AND BEYOND
4-25-00 Phelan Wright warming up prior to Marina 2-1 victory over Los Alamitos 4-25-00 Phelan Wright batting at Marina High School
4-25-00 Phelan Wright batting against Marina  4-25-00 Phelan Wright swinging at pitch
4-25-00 Shortstop Phelan Wright and pitcher Kim Dillon at Marina 5-4-00 Phelan Wright & Kristin Farber talk to coach before 1-0 victory over Natalie King and Fountain Valley
5-4-00 Phelan Wright talking to her mom, Holly MacDonald at Fountain Valley High School 5-4-00 Kristin Farber with batting helmet on
5-4-00 Phelan Wright practices swing  5-4-00 Phelan at bat and Kristin on 3rd and coach to the left.  Phelan was walked intentionally.  Next batter, Darcey Brown laid down perfect squeeze bunt for games only run
5-4-00 Los Alamitos team getting ready to congratulate Fountain Valley after 1-0 victory 5-4-00 Team huddle after beating Fountain Valley 1-0 and taking one game lead in conference
5-4-00 Close up of Phelan Wright and Kristin Farber 5-4-00 Phelan & Kristin walking to team bus after game
5-9-00 Center Fielder Kristin Farber and shortstop Phelan Wright at Huntington Beach High School in 1-0 victory 5-11-00 Phelan Wright running to first in 3-2, 20 inning  loss to Marina at Los Alamitos High School
5-11-00 Kristin Farber running to first on a bunt 5-11-00 Phelan Wright takes pitch against Marina
5-11-00 Phelan Wright swinging against Marina.  The loss meant Los Al, Marina and FV tied for the Sunset League Championship with 8-2 records.   Next is CIF!  Phelan had 13 assists and 5 putouts at SS.  Kristin had 3 stolen bases, 4 hits, an intentional walk and was hit by a pitch 5-11-00 Marina's pitcher Steffany Stenglein pitching to Phelan Wright. Marina pitcher struck out 13 in 20 innings and allowed 9 hits.  Los Al pitcher Kim Dillon had a no-hitter until the 8th and allowed 7 hits with 3 strikeouts in 20 innings! Both pitchers allowed one earned run
5-11-00 Phelan standing beside batters box with Kristin Farber on 2nd base and two out in the 20th inning.  Phelan got a hit to score Kristin for the teams 2nd run in 3-2 loss 5-19-00 Kristin Farber and Phelan Wright prior to first CIF game, a 5-0 win over Downey
5-19-00 First pitch of game.  Phelan Wright at Shortstop.  Griffin Softball banner in left field 5-19-00 Kristin Farber on first pitch for Los Alamitos.  She singled, stole 2nd and 3rd and scored first run
5-19-00 Phelan Wright fakes bunt as Kristin Farber steals 3rd 5-19-00 Kristin Farber scores team first run on Darby Brown's (31) single
5-19-00 Kristin Farber batting 5-19-00 Kristin Farber running to first base
5-19-00 Coach talks to team after 5-0 victory 5-19-00 Los Alamitos Team Picture
5-19-00 Pitcher Kim Dillon, CF Kristin Farber, SS Phelan Wright, 3B Deleon MacKenzie, 1B Darcey Brown 5-19-00 Kristin Farber, Nelson Slagle & Phelan Wright in front of Los Alamitos scoreboard
5-23-00 Los Alamitos fans at 2-1 victory over Arroyo Grande at Los Alamitos High School 5-23-00 Kristin Farber getting ready for first pitch against Arroyo Grande.  She singled then stole 2nd and 3rd
5-23-00 Phelan Wright at bat in 6th just before hitting a lead off single up the middle 5-23-00 Phelan Wright scoring the winning run in the 6th inning on a line single by Emily Foultz
5-23-00 Chrystal Davis and Melissa Hearn after game 5-23-00 Phelan Wright, Tom Wright (travel team coach of both girls) and Kristin Farber
5-25-00 Kristin Farber at bat in 3rd inning of 1-0 loss to Camarillo in CIF Division 1 quarter-finals 5-25-00 Camarillo scores lone run in 5th inning.  Number 8 is Pitcher Kim Dillon, 1B is Darby Brown and Catcher is Kit
5-25-00 Kristin Farber in last at bat in high school.  She singles and steals 43rd base, is bunted to 3B and left stranded 5-25-00 Phelan Wright in last at bat in high school.  Kristin Farber is on 3B.  Phelan finishes season with 21 RBI's
5-25-00 Tia Bollinger of Mater Dei pitching to Courtney Fossatti of Foothill.  Foothill won CIF finals 1-0 in 8 innings. Bollinger pitched the entire game.  Fossatti was relieved after one batter in the 7th by Elizabeth Bendig.  All 3 pitchers did not allow an earned run in the game and each allowed one earned run during the season 6-6-00 Phelan Wright, Natalie Golda (Rosary) and Kristin Farber of the North team in the North-South Orange County All Star game at Brea Olinda High School.  All 3 girls were on the Orange County Register 14 player all county team.  Phelan hit 356 with 21 RBI's and 985 fielding average at SS. Natalie had 6 HR, 27 RBI and 19 runs scored as C and 1B.  Kristin batted 474, scored 28 runs and led the country with 43 stolen bases
6-6-00 Erica Greenberg of Calvary Chapel warming up.. 6-6-00 North All Stars introducted. Erin Jones, Dawn Ramynke, Andee Lindgren, Phelan Wright, Kristin Farber, Jessica Edwards, Audra Ratajczak, Christina Cansdale, Lauren Gallardo, and Sarah Mesa
6-6-00 South All Starts introduced.  Steffany Stenglein, Marina; Tia Bollinger, Mater Dei; Erica Greenberg, Calvary Chapel; Jessica Gonzalez, Mater Dei; Breanne Cooley, Woodbridge and Melissa Hara, Capistrano Valley 6-6-00 Erica Greenberg on 3B after getting a hit.  She was 2nd team All County with 4 HR, 25 RBI and a 360 batting average.  She was a catcher
6-6-00 Kristen Farber in CF and Phelan Wright at SS for the North All Stars 6-6-00 Erica Greenberg catching for the South
6-6-00 Dugout scene including Phelan Wright (13), Sarah Mesa (8), Natalie Golda (33) and Kristin Farber standing on bench 6-6-00 Erica Greenberg playing 3B
6-6-00 Erica Greenberg batting.  She had one hit in two at bats 6-6-00 Los Alamitos cheering section.  Holly MacDonald and Mr. & Mrs. Farber
6-6-00 Kristin at bat in the 4th inning.  She had one hit in two at bats 6-6-00 Phelan Wright takes pitch in the 5th inning
6-6-00 Phelan Wright pops up in the 5th inning.  Jessica Gonzalez, Mater Dei is the catcher 6-6-00 Team huddle after South defeated North 2-0.  Phelan Wright and Kristin Barber standing in middle.  Also Christina Cansdale (2) and Audra Ratajczak (blue).  Tia Bollinger, Orange County Player of the Year was also game MVP.  She finished 30-2 allowing 1 earned run in 230 innings.  She led county with 389 strike outs.  She was 2nd team All County as a Freshman and All County her last 3 years.  She was also Gatorade National High School Softball Player of the Year this season
6-8-00 Natalie King, Fountain Valley and Erica Greenberg, Calvary Chapel in the 1st Annual Orange County Coaches All Star Softball Classic at Championship Field in Irvine.  This is the first game played in the new park 6-8-00 Phelan Wright and Natalie King.  Both were All County players.  Natalie King was 24-8 with a .29 ERA and struck out 376 in 242 innings, 2nd best in County.  She was Sunset pitcher of the year or 2nd consecutive year.
6-8-00 Sondra Milchiker, El Toro and Kristin Farber 6-8-00 Steffany Stenglein, Marina and Phelan Wright.  Steffany was All County with a 17-2 record and .46 ERA.  She also played 1B and had 16 RBI's
6-8-00 Group Huddle for National Team.  Starting with Alison Niguel 's Lisa Krueger are Courtney Betley; Mater Dei, Tiala Tagaloa, Brea Olinda; Natalie Golda, Rosary; Kari Singley, Irvine.  #16 is Sophia Reynolds, Troy and to her left is Tia Bollinger, Mater Dei 6-8-00 Introductions.  Amerian team is on first base line and National on third base line in the same order as they batted.  American team batting order: Farber, Mesa, Wright, Stenglein, Coffey, Auelua, Jordan, Milchiker and Hyllested.  National team batting order was Simien, Betley, Golda, Bohls, Krueger, Tagaloa, Jennings, Bollinger and Lugo.
6-8-00 Kristin Farber Leading off game for American team.  She hits line drive single off of Tia Bollinger 6-8-00 Kristin Farber fouls off pitch in 1st inning
6-8-00 Kristin Farber on 2B after a hit and a sacrifice.  Phelan Wright batting, Tia Bollinger pitching and Natalie Golda catching 6-8-00 Kristin Farber just scored the games only run.  She stole 3B and the throw to 3B was wild allowing Kristin to score.  Catcher is Natalie Golda.
6-8-00  Phelan Wright at SS, Kristin Farber in CF, Kristina Hyllested of Rancho Alamitos P, Leslie Simien of Laguna Hills batting and Julie Jordan of Pacifica catching 6-8-00 Kristin Farber batting against Tia Bollinger in the 3rd inning with a runner on 3rd.  Kristin strikes out
6-8-00  Phelan Wright at SS, Natalie King pitching, Erica Greenberg catching and Kristin Farber in CF 6-8-00 Erica Greenberg on first base after a hit
6-8-00  Erica Greenberg advances to 3B but is left stranded 6-8-00 Steffany Stenglein pitching, Phelan Wright at SS and Darcy Brown of Los Alamitos at 1B
6-8-00 Erica Greenberg batting in 9th inning 6-8-00  Phelan Wright at 3B, Kristin Farber in CF, Erica Greenberg at C with 2 out in the 9th inning
6-8-00 Final out of game just recorded as American team defeats National team 1-0.  Kristin Farber running in from CF 7-15-00 Kristin Farber batting against Las Vegas Gamblers in Ringor Softball Tournament at Maxwell Park in Anaheim
7-15-00 Phelan Wright batting against Las Vegas Gamblers 7-15-00 Phelan Wright at SS, Michelle Turner (Junior at Kennedy) Pitching and Kristin Farber in CF vs LV Gamblers
7-15-00 Kristin Farber, Tia Bollinger, Phelan Wright and Michelle Turner - Gordon's Panthers teammates.  They defeated the Las Vegas Gamblers 11-0 7-15-00 Kristin Farber, Wendy Allen (Mareno Valley HS), Phelan Wright and Kristi DeVries (Corona).  Wendy and Kristi are going to Ohio State next year.  Nine of 44 Gordon's Panthers Hall of Famers have gone on to Ohio State since 1994.  Eight have gone on to UCLA
7-15-00 Erica Greenberg and Natalie King of the Southern California Athletics.  They won first game 8-0  7-15-00 Erica Greenberg catching against San Deigo Thunder who they beat 3-1 in game 2.
7-15-00  Erica Greenberg batting against SD Thunder 7-15-00 Kristin Farber batting against Valley Breeze
7-15-00 Phelan Wright at SS, Tia Bollinger Pitching and Kristin Farber in CF.  Their team, Gordon Panthers, placed 7th out of 68 teams in the Nationals in St Louis in August 2000.  Kristin Farber made First Team All American. 7-15-00 Phelan Wright batting against Valley Breeze.  The Panthers scored a run in the 7th to win 1-0. Gordon's Panthers beat Panthers Gold in the finals 9-1 to win the tournament on July 16.
3-17-01 Phelan Wright and Kristin Barber prior to KIA tournament game at Cal State Fullerton 3-17-01 Phelan Wright and Kristin Barber prior to start of Arizona State and Notre Dame
3-17-01 Nelson Slagle and Holly MacDonald prior to start of game.  Arizona State 3-0 in tourney and 25-7 overall ranked 8th in the country. 3-17-01 Arizona State players awaiting start of game. Quarterfinals of winners bracket.  
3-17-01 Arizona State players get ready to take field 3-17-01 Phelan Wright at 3B in first inning
3-17-01 Kristin Farber batting lead off in first inning.  Notre Dame dugout in background 3-17-01 Phelan Wright batting 4th in first inning.  Arizona State dugout in background
3-17-01 SunDevils cheering section.  Mr. Cox, John Farber, Annette Barber, friend and Holly MacDonald  3-17-01 Krisin Farber batting in third inning of scoreless game.
3-17-01 Phelan Wright batting in 3rd inning of scoreless game.


Arizona State line up standing along first base line
UCLA softball diamond during National Anthem.  #4 is Kristin Farber and #13 is Phelan Wright  .
Arizona State Seniors were given flowers on UCLA senior day.  Phelan is getting her flowers as Krisin (4) watches
Kristin Farber leading off the game against 5th rated UCLA.  Kristin was 3rd leading hitter on the team at 319 and stole a team leading 33 bases in 36 attempts.
Shortstop Kristen Crenshaw batting and hitting pop fly in first at bat.
Phelan taking a pitch in 2nd at bat in which she walked.  In her third at bat she beat out a bunt
Krisin in 3rd at bat.  Arizaona State lost both games of double header by 6-0 and 10-0 counts to finish 3-17 in league play and  33-31 in all games Phelan playing third base.  Phelan led the team in hitting at 387, RBI's with 47 and was 2nd in Home Runs with 13.  She also was walked 30 times.
Nelson Slagle and Holly MacDonald watching game
Packed stands
Phelan, Nelson and Kristin behind stands in between games. Picture furnished by Ron Cobos.