06  Minnesota Gophers invade OSU stadium and get beat 44-0 by the #1 rated Buckeyes
11-12-06 Scoreboard hanging over floor and floor of value arena
11-14-06 Nelson Slagle (Pitcher) nnd Jed Middleton (Shortstop) with 1961-3 Epworth Methodist Church League championshp trophies.  Other players ncluded Bob Middleton (1B), Harold Jones (2B) and Cooke family of 3.
11-17-06 Jim W and Jim A Slagle at Jim Slagle's Prosecuting Attorney office
11-17-06 Betty, Bill, Jim W, John, Jim and Nelson at Value City Arena on evening prior to OSU 42  Michigan 39 Game of Century.  First time 3 brothers and son Jim had been to game in Arena.  Hucks have season tickets

11-17-06 Emily, Gene, Jim W, John and Jim A at Riverside Hospital where Gene was recovering from a fall and resulting head injury
11-18-06 Nelson, Phil Hensley, Jim W and John at Phil's niece tailgate tent after OSU victory
11-19-06 Nelson, Denise Hagen and Craig Hagen at Cracker Barrell Restuarant near Mason, Ohio
11-19-06 Denise Hagen and Craig Hagen at Cracker Barrell Restuarant near Mason, Ohio
11-21-06 Jerry Davis at entrance to Bobby Valentine's restaurant in Arlington, Texas
11-21-06 Jerry Davis beside Bobby Valentine's #2 jersey.  Bobby at one time managed the Mets and Rangers and played for the Angels and Dodgers

11-22-06 Jerry Davis between displays of Troy Aikman and Emment Smith at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters
11-21-06 Jerry Davis, Rich Grygier and Dan Hughes  in lobby of Dallas Headquarters
11-22-06 Dan Hughes, Jerry Davis and Tom Whitby in front of display in conference room
11-22-06 The Dallas Cowboys 2006 team picture display with prior Super Bowl rings
11-22-06 Jerry Davis in Dallas Cowgirl work out room
11-22-06 Tom Whitby beside picture of Dallas Cowgirl

11-22-06 Jerry Davis, Dan Hughes and Rich Grygier in interview room
11-22-06 Pete Walsh shows current set in room where numerous sets can be constructed
11-26-06 Home after five months - our house with for sale sign