Gerry Hamilton showing Nelson Slagle his baseball predictions on his iMac computer Nelson Slagle, Gerry Hamilton and Hal Berger at Gerry Hamiltons
Hal Berger, Gerry Hamilton, Tammy Slagle, Breanna, Shea and Melody Hamilton at wetlands adjacent to their home
Gerry, Melody, Breanna, and Shea Hamilton in front of their home.  Breanna and Shea are granddaughters
Mike and Jane Levine home in Danville, California Mike, Jane, Sabrina and Zach Levine in their home
Mike, Jane, Sabrina Levine, Tammy and Nelson Slagle Zach Levine shows Nelson Slagle a web site he recently designed
Sutter Home where Tammy did some wine tasting in Napa Valley, California KOA campground in Eureka.  We mostly stayed in KOA campgrounds similar to this one during our trip
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Box at Mystery Trees attraction about 15 miles south of Crescent City, California.  The head fell off of the bull about 2007 from dryrot and was rebuilt. 
Paul Bunyan statute
John, Faye and Luke Mathison in their living room in Brookings, Oregon
Mathison home on the beach in Brookings, Oregon
View from deck of Mathison home John Mathison, Faye Mathison, Tammy Slagle and Luke Mathison in their yard
Faye and John Mathison, Tammy and Nelson Slagle View of Mathison home from beach
Washington State Capitol in Olympia, Washington Boeing Assembly Building in Everett, Washington.  Largest building in the world - houses 98 acres!
Boeing Tour Center in Everett, Washington Greenback Farm on Whidbey Island built in 1904
Judy and Richard Grosvenor home in Anacortes, Washington View from 2nd floor in Judy and Richard's office in garage
Judy and Richard Grosvenor and Tammy Slagle on back patio Ole Olson, Tammy Slagle and June Olson at their home in Ferndale, Washington
Ole Olson, June Olson and Nelson Slagle in Olson home Lowell and Ginny Miller home in Tacoma, Washington
Lowell Miller, Ginny Miller and Tammy Slagle on back patio Portion of Ginny Miller 700 Nancy Ann doll collection
Ginny Miller, Tammy Slagle and Nelson Slagle Oregon State Capitol in Salem, Oregon
Nelson Slagle and Martin Visser at Carl's Jr in Redding, California Martin, Brittany, Bethany, Brooke, Marty John, and Laurie Visser in Martin's apartment in Redding, California
Newport Dunes  Beach and Bay - We spent a day there while our home was being tented for termites Roadtrek in parking space with Newport Beach homes in background
Nelson sitting in Coral tree Tam in blooming Coral tree - two palm trees in background
Tam in blooming Coral tree Tam in blooming Coral tree with two palms
Newport Dunes Bay and wave maker from bridge Two canoes and boats in Bay
Boats in Bay and houses on cliff