Jim and Nelson at Gene and Emily's home in Marion, Ohio shortly after we arrived from the airport in Columbus where Jim picked Nelson up.
Gene, Emily and Vern Slagle at Applebee's in Massillon, Ohio where we met for lunch
Nelson and Emily Slagle at William McKinley's monument in Canton, Ohio
McKinley Statue and Memorial
McKinley Memorial
View from McKinley Memorial
McKinley Memorial from across the grass lawn

Emily and Gene Slagle in front of Millard Fillmore home
Front of Millard Fillmore Home in East Aurora, New York
Front and side of Fillmore home
Side of Fillmore home
Fall colors from front yard of Fillmore home
Our tour guide, Mark Kopp and Nelson by desk that John Quincy Adams gave his close friend, Millard Fillmore.  Mr. Kopp worked at Battelle in Columbus, Ohio from 1963-69.
Desk and Surveyor Equipment
Room in back of home that is now a gift shop.  Piano that went to the White House and back is in the back of the room.
Nelson giving thumbs up to a McDonalds sign in Hyde Park, New York which is 3 miles outside of Cooperstown.
Slugger Gene Slagle poses between two batters on a McDonalds restroom at Hyde Park, NY
Gene, Nelson and Emily watch President Video's in motel lobby
Front of Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
Front of Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
Fall scene behind Baseball Hall of Fame
Fall scene behind Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
Fall scene behind Baseball Hall of Fame
Back of Baseball Hall of Fame with a statute of a pitcher pitching to a catcher with the area in between laid in brick
Babe Ruth Display room in Baseball Hall of Fame
Gene and Emily stand in front of a picture of Babe Ruth
Nelson stands in front of the Ty Cobb display in his 'Continental Wall Mart' OSU sweatshirt.
Presidents primarily throwing out first pitch display
Four of  about 100 Sports Illustrated cover over the last 50 years showing baseball players
First Sports Illustrated Baseball cover in August 1954.
Top 10  Alltime and active  RBI leaders display
Top 10 All-time and active  home runleaders display
Top 10 All-time and active games played leaders display
Top 10 All-time and active strikeouts leaders display
One of six 1906 Honus Wagner baseball cards
Baseball Stadium Theater.  Saw a 10 minute film.  Picture doesn't do picturesque theater justice
Emily and Gene in theater
Assorted baseball related statues
Cow in baseball jersey
Bob Feller and Stan Musial giving Hall of Fame induction speech.  Bob Feller is one of Emily's favorite players
Ted Williams statute
Babe Ruth Statute
Five of first inductees into Baseball Hall of fame are Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson
Gene by plaque of one of his favorite players, Earl Averill
Baseball Movie Room.  Displays pictures of many baseball movies
A League of their Own display starring Tom Hanks and Madonna
Field of Dream display starring Kevin Costner
Looking outside to the statute of a pitcher (Johnny Podres) pitching to a catcher (Roy Campanella)

Oct 20th - Front of Van Buren Home in Kinderhook, NY.  It was being renovated inside thus we couldn't get in.
Side of Van Buren home.
Emily watching video of Van Buren in the visitor center
Chester Arthur grave site at cemetery in Albany, New York
Stone giving facts on our 21st President, Chester Arthur
Emily and Gene Slagle look at Arthur family plot
Fall colors in cemetery
Fall colors at a lane in Vermont
Fall Colors at same lane in Vermont
Chester Arthur home through trees in Fairfield, Vermont about 15 miles from Canadian border
Closer view of Arthur home.  Home closes for tours on Oct 12.  Was unable to obtain a tour or someone to open home
Chester Arthur Plaque near home
Emily and Gene beside stone marking spot cottage was located that Arthur was born
Displays still in home taken through a window.
Oct 21 - Front of Montpelier, Vermont state capitol with golden dome
Statue of Ethane Allen
Pictures of all 50 state capitols
Nelson, Emily and Gene stand in front of Capitol pictures
Thomas Chittender, first governor, statute
Portrait of Chester Arthur
Portrait of Calvin Coolidge.  Arthur and Coolidge were only Vermont Presidents
Bust of Abraham Lincoln
Senate leaders office
Senate Chambers
Gene at Senate Podium
Gene at Senate Podium.  Portrait of George Washington behind Gene
House Chambers
Emily and Gene Slagle in front of House podium
Emily, Gene and tour guide in front of House chamber
Birch trees on Rt. 2, 10 miles west of Maine in New Hampshire
Scene of red and orange leaves along route in Maine about 15 miles north of Augusta
10-22-04  Back of Maine State Capitol in Augusta, Maine
Front of Maine State Capitol
Front of Maine State Capitol across lawn
View from 2nd floor of Maine State Capitol
House Chambers
Nelson, Emily and Gene in front of House Podium
Senate Chambers
Maine seal in carpeting and podium in Senate chambers
Guide, Emily and Gene in front of podium in Maine State Capitol
Front of New Hampshire state capitol.  We didn't tour capital as we had seen it on a previous trip
Daniel Webster and front of New Hampshire state capitol
Front of Franklin Pierce home in Caldwell, New Hampshire with fall tree.  Emily and Gene are walking up the walkway
Side of Franklin Pierce home with fall tree
Opposite side and front of Pierce Home
Fall tree in Pierce home front yard
Dining room  in Pierce home
JFK Presidential Library sign in front of library
JFK Presidential Library.  We didn't tour as we toured on previous trip.
Emily and Gene with our luggage on rack at Marriott Hotel in Quincy, Mass.  We had trouble finding a vacant room at any motel thus ended up staying at the Marriott where the St. Louis Cardinals were staying prior to their first game with the Boston Red Sox
Marriott at dusk
10-23-04 Marriott hotel from a distance
Nelson and John Adams statute at Quincy Square in Quincy, Mass
John Adams home in Quincy, Mass., formerly Braintree, Mass.  John Adams was our 2nd President
 Closer view of Braintree home
Garden beside home and library added after John Q Adams died
Path in garden
Scene in garden
Falls colors on Braintree property
Conference room in visitor center
John Adams direct descendant with Gene whose ancestors are related to Adams family.  She was on a cruise that stopped at a Boston port allowing groups to tour Boston area.  She lives in Canada
John Adams Braintree home study.  Chair in far corner is where John Adams was sitting when he died on 7-4-1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Trolley that took us from Braintree home to birth homes
Home where John Adams, our 2nd President and first Vice President, was born.  Home was built about 1683
Home where John Adams was born
Large room added with log family table taken through window
Emily, Guide and Gene at home John Quincy Adams was born
Home where John Quincy Adams, out 6th President, was born.  The home was built in 1663
Fireplace in birth home of John Quincy Adams taken through the window
Adams Historical Site sign where John and John Quincy Adams was born
Emily and Gene Slagle in front of McDonalds in E. Greenwich, Rhode Island.  This was the 2nd of 4 restaurants we ate at this day in four states (Mass, RI, Conn. & NY)
10-24-04 Teddy Roosevelt's home, Sagamore Hills, in Oyster Bay, New York.
Downstairs study in Teddy Roosevelt's home
Huge family room added by Teddy Roosevelt
Upstairs study in Teddy Roosevelt home
Trees in fall colors at Sagamore Hills
Emily and Gene in front of Sagamore Hills visitor center
Row of colorful trees on a lane on Cove Ave. in Oyster Bay, NY a few miles from Sagamore Hills
Same trees down outside of row
Looking through trees at Cove Ave. in Oyster Bay
Holland Tunnel entrance taken through the windshield in New York City.  
House built to contour of merging streets
Grover Cleveland Historical site sign in Caldwell, New Jersey
Front of Grover Cleveland home in Caldwell, New Jersey
Side of Grover Cleveland home
Opposite side of Grover Cleveland home with Emily in front yard
Back of Cleveland home with fall tree. Emily and Gene are walking toward camera.
Gene, Nelson, Emily and three others on benches set up in room in Cleveland home for a lecture on the home.  Picture taken by tour guide
Nelson and Ronald McDonald advertising Monopoly tokens in Trenton, New Jersey McDonalds taken by McDonald's  employee.
New Jersey State Capitol Dome from inside.  We did not tour the capitol since next tour was 50 minutes later.  Couldn't go on your own.  One of  a very few state capitols hat won't let you tour on your own
Front of Trenton, New Jersey State Capitol
Front of New Jersey State Capitol further back
Back of Dover, Delaware State Capitol
Gene and Emily Slagle on steps at back of Delaware State Capitol
Front of Delaware State Capitol
Senate Chambers
Emily and Gene at podium of Senate chambers
House Chambers
Gene and Emily at podium of House chambers
Nelson in Toyota checking out next stop on cell phone.  Note GPS unit on windshield.  Travel guide with itinerary etc. on Nelson's lap.
McDonalds at Dover, Delaware
Valley Forge Visitor Center.  We arrived late in day and didn't see much of Valley Forge
James Buchannon, our 15th President,  Home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania called Wheatland
Closer view of front of Wheatland home
View from porch of Wheatland home with Gene taking picture
Back of Wheatland home
Wheatland home study
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania State Capitol front
Pa State Capitol back
Pa State Capitol back across lawn
Pa State Capitol dome from inside
Most ornate state capitol in US.  Picture of rotunda
House Chambers Walls and Chandelier.  Dark due to massive area.
Senate Chambers
Nelson and Emily at Harrisburg, Pa McDonalds
Gene and Emily with luggage outside of Econo Lodger near Gettysburg, Pa
Gettysburg Visitor Center
Shuttle Bus to Dwight Eisenhower retirement home, the only home he ever owned
Front of Eisenhower home
Closer view of Ike home
View of Ike home with telephoto lens from Gettsburg battlefield
Putting Green and Sand trap put in by PGA for Ike.  Barn is in background
Barn on Ike farm with tour group
Ike Guest Cottage
Small office Ike used for official business
Ike displays in Visitor Center.  We also saw a 19 minute film in visitor center about Ike's life
Nelson, Gene and Emily in front of Eisenhower Historic Sign on Visitor Center building.
Fall Trees at Eisenhower home
Gene and Emily on tour bus
Gettysburg Civil War Museum in visitor center
Some of Civil War veterans and their Bio.  Impressive display
Lincoln statute near spot where Lincoln gave Gettysburg address in 1863 to dedicate Gettysburg cemetery.
Cannon with Cemetery in background
Eternal Light Peace Memorial, one of 15 noted stops on 26 mile Gettysburg drive.
Red fall tree at Gettysburg
Virginia Memorial.  Every state had some sort of statute or memorial honoring their soldiers
View from Little Round Top, #8 on the driving tour
Brig General Gouveneur Warren, Gen. Meade Chief Engineer.   Warren alrerted Union officers of the Confederate threat he saw from this spot.  Union brought in reinforcements and held back the Confederates attempt to claim this key peak.
Statutes and Fall colors.  There are over 1,000 statutes though out the park.  
Pennsylvania Memorial, #12 on the driving tour
28th Regiment of Ohio Memorial
Ohio statutes and fall colors
Brilliant red and orange fall colors in back of Gettysburg Cemetery.
Downtown Pittsburgh from Station Square, across the Mongehelia River.  Black building is Steel Building where Rockwell had their Corporate headquarters until about 1992.
Another downtown Pittsburgh view
Two bridges across Mongehelia River
Grand Concourse portion of Station Square in Pittsburgh
Back of Hard Rock Cafe where Nelson had lunch with eight former Rockwell Corporate employees
Sheryl Crow picture and guitar
We had lunch with 8 former Rockwell Corporate employees at Red Rock Cafe
Pat Parella on phone with Anne Marie Benson and Karen Bartholomew at Rockwell Collins in Cypress
Heidi and Jim at their home in Marion
Fall Colors in Marion
Fall Colors in Marion
Fall Colors in Marion Cemetery
Fall Colors in Marion Cemetery
445 South Vine Street - Front
445 South Vine Street in Marion - Back
Jim and Nelson in his Prosecutor Office
Jim and Policemen who brought in a DUI case late Friday afternoon
Political Signs at Marion County Democratic Party Headquarters
Political signs on vacant lot with Marion Catholic High School in background
New Marion Harding High School sign with school in background
New Marion Harding High School that just opened  this school year
Nelson on laptop at Jim and Heidi's as Trinka sits guard
Betsy, Heidi, Lauren, Jim, Mike and Emily Slagle.  Mike is an exchange student rom France
10-30-04 Jim by Jack Nicklaus Museum sign near Lane and Olentangy River Road in Columbus
Jack Nicklaus Museum
Jim and Nelson in front of  a Jack Early Years Display
Masters records by Nicklaus.  Had separate displays of all the majors, Jack golf architect, OSU golf and numerous other displays
60's golden era display showing many of the golfing greats of that ear.  They also had Nicklaus displays for each of the last six decades
Family room replica of their Florida home.  Was a great 10 minute video of Jack the father
Jim Slagle, Phil Hensley, Ruthie Poole and three Ruthie relatives tailgating outside of French Field House
Jim Slagle, Phil Hensley, Ruthie Poole, and three Ruthie relatives with Nelson
Jim, Phil Hensley and Nelson
Nelson and Jim in front of stadium an hour before game time
Script Ohio from our 32 yard line seats
Nelson and Jim in Section 30 Row 18. Nelson's son Jim won the two tickets in a raffle by the OSU Alumni club in Orange County, Calif.
Jim on Woody Hayes Drive in front of Stadium
Jim, Betty Huckaba and Nelson at Betty's
Taylor Bays and Nelson
Tom, Taylor, Kim, Betty, Bill at Betty & Bill's home
Nelson, Kim, Taylor Tom Bays
Nelson, Betty & Bill Huckaba

Independence Hall at Knotts Berry farm in Buena Park, Calif .  Independence Hall was dedicated 7-4-1966
Patriot Statute on Independce Hall grounds
Nelson, Emily and Gene Slagle in front of Liberty Bell replica.  Liberty Bell was constructed in 1752.  A 5-minute narrative gave history of Liberty Bell
Replica of room where Declaration of Independce was signed.  There was a 15 minute recording of how the debate leading to the signing of the Declaration of Indepence may have gone with Adams, Jefferson and Franklin all speaking.
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson pictures beside grandfather clock ca 1790 donated by at Mrs Jameson Hill of Seal Beach, Calif
British Soldier
Gene Slagle, Betsy Ross making flag, George Washington and Emily Slagle
Original 13 colony flag
Tam and Emily
Nelson and Tammy by Christmas Tree in Independence hall