Trip log - In Microsoft Word Format
Trip log - In html format for those not having Microsoft Word.
Betty and Bill Huckaba hosted a buffet for 19 Slagles as noted in the picture.  See Huckaba Family picture site for additional pictures.  
Our first stop on the 11 day drive trough the south was at Bonnie and Bob Rudy where we had lunch with the Rudy family at Bob and Bonnie's in Troy, Ohio.  In the picture are Sally, Bob, Emily Slagle, Bonnie, Bill, Evan, Brian, Gene Slagle and Bob Rudy.  See Rudy family picture site for additional pictures.
Taft Home - President Taft home in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Taft was our 27th President serving in 1909-13.
Taft Home -Taft Plaque with home in background
Taft Home - Gene and Emily Slagle by Taft display on second floor of home
Taft Home - Taft President display
Taft Home - Eight Ohio Presidents and one State Senator (Gene Slagle) - 8 Presidents were Grant, Garfield, William Henry Harrison, McKinley, Taft,  Hayes, Benjamin Harrison and Harding
Taft Home - Words on plaque regarding eight Ohio Presidents
Taft Home - Nelson Slagle and President Taft
Cincinnati Baseball Stadium

Gene Slagle, Kim Bays and Emily Slagle at Kim & Tom Bays' home in Cincinnati
Kentucky State Capitol Front in Frankfort, KentuckY - Built 1905-10
Kentucky State Capitol Back in Frankfort, Kentucky
Lincoln Statute in Capitol Building
Jefferson Davis statute in Capiol Building
Inside of Capitol - it was the most beautiful of six capitols we visited on the trip
Nelson, Emily and Gene Slagle in Senate Chamber
Kentucky Capitol House Chamber
Supreme Court room
Lincoln's birth log cabin (or replica) in Lincoln Monument in Hodgenville, Kentucky with Gene and Emily Slagle
Lincoln Monument
Lincoln Monument - closer - Lincoln was 16th President from 1861-65
Nancy Lincoln Inn orginially a restaurant now a gift shop
Gene and Emily at Lincoln Monument sign
Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, Tenn.  Completed 1859
Tennessee State capitol - side
Tennessee State capitol - back
Tennessee State capitol - Andrew Johnson (17th President) Statute
Tennessee State capitol - James K. Polk Tomb on capitol grounds
Tennessee State capitol - James K. Polk and his wife's tombstone
Tennessee State capitol - Andrew Jackson (7th President) statute
Tennessee State capitol - Replica of Liberty Bell
Tennessee State capitol - Senate being restored
Tennessee State capitol - House picture of what restoration will look like

Tennessee State capitol - Andrew Johnson bust
Tennessee State capitol - James K. Polk bust
Tennessee State capitol - Andrew Jackson bust
Tennessee State capitol - Emily and Gene Slagle in Govenor's conference room
Hermitage Plantation home from front - close up.  Home of Andrew Jackson, 7th President.    12 miles east of Nashville, Tenn
Hermitage Plantation from beginning of carriage drive
Gene and Emily Slagle rest on 1/3 mile hike to home
Three phases of building Hermitage house plague
Hermitage Back - close
Hermitage back from end of back path
Hermitage back - kitchen
Hermitage - Kitchen eating area
Hermitage - library
Hermitage - kitchen
Hermitage - Path in garden (created in 1819)  beside house
Hermitage side from garden with Crepe Myrtle trees in foreground
Hermitage - Jackson Tomb
Hermitage - Jackson family plot next to tomb
Hermitage - plaque at Jackson Tomb
Hermitage - Nelson besides Jackson tomb
Hermitage - Springhouse - provided fresh water from spring below
Hermitage - slave excavating site.  Excavation continuous as they research for clues of Slave living in early 1800's.
Hermitage - Alfred Jackson cabin.  Alfred stayed at Hermitage after Civil War and eventually became the first tour guide.  Born about 1812, died 1901 and buried in Jackson family cemetery.
Hermitage - replica of Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachael dancing
Hermitage - plaque of  highlights of Jackson career
Hermitage - Tulip house where Andrew Jackson Donelson, Rachel's nephew, lived.
Hermitage - church founded in 1823 by the Jackson on grounds
Hermitage - Tennessee Confederate Cemetary also on grounds
Belmont Mansion and plaque, Nashville, Tennessee
Belmont Mansion - Front.  On Belmont Univ campus.  Built by wealthy lady, Adelicia in 1850.
Belmont Mansion - Gene and Emily by Lion in front
Belmont Mansion - Gene inside mansion.

Front of Carter home in Franklin, Tenn.  Remaining buildings with most bullet holes from Civil War - about 1000.  Built 1830.
Carter home - Emily and Gene Slagle by plaque in front of home. Last battle  in Tennessee in Civil War was at Franklin, Tenn at this site.  
Carter home - Nelson in back of home. Family hid in basement during fierce battle and all survived.  One son fought in battle and was killed.  
Carter - home - log cabin
Carter home - cannon on grounds
Carter home with bullet holes
Carter home - office building with 128 bullet holes
Carter home - Carved out log
Carter home - Gene and Emily with guide at office building
Carter home - cannon hole in home - 5122
Polk home in Columbia, Tennessee.  James Polk, 11th President, lived here from 1818 when he graduated from UNV to 1824 when he married Sarah Childress.  
Polk home - Gene and Emily with plaque in front of home. Only President to fulfill all campaign promises .
Polk home - Emily in back of Polk home.  Polk was only Speaker of the House to be President.
Polk home - gardens
Polk home - kitchen.  Home built in 1816 by James Polks' parents.  
Georgia State capitol in Atlanta - front.  Dedicated 1889
Georgia State capitol - Jimmy Carter statute.  Jimmy was our 39th President.
Georgia State capitol - Emily and Gene in front of Carter Statute
Georgia State capitol - Jimmy Carter painting when he was Govenor
Georgia State capitol - House
Georgia State capitol - Dome from inside
Georgia State capitol - inside capitol
Georgia State capitol - Emily and Gene in Senate
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - Gene and Emily in front of sign to entrance
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - grounds and entrance.  In Atlanta, Georgia
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - close up of entrance
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - Emily, Nelson and Gene eating lunch in cafeteria
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - Oval office replica
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - Nelson and bust of Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - Carter Election campaign exhibit Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - Nobel peace award exhibit
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - lake behind museum with Atlanta skyline in background
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - lake with Carter Center in background
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - front grounds from library entrance
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - gardens and flags at entrance
Stone Mountain - Faces of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis in site of mountain
Stone Mountain - Close up of three faces
Stone Mountain - Emily and Gene Slagle with three faces in background
Jim McMillen and Nelson Slagle in front of his home in Greensboro, Georgia.  
Jim McMillen, Emily, Gene and Nelson on boat tour on Lake Onocee.  See McMillen picture site for other picture
Plains, Georgia - Front of Jimmy Carter boyhood home
Plains, Georgia - Back of Jimmy Carter boyhood home
Plains, Georgia - Jimmy's bedroom with Gene listening to Jimmy recording
Plains, Georgia - Tennis court that Jimmy played tennis mostly against his dad
Plains, Georgia - Community country store that Carters operated in 1920's and 30's
Plains, Georgia - Inside the store
Plains, Georgia - Wagon inside barn
Plains, Georgia - Gene and Emily Slagle at Marantha Baptist church in Plains with Rev Ariail.  Rev Ariail was celebrating his 65th birthday and Emily Slagle was celebrating her 87th birthday
Plains, Georgia - Line of people waiting to enter Church for Jimmy Carter's Sunday School class that starts at 10 AM.  We got their at 8:15 AM and were 156th in line.  
Plains, Georgia - Nelson taken by Security Guard checking my camera
Plains, Georgia - Jimmy Carter teaching Sunday School
Plains, Georgia - Nelson, Gene Slagle, Jimmy and Roslyn Carter and Emily Slagle after church
Plains, Georgia -Nelson, Jimmy and Roslyn Carter
Plains, Georgia - Jimmy and Roslyn with unidentified guests
Plains, Georgia - Jimmy and Roslyn with US Army personnel
Plains, Georgia - Gene and Emily with Carter display at old High School that is now a museum
Plains, Georgia - Jimmy Carter 7th grade classroom
Plains, Georgia - Nelson behind desk of 7th grade classroom
Plains, Georgia - Carter campaign headquartes in downtown Plains taken from car
Warm Springs - Entrance.  This was the location in Georgia that Pres. F. D. Roosevelt  came to try to cure his polio.
Warm Springs - This was the house FDR set up as the Little White House.  Buildings on the sides were for guests and servants.  Six-room home was completed in 1932 for $8,738.  
Warm Springs - Plaque noting FDR died here
Warm Springs - Gene on a scooter they let him use to get around the site
Warm Springs - Fountain and pat with state stones for all 50 states.  Two room museum is at end of path.
Gene and Emily Slagle with luggage at motel in Atlanta, Georgia
Turner field in Atlanta, Georgia - taken from car.
Underground - Purple cow at entrance to the Underground in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Was downtown until they moved town up a level in 1929 leaving the underground.
Underground - Nelson and Emily pose with statute of a bear and its trainer, common site in the 1800's
Underground - Cow dressed as a female.  There are 180 cows such as these standing troughout Atlanta.  Cow Parade Atlanta 1903 will include all 180 cows.  Many of the cows will be sold at auction for the fundraiser. 
Underground - Downtown area, a level above the underground,  with Coca Cola sign
Augusta Golf Club entrance in Augusta, Georgia.  This is where the Masters is held each April.  No admittance allowed during year except by members
Augusta Gardens on Savannah River in Augusta Georgia - Falls
Augusta Gardens - Dad on Nelson on scooter they gave us to get around grounds
Augusta Gardens - Byron Nelson statute
Augusta Gardens - Arnold Palmer statute
Augusta Gardens - Bobby Jones statute
Augusta Gardens - Garden View
Augusta Gardens - Raymond Floyd statute
Augusta Gardens - Jack Nicklaus statute
Woodrow Wilson home in Augusta, Georgia.  The 28th President lived here from 1860 to 1870.
Lance Hall home 20 miles from Saluda, South Carolina
Lance Hall and Nelson Slagle
Saluda Motel - our least expensive motel of the trip
South Carolina State capitol in Columbia - front of capitol. Third capitol for state was built from 1855-1907.  Many delays due to war, corruption, etc.
South Carolina State capitol in Columbia - side of capitol
South Carolina State capitol - statue of George Washington 
South Carolina State capitol - stone marking original capitol when was burned down in the Civil War
South Carolina State capitol - statute of John Calhoun, twice Vice President and in politics for 40+ years
South Carolina State capitol - Emily, Gene and Nelson in Senate
South Carolina State capitol - Guide, Emily and Gene in Senate
South Carolina State capitol - House Chambers
Woodrow Wilson boyhood home in Augusta, Georgia.  Closed for tours on day we were their
Woodrow Wilson boyhood home for first two years in Columbia, South Carolina.  Built in 1872 and Woodrow Wilson lived there 1872-75.   
Woodrow Wilson boyhood home - 72-year old guide, Emily and Gene on porch.  Note the windows extending to floor thus double as doors
Polk Historical Park, Pineville, North Carolina - Polk home, 2 buildings and garden
Polk Historical Park - Inside Polk log cabin  similar to what he was born in 1795.
Polk Historical Park - Bedroom on 2nd floor of log cabin
Polk Historical Park - Emily and Gene outside log cabin
Polk Historical Park - Guide, Gene Emily in kitchen
Polk Historical Park - Nelson carries goods like they used to
Polk Historical Park - Sugar Creek behind home
North Carolina State capitol in Raleigh, North Carolina - Front of capitol
North Carolina State capitol - Back of capitol
North Carolina State capitol - George Washington Statute - identical to statutes in South Carolina and Virgina state capitols except Virginia is marble statute
North Carolina State capitol - Senate Chambers
North Carolina State capitol - Library
North Carolina State capitol - House Chambers
North Carolina State capitol - James Polk, Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson statutes
Joel Lane House in Raleigh, North Carolina built in 1760.  Joel Lane sold land that downtown Raleigh and the state capitol now stand.  
Joel Lane House - Guide and Emily in Joel Lane house.  Hottest day of trip at 102 and 90's humidity.  Didn't bother us much as we were usually inside.  
Jim Gibson, Nelson Slagle and John Crites at Research Triangle International in Triangle Park, North Carolina.  
Sherwood Forest - longest frame house in country at 300 feet.  Only home owned by two different presidents - Tyler and William Henry Harrison.  Tyler, 10th President, lived here from 1842 until his death in 1862.  
Sherwood Forest - close up of portion of front.  Located a few miles east of Charles City, Virginia  
Sherwood Forest - close up of front of home
Sherwood Forest - Back of home - not open for tourist as Tyler descendants live on 1st floor as of a year ago.
Sherwood Forest - log cabin building
Berkley Plantation - front of home.  Founded by father of Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Governor three times.  Home built in 1726..
Berkley Plantation - Front of home.  Benjamin Harrison was father of out 9th President, William Henry Harrison and great grandfather of Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd President
Berkley Plantation - Back of home.  First 10 presidents were entertained at home. Oldest 3 story brick house in Virginia.  
Berkley Plantation - View from back of home down path toward James River.  Few miles from Charles City, Virginia.
Berkley Plantation - James River from end of path through garden
Berkley Plantation - Stone indicating Taps was first heard at this home during the Civil War when General McClelland housed 140,000 troops.  Lincoln came to Berkley to meet with McClelland.
Berkley Plantation - Crepe Myrtle trees line path to Harrison family cemetary
Berkley Plantation - William Henry Harrison Tombstone.
Berkley Plantation - Benjamin Harrison tombstone.  He was signer of Declaration of Independence dying in 1791.
Shirley Plantation, a few miles outside of Charles City. Virginia -  Front of home from parking lot.  Oldest running family business in US, starting in 1638 although plantation was setteled in 1613 making it the oldest plantation in US.  Spans 11 generations of Carter & Hills..  
Shirley Plantation - front closer.  Robert E. Lee was born here to his parents, Harry 'Lighthorse' Lee of Revolutionary war fame and  mother Anne Hill Carter.  
Shirley Plantation - Gene and Emily in front of home
Shirley Plantation - Side of home
Shirley Plantation - Side of home
Shirley Plantation - James River from back porch.  Oak tree is 350 years old
Shirley Plantation - view from front porch
Shirley Plantation - Inside kitchen
Shirley Plantation - kitchen eating area
Shirley Plantation - Crepe Myrtle tree with Oak tree in background
Shirley Plantation - Inside barn
Shirley Plantation - Shirley Plantation plaque Virginia State capitol in Richmond, Virginia - Front of capitol
Virginia State capitol -  Front from corner.  Second oldest working Capitol in the US starting in 1788.  Thomas Jefferson was the architect.  
Virginia State capitol - Large statute with Washington at top and prominent Virginians below.  They are Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Thomas Nelson, Jr and Andrew Lewis
Virginia State capitol - Gene and Emily in Senate in front of state seal
Virginia State capitol - Senate
Virginia State capitol - Gene and guide in House
Virginia State capitol - Robert E. Lee statute
Virginia State capitol - Washington statute - only marble statute of Washington - likely the most valuable marble statute in country.  Jefferson had sculpted in France by Jean-Antoine Houdon who took Washington's measurements and molded a life mask.  
Virginia State capitol - Thomas Jefferson bust - 3rd president.  He is one eight presidents born in Virginia.
Virginia State capitol - James Madison bust - 4th president
Virginia State capitol - James Monroe bust - 5th president
Virginia State capitol - William Henry Harrison - 9th president
Virginia State capitol - John Tyler bust - out 10th president
Virginia State capitol - Zachary aylor bust
Virginia State capitol- Woodrow Wilson bust -
Virginia State capitol - Plaque of Washington, Madison and Blair all signers of the Constitution
Virginia State capitol - Thomas Stonewall Jackson statute
Jim Slagle with Gene and Emily Slagle in Jim's prosecutors office in Marion, Ohio.  Jim moved in new offices during August.  See Heidi and Jim Slagle Picture sites for more pictures of the family from the trip.  
445 South Vine Street; Marion, Ohio where our family lived from 1954 to the late 60's.
Nelson and Jim Slagle and Phil Hensley tailgaiting at OSU 28 Washington 9 game on August 30th.  Nicklaus museum is in background.
Nelson, Jim Slagle and  Dave Martell at OSU - Washington game.  For other game pictures go to Ohio State Football 2002- picture site